Party Over Oops Out Of Time

“I’m now the nominee of the Democratic Party. I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party,” Clinton said. “It was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, non-existent, wrong. I had to inject money into it — the DNC — to keep it going.” -Hillary Clinton

She has officially blamed everyone and everything possible besides her deplorable self.

Today’s horror movie starring Donald Trump is brought to you by the excruciatingly awesome hubris and arrogance of Hillary Clinton.

She’s blamed Bernie and his fans.  Jill Stein and her fans. The FBI, James Comey, misogyny, sexism, Julian Assange and his fans. The Russians, The Wizard of Oz, the grocery store clerk, his or her fans. The ghost of Christmas past, social media and all eligible voters everywhere. She is now saying that even though the DNC did everything it could to rig the election on her behalf and at her behest, they deliberately failed her.

Despite the corruption and malfeasance revealed by leaked but not hacked emails, and admitted to in open court by DNC lawyers defending themselves against election fraud, she is blaming the DNC.

This woman has no decency.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the device and demise of the democratic party.  Her husband initiated it from the left and she is bookending it from the far right.

Even establishment democrats are asking her to shut the hell up.

This party is over.

It is time for them to stop taking refuge in all things Trump bashing and Russia conspiracy and for the rest of us to stop taking solace in it.  Pointing out that an idiot, is an idiot, is hardly constructive or even useful.  Who gives a mad fuck that any of them are better than Clockwork Orangutan?

Exactly how low is this bar?

It was the entire case Hillary brought to the court of public opinion in the general election.

She lost.

I’m done with these dickwits.  I can’t imagine democrats being bigger losers than they are now.  The most astounding thing is how many complete assholes holding office are republicans that democrats couldn’t beat.

Democrats no longer have any claim to authenticity.  People don’t believe them because they keep lying.   Because they won’t take responsibility.  Because they’re still foisting liars at the same pace as the only other party.

Hillary Clinton clearly thinks she still matters.  If the democratic party does not put a fork in her and as much real estate between them and her as possible, they will never win another national or statewide election again.

The only role left for Hillary is to vanish.

Drinks for my friends.


5 Responses to “Party Over Oops Out Of Time”

  • C Thomas Payne:

    Trump and Clinton are what floats to the top when the system is a sewer.


  • Thomas Davidson:

    Bull fucking shit that is nothing but a bunch of crap that you just wrote she lost because of hacked machines she lost because one vote in Wyoming equals 630 in California she won the popular vote get the fuck over it

    • If you think Russia picked your president, you’re worthless. This sudden shock and righteous indignation over the revelation that some other power is trying to fuck with us is ludicrously naive. We’ve been doing it for decades. They’ve been doing it to us for decades. US intelligence agencies engage in election sabotage in any number of countries before, during and after their morning crap.

      Show me where they actually hacked the machinery and changed vote totals as opposed having something, somehow, to do with the leaking of some genuine emails that ranged from cryptic to embarrassing, and we have a conversation starter. Until then, piss up a rope.

      On the other hand, how about that democratic primary?

      There were NO voting machines hacked you fucking moron.

      • What does it say about you that you brag about blocking someone you disagree with that you failed to try to engage?

        To begin with, I would suggest you avail yourself of appropriate punctuation. It can make your childish point clearer.

        You didn’t give an opinion of the last election, you gave a LIE. Nobody “hacked” a SINGLE goddamn machine you fucking idiot.

        You wrote this to me in a facebook PM:

        “Unadulterated piss on an ant crappie shithole asshole ugly motherfucking pissant did I miss any of the words that people describe you behind your back see I’m a little bit different I will call you I mother fucker to your face if you don’t like my opinions fuck off”

        “By the way your beard looks like you just got up behind a guy and kissed his ass and his dick hair stuck to your chin”

        “You want me to go on mother fucker I can do this all fucking night you God damn piece of”

        “You don’t like other opinions fuck off”

        “Not everybody thinks like you other people have fucking brains”

        That’s a really mature tough guy rant but I just don’t see a salient or germane point here. I’m posting this on my blog in response by the way. It’s just too Rich.

        Like the coward/bully you are, you blocked me before I could respond.

        My reply to your eloquent PM:

        “Congratulations you furiously brave bastard. Thanks for phoning it in from a third grade playground. Yer killing me. NOBODY hacked ANY voting machines. Prove me wrong, genius. Crayon eating motherfucker.

  • Elayne Johnson:

    This is exactly what every single DemExiter has been saying since halfway through the primaries. The only reason any of us respond is because the Hillorrhoids keep trolling us. They are constantly harassing us to “unite” behind the party. That’s how narcissistic they are. I’m getting used to the ridiculous rhetoric they come at us with, but I’ll admit it took me quite some time to get over the shock of having them attack us and then expect us to forget everything and REJOIN their god-awful party. The nerve and complete obtuseness of these people is simply astounding.

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