Rinse and Repeat

He’s not a republican or a democrat.  He’s been both and disparaged both.  Not a liberal or a conservative.  He’s no media genius.  Not a master of distraction.  He’s an abject failure at business.  He doesn’t have a goddamn strategy and he’s not listening to anyone who might.

He’s an idiot. A uniquely American dipshit, appealing to uniquely American dipshits.

Meanwhile, liberals wade into conversations having availed themselves of a bullshit moral posture, so completely uninformed they they don’t know to be embarrassed.  Vanity politics. All they have to do is hate Trump. Whine about Russia. Cry for impeachment. Resist without understanding what they are resisting. Hate Mitch but love Nancy. She’s got a permanent death’s head grin and he has no goddamn chin.  Buy the poster along with the T-shirt and the bumper sticker.
Impeachment is pointless, because then there’s Pence. He’s perfect.  An experienced bureaucrat. Catholic and evangelical.  He believes there was an ark built by a holy white goddamned zoologist named Noah.  He pisses himself whenever a woman returns a firm handshake or look in the eye.  Next in line is lyin’ Ryan and so on.
I adore the pressure exerted from the inside and the outside of and on the democratic party.  Democrats need to taste their own blood as soon and as often as possible.  A fraud and a farce and a parody of  what they once were. There is no viable third party and an arcane and archaic duopoly all but guarantees that there is no chance of one emerging by the midterms in 2018 or even the general in 2020.

The unexpurgated denial of sordid DNC history on the part of rank and file democrats means they keep fucking losing everything.  Any progressive candidate with the potential to actually win for the exact same populist reasons Trump did is treated as a pariah. An apostate.  At what point do we stop wondering whether or not it’s deliberate?

The only path for a progressive agenda is through the deliberate destruction of the democratic party because that agenda is eschewed with vehemence and vitriol by the DNC.  It needs to be rent asunder. There’s no hope for it’s reform.  It’s been a den of jackals since Slick Willie.  He chased the republicans so far to the right they became christofascists and democrats took their place as neocons.

In the seven months since the election, not one goddamn thing has changed. Nobody has learned anything. If another election were held today, the results would be exactly the same.

The cold winter of 2016 is going to be a very long one.

Drinks for my friends.

3 Responses to “Rinse and Repeat”

  • chris dorf:

    Pence left the Catholic Faith tho he erroneously says he is a Catholic Evangelical…that is not a true statement.

  • REIYA:

    One Question; Is unexpurgated a Russian verb? Dealing with the political Bull; feels like We American
    Citizens are on parole, no break in sight!

  • Steven Wolf:

    Wet tissue paper is made of strong stuff than Democratic Faithful’s mental faculties.

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