So I was ambling dolefully down the lane of my choice when I found myself in the News & Politics top 10. Been spending a lot of time there lately.

Thanks. Really.

Anyway, I came across this guy with nothing but a one question, two choice answer blog. A “poll”. I kinda hate that because there’s no original content and it takes space on the charts from original thinkers and writers.

Then I read his question. I’m not gonna single this guy out, he certainly doesn’t need any more attention, so no links, you guys will find him if you want.

It’s the stupidest fucking question I’ve ever heard in a very long time.

Understand as you read my comment, that I’m doing the best I can to focus on the mindset, as opposed to the pompous jackass that hoisted this low gene pool, walkin’ the dog cro magnon question:


*you have two choices*




So I had this to say:

Not only is the question retarded and deceptive,
regardless of the answer, the question is
irrelevant. It’s like asking someone being presented
with two identical red cars if they prefer the black
one or the white one.

It is classic neoconservative obfuscation to assume
that the “war” in in Iraq can be won. See, despite
military objectives being achieved, the “war” is
unwinnable, because the war has long since ceased to
be, a military problem. The “war” is not a war you

The war became a geopolitical, ideological and
diplomatic problem about two months after we showed
up. Uh, and a handful of decades before that.

Seriously, read a book without pictures.

Your question presupposes so many ridiculous notions
that I suspect you’re immune to being disabused of any
of them.

Who do you want us to “defeat” in order in order to
achieve “victory”? There hasn’t been anything
resembling a military in Iraq since the very beginning.

Remember? We relieved them all, fired them. They
shed their uniforms, took their guns and ammo, helped
themselves to all the stockpiles of weaponry our “war”
architects simply overlooked, and showed up the next
day armed like Travis Bickle without the rather
obvious mohawk. Then they didn’t just shoot at us,
but rather everyone they didn’t know or like.

It’s the same intellectually dishonest crap you one
chord, two dimensional, simpletons foist when you
accuse those of us who actually want our troops home,
of not supporting the troops.

I vow here and now to punch the next dipshit conservative as hard as I can in the mouth upon he or she having the ignorantly prideful temerity to even question my patriotism when I express my desire for this killing of our kids and innocent Iraqis to end yesterday.

Again, for the dipshits: Over One Million dead
Iraqis, over Four Thousand Dead Americans, Over
Thirty Thousand permanently and life alteringly
Damaged Americans and over Seven Hundred Million
Dollars a Day to perpetuate this madness.

Why, how, can fucktards like you be so singularly
focused on archaic and obsolete notions like “victory”
and “defeat” with all this going on?

The rest of us have moved on. We understand that such
concepts haven’t even been on the table for years and
you don’t get it. I do not apologize for attacking
you for fomenting such egregious and willfull
ignorance. It’s not however, personal.

How do you percieve this clusterfuck as so black and white
after all this time? Even if you’re color blind, be aware the myriad shades of grey. I wonder if it’s because you and your ilk are either so simple or so confused, that you want this hydra to be about good vs. evil and right vs. wrong. You want it to be some 1950’s western
where all you need to know is who’s wearing the white
hat because the whole goddamn thing is black & white anyway.

Hey man, who was the victor and who was the defeated in Vietnam? Nevermind. It’s a rhetorical question and I don’t give a mad fuck what you think.

What’s the difference between an orange? See above.

I hate to tell you this, but dude, you ARE the

Your poll question is insipid and beneath the contempt
of every American capable of making up his own mind.
Most Americans are too smart to be insulted by your question, don’t count on us to be compassionate enough to avoid being disgusted by it.

Drinks for my friends.

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