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Imagine opposition campaign research being used to obtain a warrant to spy on whomever your candidate is. An uncorroborated, unsubstantiated document manufactured as political smear and funded to the tune of $9 million goddamn dollars by the party, the organization, that opposes your candidate. To spy on your candidate, for a crime that has yet to be committed.

Remember what they did to MLK and John Lennon?

Imagine them doing it to Hillary.

I don’t get it.  Since when is the FBI the good guys?

Over 40 years ago, America rightfully lost its shit over 18 minutes of missing tape.  People went to jail and a sitting president had no choice but to walk away in hangdog, abject disgrace or go to fucking prison.  There was an actual crime.  Trump is dumber, less sophisticated and not nearly as evil as Nixon was.  There has yet to be an actual crime.  If he’s guilty, it’s merely for the same financial impropriety as every powerful Democrat in congress.  And with the Democrats, it ain’t just with Russia, but Saudi Arabia, Israel ….

Yeah, I’m cleaning this prick of a president’s puke off my clothes everyday along with the rest of you.  I want him gone but the line of succession only gets worse.  Best bet is to deal with this crayon masticating man boy.  He’s a mess but there’s zero mystery. Donald Trump is Fisher Price.  That’s why we hate him.  He’s an idiot.

Try not to forget that they all just granted him the power to spy, infiltrate, invade every last one of us.  Every last one of you.  Just so they still get to do it after he’s toast.

All the shrill democrats and chicken little members of the so called “intelligence” community have proven to be completely without guile.  They owe us an apology for insisting that this memo somehow represented a grave threat to our national security.  Bullshit.  Just more evidence that America’s agencies of obfuscation are all too willing to abuse the powers afforded them by our politicians.  They flout our trust and mock the constitution because terrorism.

A political circle jerk.

Only a mumbling stumbling fuck like Clockwork Orangutan could inadvertently sit astride such a gift horse.  Armed only with reckless arrogance and maddeningly obtuse ignorance, Trump has blown the curtain that hides the deep state off the stage.  On top of that, the developmentally challenged bully wandered into the yard on a sunny day with a stick and a magnifying glass looking for ant hills, only to  reveal the grotesquerie of the Democratic queen and the paroxysms of all of her workers as they run to find cover for their asses.

Say what you want about this jackass but that’s a fuckton of accomplishment in just one year.  There’s a certain gorgeous symmetry in this dipshit accidentally sabotaging a new cold war with Russia, a chronically corrupt political party and an off the rails national intelligence community, just by being an asshole.

Drinks for my friends.

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