Everybody’s Doing It.

“I’ve never seen a president who so blatantly refuses to be president of all people, instead acting in the interest of rich oligarchs while telling working families he’s representing them against everyone else.”  -Robert Reich on Donald Trump.

What fucking planet is this guy on?

According to the liberal media and about half of the adults in this country, America suddenly went to shit just this January. Up until then, we were the land of milk and honey because Obama.

Trump is nothing but a garden variety fuckstick with acute narcissistic personality disorder who failed all the way up to the oval office in the middle of a perfect storm of populist nationalism, soaring disgust for the establishment and fear.

How much damage has he done compared to what any other dipshit on the GOP bench would have?  Think about it. Probably less.  Precisely because he’s such an egregious jackass.  They can’t stand him either.  That, and he’s been an incorrigible fuck up his whole life.

There are those who are willing to do anything to win, and those who maintain a certain set of values that prevent them from resorting to it.  If the latter ever included liberal democrats, it doesn’t any more.

Who the fuck are these hypocrite liberals making excuses for Franken, Conyers and Bubba Clinton?  Franken shouldn’t step down because Trump won’t?  Not doing the right thing because someone else doesn’t is weak goddamn sauce.  Posturing over civil rights, human rights or women’s rights inoculates one against exactly nothing.

They whine about DACA but Obama remains the reigning champion of deportation.  They rage about net neutrality but the chair of the FCC is an Obama appointee.  Hillary traveled the world promoting fracking on our dime and Obama gave big oil the keys to the ocean.  The Nobel Peace Prize winning commander in chief started with two wars and wrapped it all up with seven.  Pussy hat wearing liberals calling Trump Hitler or the anti-Christ while singing hymns of Saint Obama.

And just for fun there’s Flynn.  Democrats are apoplectic but there’s absolutely nothing out of the ordinary in a cabinet secretary of the president elect meeting with Russian counterparts prior to an inauguration.  Obama’s posse rode right on in before their first rodeo too.  Flynn wasn’t even there to sell us out to the commies.  He was there carrying water for Netanyahu and AIPAC.

What do people think they’re going to get if Trump resigns or is impeached? It won’t solve a single goddamn thing and thirty million furious mouth breathers will make Trump a martyr. They don’t give a shit what he does, even to them.

By electing Trump, America exposed it’s inner asshole.  What is wrong with Trump isn’t the question. What the fuck is up with all the liberals riddled and ravaged by the disease he’s just one symptom of, is the question.

Drinks for my friends.

6 Responses to “Everybody’s Doing It.”

  • Jude Rene Montarsi:

    Liberal Media? LOL

    • That’s the very same question I had… LOL

    • Canary Coalmine:

      Think it through guys, c’mon.

      Think about every cabal news channel that isn’t Fox.

      Think about every commentary and pundit show that isn’t directly associated with Fox and the banal uniformity of opinion across all of them.

      Think about mainstream news sites like HuffPo, NYT, buzzfeed, WaPo, etc.

      Now think about how every single one of them, without exception, all got the 2016 election dead wrong in the exact same way and for the exact same reasons, despite ostensibly not being an overtly coherent industry-spanning organization.

      If you were to take all of those news sources and institutions as a singular political media entity, what would you call it? It’s technically conservative, but not quite in the American GOP sense, and it definitely is not leftist or socialist. It also isn’t ‘centrist’ because nothing is, because that’s a deceptive term used to normalize the weaponization of our own tax dollars against ourselves as a moderate position.

      This is what is known as the “liberal media” because liberal is what it is.

  • Steve:

    Canary nails it. But the dolts are having such a good time stroking each other in their massive circle jerk they can’t be bothered to understand how they fit into this self-congratulatory zombie cum-fest.

  • Agree, and love it.

    I don’t, however, agree that Franken, Conyers, and Clinton are all the same. And it does bother me that Democrats eat their own, but Republicans accused of dressing in a diaper and soliciting a prostitute will serve out their terms (Vitter, LA).

    Playing by different rules is only going to get us fucked sideways. There are more important issues. But I guess Franken is pretty much screwed anyway.

    I’m just looking for a more nuanced view of sexual harassment>>>>>rape, drugging, serial killer stuff. I mean, there are degrees, right? I’m waiting for that moment when liberal men realize that all it’ll take is one accusation and their career, and lives will disappear #themtoo.

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