Washington’s Finest.

Didn’t the white hats win big in ’06? Wasn’t there winds of change, maybe not blowing, but wafting? There was an anticipated shift in the breeze away from the inferno. Right?

Here we are and I can’t believe it. All fucking OJ
all the time. So a sociopathic scumbag might actually
go to jail. Good. Beyond that, I couldn’t care less.
Last week it was Paris Hilton and the week before it
was Ms. Lohan sucking paste in a toney rehab bathroom.
I may have the timeline wrong but honestly, who gives
a mad fuck?

Yesterday our very own Senate was unable to restore
the nearly nearly one thousand year old institution of
Habeas Corpus, “The Great Writ”. The Republicans
didn’t even have to fillibuster, they merely threatened to. Not enough votes for cloture, thanks in part to Benedict Joe Lieberman, so the invertebrate Democrats went to lunch.

Shouldn’t they have at least forced the Reps to read aloud
from Mein Kampf or The Enquirer on the Senate floor?
For fuck’s sake we’re talking about the Constitution here.

Today the Unites States Senate, the most powerful
legislative body in the world, took it upon itself to
admonish Moveon.org for an ad that “impugns the honor
and integrity of … all the members of the United
States Armed Force”. What kind of chickenshit move is

The confederacy of callow dipshits took the time to
pass a resolution with the same bullshit hollow
rhetoric spat at everyone who has objected to this
insane war since it began. The very best they can do
is miss the point entirely. One of the reasons we
take exception to this clusterfuck is because it’s
killing our troops for no goddamn reason you idiots!

Also yesterday: “Senate Republicans yesterday rejected a bipartisan proposal to lengthen the home leaves of U.S. troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, derailing a measure that war opponents viewed as one of the best chances to force President Bush to accelerate a redeployment of forces.” -The Washington Post

Our esteemed Senators have their heads so far up their
asses, their bowels don’t know which way to move.

Yet, in the last two nights I glimpsed none of this on
the news, save OJ’s latest fifteen minutes, of course.

You have got be fucking kidding me.

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

It’s not just your fault America, although you are culpable. Even if you’re one of those being gagged by the media with shit you’d rather not swallow, you’re still complicit.

How do I know? One word. Ratings.

Turn it off. Read. Ask questions.

Stop being a common patsy.

Drinks for my friends.

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