At first, I was bored. Turned into a nice segue.

They just don’t get it. Iraqi troops don’t show up in
other places because their concern doesn’t reach
beyond their own neighborhoods.

We simply don’t understand fuck all after four fucking

It’s criminal that we did what we did. That we
invaded for no goddamn reason.

It’s fucktardingly, reCOCKulously and immorally absurd
that we did it without the slightest fucking clue as
to what to plan for or even expect.

Over and over again I’m blind sided by these haymakers
of stupidity, arrogance, hubris and avarice.

They are firmly planted, and unable to dance at all, in a
gunnysack of dipshitedness. Yet, they must be nuclear
powered, because they just keep swinging for all the
world like they have four arms.

And they shuffle ever forward. Like fucking zombies.

Executive priveledge on documents pertaining to obviously illegal wiretapping, energy task force meetings, 911 testimony without an oath to tell the truth, The Vice executive doesn’t belong to the executive branch, executive priveledge on documents pertaining to firing federal prosecutors for not pursuing baseless voter fraud against Democrats and everyday they just insist everything is going great, while we watch it all implode in slow motion.

These guys are really good and I motherfucking hate them.

It is maddening to watch.

This brings us to the “opposition”. The Democrats.

Non-binding resolutions, grandiose but trivial lines
in the sand, and one swing, just one, at a defense
spending bill for 120 billion dollars that we don’t
have. After one try, they rolled over and showed us
their mottled bellies.

Ten democrats voted their conscience that day. Ten out of forty nine. You have got be fucking kidding me.

These people were elected for a reason. That reason
was crystal godamn clear.

The very first political campaign I ever worked in was
for now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He was
running for Lt. Governor of Nevada. He lost to Paul
Laxalt by a little over six hundred votes. I think I
was nine.

What is going on here? Hillary and Obama lead the
pack in contributions from big pharma this quarter? These two have
long since been to the crossroads and inked a deal with the dude with glowing red eyes in the stovepipe hat. I will vote for neither in the primary.

I’m done. I’m not throwing in the towel. I’m taking
the gloves off. No more of this lesser of two evils
horseshit. If I don’t like the choices on the ballot,
I’ll write in a candidate. Larry Bud Melman or Bill
Maher depending on my mood.

I wrote a letter today to both my senators and my
congressman (Boxer, Feinstein and Howard L. Berman,
respectively), it said that I would vote for whomever their
opponents ended up being in the next election if they
did not get off their asses and do something.
Something about the fucking war. Something about
holding these sonsabitches responsible for their

Enough is Enough.

It’s gotten to the point where just about everyone but
the incurably and willfully stupid realize that we are
taking it in the ass.

And the people we hired to deal with these things act
like we are not here.

Mrs. Pelosi, I’m quite thrilled that you punched
through the glass ceiling and occupy the highest
position of any woman ever. Really happy for you. I
will actively campaign against you and for Cindy
Sheehan if you do not get off your ass and lead.

See, when we put you there, we did it because we
expected you to DO something. To do one thing. So far,
you really suck at it.

I fear that if they don’t take us seriously, they will
be forced to deal with anarchy. The weak among you
will be forced onto your backs. A good number will run rampant.

I have no intention of rolling over.

No more rules, school is out for summer.

They can’t hear us.


Drinks for my friends.

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