My favorite pastime might just be cable and network news tripping over their dicks to sell us all that social media and online journalism have poisoned our precious discourse with lies and disinformation.

Fake news.

The irony, it burns.

Once cable news learned an agenda was requisite to compete with network news, confirmation bias was born again.  Both then collided with evangelical fundamentalism and a come to Jesus period settled nicely into demagoguery.  The five or six entities that own them all decided on an infotainment narrative, complete with opposing points of view, to keep us all at each others throats.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but fuck me if I can’t blame anyone for being paranoid because it is like everyone is out to get us to accept something other than the truth. The apogee of disinformation is here.  Everyone is lying. It’s just as easy to believe the smart people as it is to believe the stupid ones.

A paltry $150k was spent for online ads over two years, by “Russians”  they tell us.  They also tell us that about half those ads didn’t run until after the election was over and that most of the ads didn’t endorse a specific candidate or policy. Yet they insist this Russian social media blitz altered the outcome of our election somehow, because actual collusion turned out to be untenable codswallop. With well north of $2 billion spent on traditional advertising,  leave it to MSM to float a turd of such odious girth.

Establishment media blaming the internet for fake news is like a priest blaming an altar boy for being seductive.

They are scared.  The horizontal sharing of information has no one agenda.  It’s the wild west of dissemination.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  A box of chocolates.  The biggest threat to the traditional top down peddling of bullshit the establishment media has ever faced.  Far more truth on display if you know how to shop.

Bill Maher acknowledged to Donna Barazile’s straight face and nodding complicity that Hillary and the DNC rigged the primary and then went on to say that it didn’t matter because it was over and Sanders supporters agreed with Clinton on most things anyway.

Bill Maher is a flaccid, obsequious tool.  He can’t get enough of Russiagete despite a conspicuous dearth of evidence. He can’t wait for us to forget that the democrat establishment fucked the primary pooch so viciously, it lost the general to the crayon eating, technicolor drooling simian they actually wanted to run against.  Maher, and every other hack comedian or network news anchor want you to believe Trump fingers his starfish in the bathroom and shakes your hand without washing.  As true as that may be, it’s their filthy hands that got his ass kinged in the first place.

They have all become parodies of themselves.

We watch movies on the TV now.

Drinks for my friends.


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