Tempted by the fruit of another………..

So, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran took the podium at Columbia University today.

Before he takes the mic, he’s pretty much savaged by the dickhead in charge. Didn’t they invite him? He’d already had his ass handed to him by 60 Minutes.

And then well, he stood up and said some really ridiculous shit and they laughed at him. He has some serious sack, this pious fuck, but he’s still a bit of a douchebag.

This pissing match between him and Dumbya is a little like a bare knuckle fist fight between a pair of geriatric invalids. It’s kinda funny. I picture them naked except for huge saggy diapers.

Yep, silly, pointless and a little tragic. Neither one holds all the cards, and neither one wields the power of their respective regimes. Punch and Judy.

People in either country think they’re both assholes.

Lest we forget, Ahmadinejad is next door to the worlds biggest conflagration/power vacuum. He may be stupid but he plays because he’s living on the slope of an active, lava filled, geopolitical zit.

Don’t blame him for attempting to influence the flow of puss from the boil America picked at.

He’s here, but so far he’s talking to and playing for, his own people. Meanwhile, we don’t talk to very many besides our own either. We sure as hell don’t talk to Iran.

What if we did?

What if we tried being friends instead of arrogant red neck war mongering ignorant pricks? See, right or wrong that’s the path that they have been led down. That is what they think.

Bear in mind that Iran is fairly progressive society in the context of that region. And although it’s people regard some of our policies as idiotic, let’s face it some are, they don’t hate Americans.

Not yet anyway. Dick-in-Bush are doing their damndest to squander that goodwill.

“Comb your hair and paint and powder you act proud and I’ll act prouder
You sing loud and I’ll sing louder tonight we’re settin’ the woods on fire
You’re my gal and I’m your feller dress up in my frock and yeller
I’ll look swell but you’ll look sweller settin’ the woods on fire………..”
-Hank Williams

It’s absurd. Still, I’m a little giddy over the anticipated catfight tomorrow at the UN. Perhaps Douchebag and Dumbya will compare dicks and we can all move on.

I don’t intend to paint this embroglio as anything but really goddamn serious, because if we initiate hostilities with Iran we really are ‘arrogant red neck war mongering ignorant pricks’.

Allow me to be clear:

Attacking Iran, while we’re losing two other wars in the region, at the same time Iran exerts far more influence in the way bigger of the two conflicts than we do, is an unbelievably stupid idea.

See, despite the fact that our ground forces are a blister about to burst, there is an assload of 21st century firepower parked in the gulf right at the end of Iran’s front sidewalk.

The Navy is all fresh and ready to fuck something up. And they will. The first part will be over in a few weeks, just like both forays into Iraq.

And then, best case scenario is an even more pissed off and far larger nest of wasps who can’t wait to kill Americans any way they can.

Worst case scenario is complete chaos. Lotsa nukes over there kids.

That’s ok with Dumbya and Douchebag. They both get a little moisture over the apocolypse.

It’s gonna be great. The nighttime footage will be spectacular.

Drinks for my friends.

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