I watched the debate tonight, oh boy……

I don’t give a mad fuck anymore.

What I saw was two of the weakest and most flawed candidates ever beating the shit out of each other as often as not over completely legitimate issues. Yeah, there was rampant prevarication, hyperbole and unmitigated bullshit.

But the truths were just as damning.

Because they are both merely awful.

Trump admitted she had lots of experience but said it was all bad experience, he nailed it.  He crucified her on her emails but I can’t believe he didn’t mention her paid speeches to the institutions that licked us in the front and poked us in the rear.

Hillary sledgehammered him on his taxes. She killed that.  She gutted him on misogyny and racism.

None of it matters.

I hate the sonafabitch, but his callow petulance worked. He counted on the ignorance and stupidity of the average American and was well served by it.  Of course he was all about the non sequitur and scattershot mendacity but I’m watching the MSNBC post game and they have no idea what just happened.  They simply don’t understand the short attention span theater.

They are cooing over her.

All he had to do was establish dominance for the first thirty minutes until his base nodded off and began to drool. He knew he could coast and attack at will after that because he had nothing to lose.

His strength is in her vulnerability.  In the context of political judo, his belt was black and hers was yellow.  He did not lose a single vote tonight and that makes him a winner.  This media beauty pageant will not change a single mind. The polls won’t change by more than a point.

I’m in absolute awe over the focus on his truthfulness.  Why or how this matters is beyond me.  He lies so much it no longer matters when he’s telling the truth.  This resonates with millions of Americans and enabled him to lay waste to a prolific field of republican losers.

This wasn’t a debate.

The media stumble over themselves like keystone cops investigating the wrong crime.  They refuse to admit how much she actually sucks.

I don’t blame the republicans for nominating Trump.  They’re bigoted dickheads and he’s their champion.  A clear winner.  I absolutely blame the DNC for foisting such a deplorably shitty candidate on us.

I’ll eventually be more sanguine about a Hillary presidency because I will be relieved when this jackass blowhard loses by virtue of being such an asshole.  He will lose.  He deserves to lose.  The mouth breathing bigots who support him deserve to get their asses handed to them.

And the rest of us deserve a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Kill my landlord.

Drinks for my friends.

* A very cool song by The Ape Hangers.  I waded in on the arrangement on this song and changed the coda because it was a hook.  The easiest record I ever made with a band of very merry men.  We made it over the Christmas holiday in ’94 I think.  Maybe it was ’95.  They gave me one of those huge hollow candy canes filled with miniature, name brand airline booze bottles and a copy of “Leg Show” magazine as a present.  The main rhythm guitar is a Moserite through a Vox AC30.  I’ll never forget thinking I could help by changing the strings and the goddamn guitar fell apart in my lap because the neck and body were held together by the goddamn strings.*  

4 Responses to “I watched the debate tonight, oh boy……”

  • G.a. Underwood:

    “…the rest of us deserve a Hillary Clinton presidency.”

    Seriously, Michael – you think the “rest of us” deserve to be damned with the candidate they rammed down our unwilling throats? Why is that?

    • Lisa Doherty:

      Agreed. The DNC is to be blamed if Trump wins, and if she wins then we know they’re have been shenanigans. Bernie Sanders win the primaries and now I’m voting for Jill Stein. If people have any sense left they will too.

  • W. Lee Wacker:

    This fool’s overweening stupidity is what will elect Hillary! He doesn’t like Trump—that’s fine—that’s his right. But, he hasn’t given any reason not to dislike Hillary, either!
    Frankly, I think he had a bit much to drink during the debate!

  • Junior's Ghost:

    I trust Hillary about as far as I can throw her. But then again, I could say the same thing about every president who has served during my lifetime going back to Tricky Dick Nixon. Fortunately for Hillary, there’s a big difference between being untrustworthy and blowing the whole fucking world to smithereens. Our fate now rests with the American voter’s ability to actually SEE that difference. No, I don’t like our situation. Not one bit. But until we realize that realpolitik is not just a theory and that having real power really matters we will continue being hose fed for the delicious fois gras that we produce.

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