Blew no matter Who

I saw a meme today whining that Trump’s “potty mouth” was endangering the lives of our soldiers fighting in those countries he referred to as shitholes.  I kid you fucking not.

If you’re butthurt because Clockwork Orangutan called various countries shitholes, you are absolutely dumb as a stick.  Just because you’re a democrat, it doesn’t mean you suddenly care about Haitians, Africans or Salvadorans.  We’ve been bombing, raping and pillaging these countries into shitholes for decades.  Where the hell were you when Obama called Libya a shit show?  When did words become worse than war crimes?

Nobody gives a mad fuck, not even you, you sanctimonious piece of shit.

Anderson Cooper’s crocodile tears are the hallmark of a disingenuous asswipe.

King Big Pharma hypocrite Corey Booker’s manufactured righteous indignation is obnoxious, ostentatious audacity.  He belongs pimping and whoring in Jared and Ivanka’s brothel otherwise known as The Center for Enrichment of The Oligarchy.

I need a goddamn shower.

No elected asshole, democrat or republican, gives a damn at all that you just got fucked on some tax bill.  Democrats were happy to let the republicans do it so they could blame them for it.  They all just approved virtually unlimited surveillance on you.  It was bipartisan and unilateral.  They do it all the time.  It wasn’t Trump’s idea. They had to talk him in to it and write his fucking tweet for him.

I believe it was David Lee Roth who pointed out that the biggest mistake a human being can make is to take themselves too seriously.  At least half of America makes this mistake every day.  It’s disgusting how many people are so ready and willing to take offense.  How many who posture so holy actually agree with what this douchebag of a president said?

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  If Fox News sucks so bad, how does MSNBC not suck just as much?  Think about it.  They are owned by the same people. Why is everything from your echo chamber so beyond fucking reproach, while the entirety of everything else is nothing but fake news?

You don’t just get to hate the president.  You don’t just get to hate republicans.  You don’t just get to hate Fox News.  You absolutely must start identifying your own villains.  The real ones, not just republicans.  Do some goddamn inventory. You have to stop posting memes about the size of Trump’s ass, how many immigrants he married or all the whores he paid to piss on him. Look in the mirror dumbass, exactly how are you any different than all the neanderthals who did the same thing to Obama for eight exasperating years?

Your pink pussy hat looks ridiculous.

Obama wasn’t Jesus and Trump is not the devil.

Grow the fuck up.

Drinks for my friends.



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  • You are royalty in my book, sir.
    That said, I fervently believe Trump is something new, a creature of pure darkness.
    Obama pissed me off often, in particular his absolute avoidance of Standing Rock, but he also showed signs of thoughtfulness, nuance and subtlety…three traits I have NEVER seen Donnie exhibit, even for a moment.
    Obama was no saint, but I truly believe that Donald Trump is a creature without grace or dignity.
    Anyway, I appreciate you fighting the good fight Michael and yours is one of the few truly independent voices I have read for some time.


    Frank Dice III
    AKA-The guy on Hataway’s couch

  • Bob:

    ISIS Will use trump’s quote about shitholes as a recruiting tool all over Africa

  • “If there is no God all things are permitted.” Some people credit that quote to Dostoevsky. Others say he never said it or wrote it. It really matters little as someone obviously said it.

  • If you are voting to elect someone to a position of power and authority, THAT is what you are choosing, some person, in a position of power and authority.

    Nothing else.

    If I told you that we should think of your arms as wings, you would probably reject that.

    If I insisted, and further said that by flapping your wings, you can fly, you would probably reject that as well.

    It is NOT true that your arms are wings, and no amount of flapping your arms will result in your ability to fly.

    There is no argument or reasoning that I could use, that would convince you to agree that flapping your arms would allow you to fly.

    Your rejection is based on my false premise, that your arms are wings. Your arms are not wings.

    It’s that simple.

    Now, if I told you that if I am elected, I will represent you, you may or may not believe me.

    Would you want to know if the decisions that I will make, are those that you agree with?
    Sure you would. That is why you would expect me to outline my views on issues before you decide whether to vote for me, or not. To try and determine if I would make decisions you agree with.

    If I expressed my views, and you realized that you do NOT agree with me, then you would reject me as a potential representative. You would not vote for me.

    Yet, what if I won the election?

    Does that situation magically make me your representative?
    Am I, in fact representing you, if I am making decisions that you do not agree with?

    There we are, again. We are saying that I am your representative, in the SAME way that I tried to tell you that your arms are wings.

    You rejected the wings, and by the same reasoning, you should reject that I am your representative.

    Do you have the civil right to BE represented?
    As an individual, a civil right to be represented in government?

    Is that right to be represented being properly administered, by electing someone to a position that carries the power and authority to make decisions, regardless of your agreement or consent?

    If not, then you should agree, that there is a flaw, in our form of government.

    We are using a false premise, that representation results from elections. It is NOT true.

    Electing people to positions of power and authority does not and cannot result in proper representation of the public.
    It simply results in putting people in positions of power and authority.

    That does not mean, however, that it is not possible to achieve proper representation.
    It simply means that electing people won’t achieve it.

  • Mike Harris:

    I doubt this post will be approved, but talk about hypocrisy! This is nothing but sanctimony wrapped in sanctimony, and it’s not helpful. Yes I know people will think you’re cool for criticizing both political parties (see how unbiased he is?) but the post is dishonest through and through. Almost every point is factuality incorrect and the false equivalency is absurd. Every point could easily be taken apart but the general tenor that assumes that only perfect people are good people is already nonsense. Someone should grow up. I just don’t think it’s your readers.

  • reiya:

    Jesus! Jesus, wasn’t even Jesus, the way the say he was. Re; President Obama, Michael, you don’t provide conclusive evidence that he was actually culpable in shit that went down while he was President. I’m waiting for solid proof, and actual facts, since your so in the know.

    My take on him, was that when Obama and family realized what the fuck they’d gotten themselves into. They all seemed depressed, as hell. Obama adopted the passive aggressive stance, maybe just too passive, mirroring himself after Pres. Jimmy Carter. Obama acted like his hands were pretty much tied. He acted like; “I’M A PUPPET FOR THE POWERS THAT BE, AND I’M NOT HAPPY IN THIS GAME, DEALING WITH A PLETHORA OF LOW LIFE POLITICIANS, AND THE UGLY MACHINE.” Knowing though that far worse like the “Hilster girl wanna be president, so she can continue grand larceny against American people,” could be in his position, if he were to have not run for the second term.

    Do you believe anyone actually “Suddenly cares about”; working and poor American’s or Veterans either”? As far as I can discern it is still a dog eat dog world; and best to not be lulled into believing other people’s bullshit .feeds, lines, laying out their own trash strategy, in an attempt to take down the other. All the same, obviously their are people on the planet, who wear shiny hat’s, speak fancy, sentences, and they do entertain, sometime’s they even lead by good example. My strategy is to battle my own demons; Let the leaders lead but be wary of what you buy or bight into.

    I do like that Big Pharma Jared, and Ivanka, paragraph basically your whole spiel is always super entertaining, with major aspects of clarity pushing into honest indignation, with delusional hopes that Americans will vote an ultra liberal like Bernie Sanders into office, as if we are all in Los Angeles or Sonoma county. Your so fun I feel like I can see you with your clothes off. Love You~

  • Dr. Zot:

    ok MD – I hear you. but what are ideas for fixing things? that is what I don’t see much of in ALL of the massive and deserved criticism on all sides.

    • We might try questioning the process, instead of blaming people.

      I am suggesting, no, wait, I am asserting, that ELECTIONS do not result in representation.
      The reason we are unhappy with representational democracy is not because representation does not work, but rather that elections do not provide representation.

      A RULER invokes THEIR decision, not YOURS!!!

      A representative invokes YOUR decision, not theirs.

      It is vitally important to understand this difference, between a ruler and a representative, because it is the difference between self governance and being ruled.

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