I’m done.

I just want this human piece of shit to go away.

I turn on the television tonight for the first time in almost a week and I am confronted with Michael Vick’s “apology”. An apology that he was forced into. An apology as a last resort. An apology that was a last ditch effort if he were to ever have a chance of playing football again.

Then, video of animals howling in pain and fear as they are bested by another animal.

He drowned animals for losing. Fuck him.

He blamed it on immaturity. Fuck you Michael Vick. You are damaged. Your soul is polluted. You deliberately thieved innocence from the innocent.

You deserve nothing but agony. You deserve no second chance, not a second of peace ever again. You should be forced to fight for your life everyday without even being able to understand why. When you inevitably lose, you should be drowned, violently by someone you love.

I hold an exclusive and unique brand of hate in my heart for you, a man I’ve never even met.

For your sake, I wish for a hell, so that you may burn in it.
Forgive me, I will not utter his name again. I promise.

Drinks for my friends.

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