Infamous coveter of pole part deux……….

Larry Craig is a self righteous prick in profound
denial. Word is, he’s eying a mulligan. A do-over.
Maybe he won’t resign after all. If he can just get
that pesky little conviction overturned.

You have got be fucking kidding me.

The depth of self delusion here is staggering.

Does he honestly think his admission of guilt and the
subsequent conviction for disturbing the peace is the
catalyst for the spectacular flame out of his career?

His Republican colleagues slammed the car of family
values and bigotry towards gays in reverse and stomped
on the gas harder and faster than I’ve ever seen a
collective of disingenuous blowhards do so before.
They wanted distance from, and condemnation for, this
dirty little self loathing faggot just as fast as

This whole thing wreaks of slowly decomposing milt
byproduct from man on man. In a landfill, of nothing
but diapers, catshit and fish guts. Maybe some
fruit in the interest of symbolism.

Larry Craig is a goddamn liar from every angle. He
lies about being gay. He lies about the morality of
homosexuality because he knows it’s not a choice. He
lies about his intentions in that bathroom and he lies
about his integrity, if he thinks he’s still worthy to
represent the backward ass rednecks in his state.
This is a man who led the charge against Clinton for
getting a blowjob from an actual woman.

This is a man who has crossed the line over and over
again in legislating against the the civil rights of
his own kind. He fucking stinks. He sucks. No pun

He is a sociopath and therefore useless to society.

Now he thinks he deserves to keep his job. What an

Really. You have got to be fucking kidding me.

I would suggest to you Mr. Craig, that the best thing
for you to do is walk away. It’s the best thing you
can do for your family, you selfish prick, and the
best thing you can do for your constituents and this
country. It is time to look beyond yourself. I
wonder if you can.

Time to take a walk Larry, you are done and you
deserve to be.

Drinks for my friends.

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