Praise for the older woman

I just need to take a minute to praise Jon Stewart.

Were he sitting here with me on my red velvet, claw shredded and cat hair festooned couch, I’d take a hit and blow it straight up his tiny little Jew ass.

He rocks.

I’m not sure what the deal is over there but I understand he has no writers?

I assume the writers want money for their work appearing on the internet but the internet is a herd of leeches on the genitals of the big entertainment companies. That’s all I know.

The big guys are probably culpable.


Anyway. Tonight Stewart delivered the most brilliant and toxic dissection of mainstream media coverage of these last two political contests; an intellectually adroit comedian cracking balls over the fence as though practicing.

Subtlety and nuance not just amplified but cleverly exploited.

I understand why people would naively push such a man towards public service. They don’t understand that he is doing exactly what he should be doing.

Jon Stewart does the Lord’s work.

At least, he does the work of my Lord. Common Sense.

I hearken back to a few years hence, when our man Jon, fed Tucker Carlson a swift and salty load on his own goddamn show (“Crossfire”). Cost that smug prick Carlson his show and and his ridiculously schticky bowtie.

See, not unlike Hillary a few days ago in New Hampshire, Jon stewart has found his voice. Although much to our great fortune as Americans, Mr. Stewart discovered his voice nearly eight years ago.

Emmy and Peabody winning and goddamn funny.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the perfect man for his job. We can only hope to be the richer, the longer he chooses to do it.

Just had to share that, even though most of you know it already.

Drinks for my friends.

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