Hopelessly devoted to you.

Chelsea is hot.

I really think so.

“I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so” – The Vapors.


They did swing hard. Some good stuff. We like a good dustup between mostly like and right minded people.

Obama does very well. He’s taller and tends to throw his punches down. He really is impressive.

Hills takes punches and throws uppercuts like Roberto Duran. She is tough and fascinating.

I do believe Obama’s remarks about Reagan are what they are. His point was that Reagan was a transformative president, no value placed, good or bad.

I think he was alluding to Ronnie being able to so effectively snow so many rednecks and the great unwashed. See, Reagan sucked and he was, in the contemporary tradition of Republican presidents, an absolute out of touch dipshit.

Ronald Reagan was a human hurricane for the have nots. Let me be clear here; Reagan fucking sucked.

Russia was broken on the backs of our middle class and poor. And the rich began to get richer.

Reaganomics. Trickle down. Shut the fuck up. He was an actor, and not a great one by any stretch.

Ok, sorry.

Edwards is a class act. My mother was a delegate in the Nevada caucuses and she was there for Edwards. I agree with her. He is the best of the three. She wasn’t able to make it happen. He got his “butt kicked”.

I would like to see Edwards prevail in South Carolina. A little leveling of the field would be healthy and his is a good voice in this contest. The man has integrity.

To one degree or another, I like them all. It’s not perfect, but we are lucky. This is an excellent group. Intelligent and passionate.

Then there is the big picture. The entertainment value. Not since the last time a diminutive jug eared paste eater waded in (Perot/Kucinich), has the contest for leader of the free world been so compelling.

Sometimes I wax pessimistic and realize that what we have here is the best of a worse case scenario. Our country is so broken. I understand that not one of these three may be capable or even desirous of the profound shift we absolutely need.

America is in a very bad way. Yet, despite which one prevails, it is a long step in the right direction. I really can’t afford to think about whether any one of them can do enough. Probably not.

But you know, small steps?

Drinks for my friends.

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  • admin:

    In retrospect and most definitely after the fact.

    I must say that Hillary’s overture about MLK that drew appluase, after the candidates were seated, just might have been very cheap.

    I’m confident it was bad form and Obama caught it like a punch. He said nothing. Way interesting.

  • Rhaia:

    I thought Reagen did a good job, acting a John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart; presidency. Though I felt Jimmy Carter was the official, Jimmy Stewart, “Its a wonderful Life” Prez. He was just way to soft,for my taste, understandably the Iranians spotted that, and so they took hostiges. Then John Wayne stepped in and Iran knew, time to cut loose of them boys,before the big guns start poppin. Inflation was slowed way down, and then I could afford things like laundry detergent again. I’d think crazy peep, like myself would be happier, out in the parks, and byways, then institutionalized, by the state of CA. Hillary is so, the empty puppet, please read my blog on her cluelessnes. I sincerely question if either Obama or Billary have a chance at being elected here in the U.S.A. I also question how a woman president is going to go over, with the middle east regimes. Woman aren’t supposed to be that authoritarian, they will mess with us, with her at the helm. But then thats what Isarel would love, she will be so devisive. Perhaps Chelsea, will back her ma, with critical support that Hilly will need. Bills seems very tired, though Hillary has the Israleiz to back her not to mention Condi, Cheney, n that crew. Obama comes off as a lightweight, though I’d vote for him, I’ve heard several guy friends, who happen to be liberals, though red necky…, state, they’d vote for neither. I’m only relieved that the competion, on the other side aren’t much to write home about. But that AZ, veteran, McCain will be the draw for my liberal guy friends, this means we are really in this war for a long hall. Oh Hell, I want out, but Canada is to cold.

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