Oh man, gorpage down my blouse……….

Is intelligence learned or inherent?

Are people born good or evil?

Why do we toast bread? I mean it’s already cooked.

Are you aware that there are people who actually eat
pickled pig’s feet?

I gotta tell ya, I hate those damn ear piece cell
phones. Yo. Uhura, you opening a frequency for me to
talk to a giant hemispherical pizza? Forgive me, but
you all look egregiously stupid.

What’s the deal here with the whole Anna Nicole dog
and pony show? I always felt a little sorry for her.
On the other hand, she got a lot of mileage out of
a pretty empty tank.

The cavalcade of dipshits that have surfaced in her
wake is um, well, it’s really annoying. I resent the
attention Americans are willing to pay. Factor in the
profoundly ridiculous antics of the judge and you’ve
got the equivalent of a flaming pile up on the 405 for
a nation of rubberneckers.

I swear I’m not watching. At least, not on purpose.

Then there’s Ms. Spears. Is there not a single
individual in this woman’s life that can at least try
to mitigate her public implosion?

Are these two conflagrations being orchestrated by the
neocons just to take attention off of their endless
bloodthirsty fuckery? Cheney had Anna killed and her
baby was fathered by Karl Rove. There was no
intercourse however, it was the most antiseptic in
vitro process available. As a matter of fact, Rove
recieved a vigorous prostate massage from a rather
muscular former female shot putter to produce the
necessary seed. As a consolation prize, they let
Rumsfeld shave the young trollop’s head.

In all seriousness, what is your favorite fruit juice?

Timmy, after attending a performance by Flogging Molly
last night, appeared positively crooked this morning.
He was fine after Big Mike showed up with a twelve
pack. You know, he always picks his nose in my car
when I give him a ride home.

Ok, sorry for the self indulgence.

Now, who wants pie?

Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

When was the last time you went through a turnstile?

I have to tell you, I’ve been watching CNN solely
because of a story they’re doing on an autiistic woman
who happens to be able to communicate via keyboard and
voice synthesizer very well. It is fascinating as
well as enchanting. One of the most interesting
things I’ve ever seen on television. Autistic
perception is so much different than ours. This woman
cannot utter a single word, yet she types faster than
some can talk and what she has to say is profound and
disorienting. Not at all what most of us regard as
linear thought. Perhaps autism is the antithesis of
retardation despite how closely it may resemble it to
the uninitiated. It occurs to me that these people
may just be hyper intuitive beyond our our
neuro-typical (her word) ability to understand.

It raises questions about things like insanity and
what we could learn if dolphins had digits and were
able to type.

Pubic lice. Discuss.

The guitar solo in “My Sharona”, when radio plays the
whole thing, rips my fuckin head off every time.

I’ve really got to apoligize for all this. I felt
like writing but had nothing to say. A good friend
told me that my last blog was “beneath me”. All I
know is, it amused me while I wrote it.

How many got this far? Raise your hands.

All the presidents men were in my hometown yesterday.
Same place as my first ever audio gig out of school.
Interesting that Obama wasn’t there. He was
unavailable before he and the female Clinton began to
exchange blows.

My sister tells me Hills was impressive.

That is all.

Drinks for my friends.

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