YOU are wasting my time if………

You suddenly think that America is headed for the toilet because Trump is president.  He’s not Hitler and he’s not a monster.  He’s a garden variety, incompetent, white privileged asshole that got elected the same way every one of his predecessors did.  He’s merely guilty of saying out loud what every mouth breathing republican thinks.  He’s not the anti-Christ.

You think that single payer is some kind of magic pony despite the fact that we’re the richest country in history but still the only civilized one that doesn’t recognize health care as a right.  Same with higher education.

You think Russia is why Trump got elected but don’t give a shit about the fuckery in the democratic primary.

You think the pissing match between Trump and Kim Jong-un is more dangerous than the elaborate war games we’ve been conducting off their coasts and on their borders forever, We bombed them into the stone age in the 50’s.  We killed millions of them.  They have every goddamn reason to be fucking terrified that we’ll do it again.

You think racists elected Trump.

You think misogynists elected Trump.

You think Nazis elected Trump.

You think Sanders supporters elected Trump.

You think Obama was a peaceful and compassionate president.  He began with two wars and ended with seven.  He dropped over 26,000 bombs last year and killed thousands of civilians in countries that will never be an existential threat to America and he deported more undocumented immigrants than any president in modern history.

You’re incapable of understanding that almost everything you watch, see and read is controlled by five multinational corporations that are all making a sick fucking profit from perpetual war while usurping fossil fuels, mineral resources and land from the leaders of countries they vilify on television and in print.

You think the NFL protests have anything to do with the flag.  Or the anthem.  Or patriotism.  Or the military.  Because you can’t understand concepts like institutionalized racism and white privilege.  Fuck you.

You think poor people are moochers.

You think fat people are losers.  Fuck you, Bill Maher.

You think refugees from all over the world want to come here for any reason other than their native land is completely unlivable and a death sentence because of American intervention.

You think a that a massive investment into infrastructure isn’t a good, first step to restoring the middle class. Otherwise, we lapse into a third world economy.  It’s happening as I write this.

You dislike cats for any reason.

You rely on Rachel Maddow for anything other than entertainment and confirmation bias.

You rely on FOX News for anything other than entertainment and confirmation bias.

You think the Clintons have anything left to offer.

You get triggered by the latest unfuckingbelievably dumb shit Trump just said.

He’s here to stay.  Powerful people signed off on him because they saw him as useful.  They will remove him when he’s no longer.  He’s not the disease.  He’s merely a symptom.

Drinks for my friends.






5 Responses to “YOU are wasting my time if………”

  • Yalonda Cooper:

    more than excellent! Going to keep for history sake.

  • #1 thing for me is why do working / middle class Trump supporters actually believe billlionaires give a rats rear about them!!??

  • I can get with this.

  • Michael, you said it almost all, thanks. It’s true, our air force in the Korean war bombed not just every possible military structure, but every possible thing standing in that country. They carpeted the whole country with bombs. Good thing we didn’t have depleted uranium weapons back then or the country would still be radiated. Yes, yes, yes, we were at war, and war is all about overkill. We are fortunate in the last century that history is written by the victors and never by the victims. Otherwise we are condemned before God as cruel tyrants. Peace, brother.

  • Michael Paul Goldenberg:

    Spot on. Jameson’s neat for me.

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