The emasculation of Larry

So the Idaho Statesman reports that eight men have
intimated they had sexual relations with Larry Craig.
Four have been identified. This according to CNN.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

I gotta tell ya, I hate a hypocrite and Larry Craig is
THE worst brand thereof.

I don’t give a mad fuck that this sociopathic, lying,
self loathing piece of shit prefers the hairy
protuberance of a man instead of the warm and usually
fuzzy cleft of a woman.

Not really germane to the crime. It’s only relevant
in the metaphorical sense. He’s no different than an
arsonist fireman.

The question does deserve to be asked, how much of
this is our fault and how much is his?

I’ve said before that the issue of gay rights
including marriage et. al., is as pure and distilled
an issue of civil rights as there ever was. This,
very firmly predicated on the belief that one’s gender
preference is an inherent and purely biological

And you know what? I wouldn’t give a shit if it
wasn’t. Who cares? Life, Liberty and the pursuit of
ones own goddamn hapiness as long as no one else gets

Hallowed be thy name and thy will be done and whatever

The people that seek to prevent such pursuits are evil
and seek to harm. They seek to hurt, stifle, subdue,
cause suffering and ultimately pass judgement on
anyone unlike them.

People like Larry Craig.

American puritanical society is more than a little
culpable here. It is this construct of archaic voodoo
that foments and indeed allows the Larry Craigs to

He’s a goddamn Senator for crying out loud.

Now. I’ve acknowledged society’s role here. That
doesn’t excuse this oily bastard’s role in the most
vile display of hubris and arrogance I’ve seen since
giant reptiles figured they could handle an ice age.

I’m having a tough time mining any sympathy in my own
heart for this fuck.

“Speaking on NBC’s Meet The Press, Craig told Tim
Russert: “The American people already know that Bill
Clinton is a bad boy – a naughty boy. I’m going to
speak out for the citizens of my state, who in the
majority think that Bill Clinton is probably even a
nasty, bad, naughty boy.”

“In October 2005, Craig suggested that flooded
sections of New Orleans should be abandoned after
Hurricane Katrina had hit and was quoted in a local
newspaper as saying that “Fraud is in the culture of
Iraqis. I believe that is true in the state of
Louisiana as well.”

Lascivious Larry also supports amending our
Constitution to prevent gay marriage and didn’t agree
with extending the federal definition of a Hate Crime
to include acts committed soley for reason of sexual

Most of that was gleaned from Wikepedia.

I mean really. This pompous ass thinks he deserves to
keep his job so he can continue to foist his own
private nightmare of self loathing on America as a
publicly elected law maker?

I say the good rednecks of Idaho deserve the chance to
vote or not for this hydrilla of a man now that they
know what he really is.

The irony is, they would kick
his ass out office for being a fag.


Do everyone a favor Lascivious Larry. I mean
everyone. Your family, your friends, your
constituents and all of America. Walk away.
Disappear. We really need the taste of you out of our
mouths. Go hang with Mark Foley.

Drinks for my friends.

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