I’m an early forties handsome and incredibly smart white male who is able to over power petite females with my right index finger.

I worked in my first Democratic campaign when I was nine. The moisture behind my ears so copious, it ran down the backs of my thighs. Harry Reid ran hard against Paul Laxalt for Lt. Governor of the great state of Nevada. Harry lost to the evil Laxalt by a mere six hundred votes. That day I experienced the bitter palate of the agony of defeat.

Harry became the most powerful man in the US Senate and ended up a bit of a douchebag. Sorry MOM.

I flirted with the vicious sphere of politics throughout my adolescence. I also played the drums badly, pursued my prediliction for bibliophilia and underestimated and overestimated my self in chronic and self indulgent ways.

I don’t feel bad about running that Der Wienerschnitzel into the ground. The owner was a real estate player who I’m sure made his money when it became parking for a large grocery store. I got all my friends hired and made friends of the rest.

I was the worst night manager at any fast food restaurant in Carson City.

Good times.

I worked at the Nevada State Legislature for a session as the bill clerk. Then, in a foundry for a summer where I ate off my first food truck and drove my first forklift. Then, the last holiday before beginning the ‘adult thing’ at Budget Tapes and Records, working for Tom and Kathy Fox, whom I’d known since I was thirteen.

Then I got the fuck outta Dodge and moved to Atlanta Georgia to become a goddamn recording engineer.

Co-produced and engineered a record that overshot triple platinum by more than a few yards and got engaged and bought a nice car and then a nice big house.

Now I live in a really nice apartment with two cats I adore. I have a really bitchin stereo and a big ass plasma TV.

There isn’t shit in the fridge.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Sounds like the life of a Genuine Poor Bastard!

    • Michael Douglass:

      Checked out your blog-good stuff.

      • Pamela Groening:

        Hey Michael, couldn’t figure out how to respond to your “about” page. So I used the “reply” to another thread.

        You have had an interesting life! That is why you are such a great writer. I kind of related to some of it – i used to be a lawyer but gave up the rat race to stay home and be a university tutor. I have three cats that I am completely in love with and live in a 3 story brownstone that i think is fabulous. The lush trees tower over my building, feels like I’m in a park but i’m right in the centre of the city.

        And I am a huge fan of yours.

      • Cindy Green:

        I love your voice! What you say matches my beliefs, but the way you say it thrills me. I am not hitting on you. I am almost 70, a retired English and French teacher.

  • ken stewart:

    Hay dude! What an interesting and unique point of view.


  • Mark:

    Love the quote from Mario Cuomo. Loved the writing, even of perhaps a bit less Faulkner and a bit more Hemingway? Just a thought.

  • Amy:

    I was searching google for political jewelry and ended up reading more of your blog than I have probably ever blog-read before!
    You are a very good to great writer Mr.B.S. and I am hear to tell you that you should write novels. I like your writing and you remind me of James Cain but more septic!

    The reason I am really here is to make sure you know about Duke’s Mayonaise. There is no other mayonaise. I order it online all the time and I don’t recall ever paying for shipping. You lived in Atlanta, you must know about Duke’s. Maybe that is where your love for mayo began.

    I have no clue why I did not see a comment section under the post. I will pay attention.
    Thank you.


  • Jennifer Herold:

    Big ficus tree in the living room – Powerhouse – great rack and you…..

    You look great – and the writing is amazing.

    Say hello if you are so inclined. I have thought of you often.

    Still skateboarding?

  • Andrew:

    Were you offline for a while? Love reading your crap. It’s inspiring and gives me hope

  • J Henry Hodges:

    Thank you for a refreshing point of view. We are from different generations, but have some very similar views. I wish I could express myself on these very important issues anywhere near as well as you do. I am a bit of an anomaly in my home state of Alabama as I feel I am the only one that doesn’t buy into the hate filled agenda of the “Proud Conservative Christians”. However I do consider myself a born again, washed in the blood follower of the teachings of Jesus…Imagine that, a 66 yo white guy in Alabama that is not a teabagpublican…there are a few others, I just don’t know them personally. I feel that I am also a compassionate centrist with an independent mind. Keep it up man, your good

  • Connie Back:

    I very much enjoyed your post, ” A heartbreaking lack of reason” and your writing style, and was looking for a way to subscribe. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alice de Tocqueville:

    ‘BRAIN SANK’ did you say? You write pablum for liberal girlygirls and girlyboys. Obama isn’t ‘black’, he’s a double white-filled Oreo, and he works for Wall St. CAPITALISM IS THE ANTI-CHRIST if you’re a ‘Christian’. For the rest of us, it’s just what has to go.

  • Alice de Tocqueville:

    “So long as our relationship is defined by our differences, we will empower those who sow hatred rather than peace, those who promote conflict rather than the cooperation that can help all of our people achieve justice and prosperity. And this cycle of suspicion and discord must end.”…He courageously spoke, as he blasted a few more Muslims to kingdom come.

  • Joan Denoo:

    When you write, “able to overpower petite females with my right index finger” are you bragging or complaining? Is it a virtue that you can overpower petite females? If so, what about that makes you feel proud? Don’t you feel kind of foolish … like a lion male who eats cubs? Your claim makes you look absurd. Why waste your talent on such braggadocio? Come on man, we need good minds to offer ideas to those who are not so clever in how to outfox religious superstitions. You articulate very well the preposterous nature of religion … all religions. If we successfully take away their comfort blanket, we have to be prepared to replace it with something more healthy and reasonable. We can do that. The full-of-wonder universe offers multiple ideas upon which to build a foundation of justice, peace and happiness for all. Come on man! Get off your sophomoric boast and grow into an adult.

  • Frank LeFever:

    Personally, I do it with left middle finger. No complaints ever.

  • This is one of the funniest sites I visited today. The Warden frowns on allowing us to visit “Left Leaning Liberal” blogs, so, my posse and, I were delighted to be able to read this raw, balled up, backed-up load of bile before we headed to the shower to beat a fellow inmate unconscious.

    Thanks, again for the inspiration!

  • Schief:

    Spank, I have a really big favor to ask you. I am considering a career change and am concerned that the odds of a successful transition will initially not be in my favor. This does not scare me as I seem to always be bucking the odds. But I would prefer my next endeavor succeed in the most expedient manner possible. That is one thing I can tell you about myself, I strive for efficiency.
    So I sh

  • Schief:

    That sucked!

  • Schief:

    Getting ready for jazzfest, will try again later!

  • Schief:

    Fuck it, you more try. I have ideas to share that have been shared with me. They are really good ideas that need to be debated. I contact you because I have no fear. I have offered many the opportunity to refute my claims of job creation and a balanced budget. And now Mr. Michael Douglas, I offer you the chance to thoroughly beat the fuck out of the people making such shitty decisions on our behalf. I can propose to you a business plan to create jobs. Of course the amount of jobs will depend on financing. I can show path to four hundred billion dollars in investment capital. Of course you don’t believe me and for that I offer no ill will. But I will get pissed off if you dismiss me as some dumbass cluttering up your screen. You know nothing of my journeys or my capabilities, which do be honest with you, work to my advantage. But I am not here to spar with you, I am here to share good ideas that help all Legal American Citizens and to ask you for your opinion and advice. It might even make you smile!

  • Michele MCcreary:

    How are you.

  • Anne Brannen:

    Love your writing and your site — how can I get regular updates, or does it work that way?

  • Andrew:

    Hey do you still live in LA? Please email me directly.

  • Ric:

    I need a roommate who will pay all the bills until I get a new job. Wanna adopt me?

    I wish I was as organized as you, my babblings might have a chance.

    Irreverence saves me from everything except my own.

    I’ve been looking for a petite female.

    All my life has been a circle.

    The wagons left without me.

    My shadow appears gone.

    Many reasons to sigh.

    Never liked alcohol.

    Life was great.






  • Tracey Ellison:

    Wow! Full of yourself much? You won’t be controlling this woman with your finger or any other part of your body. I find your history interesting, your political views spot on, and your writing good after reading just one article. However, the name of your blog is low brow and the picture is very annoying. That said, I am just checking someone’s FB profile to make sure he is a true liberal before I allow him to join my FB group, Liberal Oasis. He will be approved. I hope he likes my little group. When he posts your articles, I will click on that awful picture to see what you have to say. Welcome to you and any other liberals who want to join my group! I am a proud supporter of Bernie Sanders. Let’s get this beautiful, smart man elected president for 8 years!

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