Gotta little vitriol for ya.

Two things.

a) 5 subpoenas vs. 1052.

b) The Bill Moyers Journal debut “Buying The War”.

I’m gonna try to make a point here.

a) The Clinton administration, during it’s tenure, battled over a thousand subpoenas on individuals ranging from travel agents to Big Bad Bill hisself.

So far, the most corrupt, avaricious, arrogant administration in the history of the very idea of democracy, has made it’s way through a shitstorm of venom dripping wasps who produced a total of five subpoenas. Five. Three of them barely twenty four hours old.

Now, I know that we’ve had control of the house for a meager three months and there is no control to be had in the senate. But you gotta be fucking kidding me.

b) And then we consider Bill Moyers’ PBS offering of dogs and ponies. It was compelling. Well done. Revealing. I’m not sure I blinked.

Now, I’m a fan of Mr. Moyers. I’ve read his stuff. Smart, honest guy. And he did showcase the truth. It’s just that everyone from Rather to Russert, Judith Miller, William Safire, and Charles Krauthammer were confused and forgot to question an obvious superfund site of toxic lies. Humongous, not breathtaking, but lung collapsing lies.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

I’m thinking to myself; I KNEW. I mean, I knew. Without a shadow of a doubt, it was obvious what was going on and most of the people around me were well aware as well. Even if we were in the minority, what does that say about the entirety of the American media juggernaut?

It says they’re either idiots or wimps, not excluding the possibility of some elixir thereof.

After listening to the news today and watching Moyers a day after it aired, I’m inclined to think that the media has become a doppelganger of the government. I use the the article ‘the’ as opposed to ‘our’, because neither institution has belonged to the people for some time.

I shouldn’t be suprised and it was serendipity that revealed to me that, just like our government, the fourth estate is full of a bunch of stupid fucking pussies.

Drinks for my friends.

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