It’s true, I loathe these pricks.

A lot going on. I’ve been busy. Shall we review the douchebaggery visited upon us this week?


The very same federal judge and greasy bastard that
forbade us from even a glimpse at Cheney’s energy task
force documents, dismissed the suit brought by
COVERT CIA AGENT Vallerie Plame Wilson against
Dick-in-Bush et al.

He essentially said that although the behavior of the
White House was “unsavory” when it smeared Joe and
Vallerie Wilson for telling the truth, it was “within
the scope of defendants’ duties as high-level
Executive Branch officials.”

-Quotes from

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

A can of Pabst for the first mouth breather to
share with us who appointed said greasy bastard.

His name, John Bates of the US District Court in
Washington, DC.

He worked for that lizard Ken Starr too, on Whitwater,
of course. No big suprise that he was successful in
arguing for the release of a cornucopia of documents
from Hillary at the time. Pat Leahy said “When that
guy was working for Ken Starr, he wanted to go open
the dresser drawers of the White House, I guess it’s a
lot different when it’s a Republican vice president.”

-Quotes from

I really loathe these pricks.


Harriet Miers faces the withering spotlight of
‘inherent contempt’ after refusing to show up for a
subpeona issued by a congressional committee. She
chose to ditch the proceedings because Dumbya super super promised her she didn’t have to come and she wouldn’t get in trouble.

Apparently, the Sergeant-at-Arms can arrest her.

I worked in my state legislature for awhile. The arms
of our Sergeants were pretty short. Just long enough
to stuff donuts in their faces and still behave with
some degree of composure. Most of them were in highschool and without any swimming with the knife in your teeth experience.

I’m pretty sure the D.C. version isn’t a helluva lot
more formidable.

I wouldn’t exactly anticipate anal leakage as a
result of an olestra saturated conscience if I were

Maximum penalty is twelve months and a thousand bucks.

If the full force of the law were brought to bear,
it wouldn’t be a bad plate of shrimp to
a sycophant like Miers.

You know she wouldn’t do any time. She’d definitely rather pay
the fine than fill her granny panties with the pungent
liquid stool of truth.

Not so withering a light after all. What it is, is a candle. That could drip wax on your end table. Worse case scenario, the family pet dances for thirty seconds thinking “Hot HOT HOT!”


“Bush administration officials unveiled a bold new
assertion of executive authority yesterday in the
dispute over the firing of nine U.S. attorneys, saying
that the Justice Department will never be allowed to
pursue contempt charges initiated by Congress against
White House officials once the president has invoked
executive privilege.” You’ve really got
to read this.*** I guess my space is not happy with my link-Washington Post, July 20 “Broader Privilege Claimed In Firings”***

I abhor this administration’s sociopathic predilection
for blanketing the judiciary with bogus get out of
jail free cards on behalf of any and every crony that
would otherwise be forced to tell us the fucking


The dickhead republican minority in the senate
thwarted an attempt, via fillibuster, to hold
Dick-in-Bush to a timetable for withdrawl from Iraq. Despite some 70% percent of WE THE PEOPLE calling for it and it being
more than a little hypocritically disingenuous in
light of the “nuclear” option they had such a hard on for just a
few years ago over various federal judicial and SCOTUS

Shameless Dickheads.

“The Republican leadership has established hurdles and
blockades, everything they can find to stop us from a
vote that reflects the feelings of the American
people. You know why? They’re afraid of what the
American people want. They’re afraid the American
people might prevail.”

– Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois)

Hard to believe that there are still so many flat
earthers in our legislative branch when even a casual
assessment reveals how obviously fucked up is every last thing.


Not long ago, Dumbya bragged about the political
capital he’d amassed as a result of the slimmest
margin ever earned by an incumbent president. He
practically swaggered as he boasted of how he
intended to spend it.

Now he’s too broke to pay attention; it’s not as
though he ever has anyway.

Before it’s over he will have spent over a trillion
dollars and a million lives. What an asshole. What a


Congress now has an abundance of horsepower, it is supplied
by the will of the no longer somnambulant WE THE
PEOPLE. It remains to be seen if they possess the
wherewithal to convert it into torque and put it on pavement.

We need to remind them that outside, it’s

And the killing and dying goes on and on and on.

Drinks for my friends.

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