Dehydrated Water

Hey everybody, guess what?

The democratic party is dirtier, more corrupt and more hypocritical than the republican party ever had the audacity to aspire.  The only difference remaining between the two parties is that the republicans are more honest. Really.  They straight up tell you that you’re not worth a shit if you’re poor and don’t deserve to live.  They have no shame in legislating sick people to death.

Breathtakingly honest.

Democrats, well, they don’t just lie to you with a smile in a waft of clean soap and mouthwash, they promise to look out for you.  They fucking promise.  Republicans are idiots.  Most of them believe they know what’s best for you.  Democrats are smart.  They know they’re gonna fuck you nine ways to breakfast and they can’t wait to get on with it.

Arguing the difference between their constituents is far trickier.  The best I can do to understand it is most of both are dumb as goddamn sticks.  Both parties kick their people in the teeth with regular, measured aplomb.  Most republican constituents seem to be okay with playing the lottery their leaders offer.  If they lose, they aren’t worthy.  If they win, they earned it.

Democrat constituents are actually more nuanced.  They believe in meritocracy. Unaffordable education, etc.  It’s a far more complex model.  They don’t necessarily seek solace or redemption in religion.  Yet they are still too willing to wear its badge as a litmus test passed.  They hot tub in the nirvana of social justice.  Poor people deserve a leg up.  Sick people should have all the care they need.  People deserve a living wage.  But you know, fuck them if my candidate just so happens to not give a shit about those things.

So, democrats are more shallow, and yes, less honest.  After lying her ass off and being more duplicitous than a televangelist, Donna Brazile is all the sudden a working class hero for telling us in her goddamn book no less, what anyone paying attention already knew.  She, they, Hillary, fucked us.  She, they were for sale and and Hillary bought her, them.  They sold the motherfucking primary.

This has the neoliberal, establishment liberals leaping into an anesthesia free,  oral surgery of moral gymnastics.  A pathetic, twisted choreography of ethical turpitude.

In the end, their heads don’t explode at all.  They just rot like a grape on a windowsill.  There’s no sound whatsoever.

And the salient truth of the matter is paved over while rainbows of righteousness from both parties dance on our televisions. Snowden and Assange, formerly Christ and Jesus to democrats are now Hitler and Satan.  Republicans still love Reagan.

After dedicating her goddamn book to Seth Rich, Brazile is doing the circuit, desperately trying to walk it all back while preaching the Russiagate gospel.  Callow, craven and a worthless human being.  Fuck her in the neck.

Maybe my takeaway should be that republicans are better than democrats because they are far more consistent at being assholes?

Am I the only one that can’t stand this shit?

Drinks for my friends.







6 Responses to “Dehydrated Water”

  • Lover of Truth:

    I’m laugh crying because it’s so absurdly funny, yet disturbingly true. Is there a way out. Of course there is. But it isn’t doing what we’ve been manipulated for so long to keep on doing. The solution isn’t to flood the party with progressives. They just get kicked out and or marginalized. The solution isn’t just DEM exit. The solution isn’t a third party. All parties that gain enough power eventually become corrupted. The solution isn’t even to become an independent. The system is rigged with a duopoly firmly in place. The only reasonable solution is one that seems insurmountable but is actually much easier than it seems. Imagine the 100 million people who could have voted but didn’t instead chose to take to the street and demand “our” government step down. I guarantee, in little more than two weeks the government would fold as everything comes to a grinding halt. Now imagine we immediately institute a direct democracy where every single adult can vote on every piece of legislation. The result, no more politicians therefor no more corruption. Then we can get down to the business of seeing what works and what does not. Eventually we’ll work our way to a mild utopia. Nothing is perfect. But all this is totally doable. We are simply limited by our imagination and our beliefs as what is possible.

    • Bruce:

      Recommended to Green “leader” $tein during the DNC debacle; its only 140 miles from Philly to D.C., but she wouldn’t lead it. Her DEM agency only became clear after teh $election, when she shilled as the Clinton$tein Recount monster. N0 Longer even Green, I await our 100M member march to Independence.

      • REIYA:

        I became aware, how important money really was in the 80’s when Dumbywa’s dad G. H. Bush became president. It was obvious the Republicans had the big money. So lets not be so shocked Democrats began playing that game also. Led mostly by the Clintons. Sure they are corrupt as hell, but lets get over it. We need to get a great Democrat candidates like Bernie into office. It’s real and it’s serious. Tom Steyers has a movement to Impeach idiot Trump, lets get his ass off our national back!

    • Elayne Johnson:

      Nine years ago when Obama was running, my thought was that everyone in the country should boycott the vote. I thought if they did, there would be two possible outcomes. Either someone would get selected anyway, thereby proving our votes make absolutely no difference, or no one would be elected, enabling us to start over from scratch. It seemed like a great idea, but naturally everyone thought I had lost my mind. Maybe that’s true, but if the used-to-be middle class from both parties ever come together and realize it’s us against them, all the sorry bastards that make our lives miserable will be burnt toast. That will be the day this old lady does her happy dance.

  • Nick Lento:

    Ok, now that you have let off some righteous well intentioned steam…. what’s your plan… your solution?

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