They call me a troll

I’m a Trump supporter.

Not really, I just play one on the internet.

I have a social media troll account with just over a thousand “friends”.  I’m not really sure why I do it.  I keep asking myself.

It’s awe inspiring what ignorant Americans are willing to believe and regurgitate.  My sport is calling them on it.  Rubbing their faces in it.  More often than not they get frustrated and resort to calling me a “libtard” or a communist or worse.  Faggot, cocksucker or they threaten to drive or fly to me so they can kick my ass.

They actually ask for my address.

I tell them I’ll meet them by the bike racks at recess.

Maybe I’m being cruel.  They can’t help it.  They don’t know how stupid they are. But often they aren’t really stupid, just willfully ignorant.  They are never ever able to actually support their claims with facts or credible sources.



Maybe it’s because I’m profoundly disgusted by the intellectual laziness and spontaneous gullibility. Because they’re bigots and confirmation bias is a chronic and pervasive disease among them. They propagate the the most obtuse and offensive tin foil hat bullshit because deep down they want desperately to believe it so they can sleep uninterrupted by a conscience infected with pathogens of racism, hate and fear.

It can’t be an easy existence.  Fraught with self doubt.  The nagging misgiving that everything you believe is complete crap.  It is what fuels them.  They have been mocked by so many for so long, they cannot afford the possibility that it just might be true.

These dumbfucks aren’t interested in policy or issues.  They don’t give a shit if he’s exactly the demon they’ve been indoctrinated to loathe.  It’s very, very scary because there could be sixty million of them. Think about that. They adore him but they don’t know why.  They hate Hillary and Obama but they do not know why.  If you ask them, they cannot answer.

Hello Dunning-Kruger.

So what we have here is a pissed off horde of maybe sixty million single cell organisms that care about nothing more than their second amendment rights who drive, reproduce and vote.

I interact with these low information voters everyday and they are proud of their ignorance.  They have nothing but disdain for anyone who aspires to be well informed.

What panics me is their numbers and by virtue of that, how much they are in the way. That this race is within five points should have you shitting like a goose.  He won’t win this election but the damage is done.

Obama nailed it the other day when he said there was a straight line between Palin and Trump.

We have way too many dumb motherfuckers in America.  No matter who wins the election we are in serious trouble here.  Our media is feckless, reckless and unaccountable.  Our system for electing people to represent us is so broken and corrupt there is no hope of repairing it.

Archaic and obsolete.

This our mess.

It is our fault.

That this is even a contest means that at least half of the American mouth is rotting.  Our breath stinks. Our friends are beginning to wonder because we don’t smile anymore.  The world sees the tin of Altoids in our suit pocket.  The bottle of mouthwash in our ass pocket.

We are in pain.

Horrible pain.

Drinks for my friends.

* The last record I ever made.  Mastered at Capitol Records.  I learned the night we mastered it that an old friend was very sick.  Not much later, I learned he died of mad cow disease.  I was 34 or 35.  His wake was a huge party.  All my old friends from the business.  I love the guitar riff here.  We recorded it at a studio called The Sandbox.  We were always able to get good sounds out of this shithole.  We mixed it at Mad Dog owned by Dusty Wakeman and managed by my old boss Mark Harvey who died just a few years later of complications from drug abuse.*


6 Responses to “They call me a troll”

  • Robin Sorensen:

    Thank you. For given your time and thoughts

  • G.a. Underwood:

    “I tell them I’ll meet them by the bike racks at recess.” LMAO, and damn, I needed that!

    If only the consequences of this election weren’t so serious.

    If only there was one candidate I could feel good about.

    “Wouldn’t it be nice if we attacked first?’: Donald Trump’s floating military ‘strategies’. Wouldn’t it be good if we pounded first?”

    He is dangerous.

    Her risks are the better known.

    How sad is that?

  • Robert Platka:

    Sometimes your posts are so perfect that I sit there for a moment afterwards and just take in what I read. This was one of those.

  • Christine Mackenzie:

    Thank you for this article,I was really beginning to think there was something wrong with me.I don’t think it’s so much willful ignorance as it is apathy.We have been inundated and inured by negative TV programming and fake news reporting, that many just accept the corruption and greed as part of every day life.We

  • Ronnie:

    Well they are pretty funny and easy to tick off. I call them trumpettes but I’ve been called lots of nasty names just by putting the facts out. When they reply with their four letter words I call them out on that too and then ask them to please keep me laughing. With this latest release of uncovered video it really shows trumps character and I hope that the undecided see him for what he is and realizes that a vote for anyone other than Secretary Clinton is dangerous, maybe not so much for me. A slender, busty, red head, Air Force Veteran,(well I am kinda short) but for all his own supporters. I love the interviews that ask the trumpettes a question they can’t answer or answer in the most bizarre way. ie the big fat sloppy guy in a tshirt calling Secretary Clinton a slut, he says something like oh donny (my name for trump) respects women while all along the interviewer is pointing out both the front & back of his shirt. Where do these people come from because I’m staying away from those areas!

  • You have made some good observations, but I can’t get around your anger. What are you so angry about?

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