State of The Union or No babies in Garbage Disposals the sequel

Those of you that have been reading me for awhile, may recall that my take on the last State of The Union was titled “No babies in garbage disposals”. A not so subtle nod towards the populist pablum. Tonight was more of the same.

He still insisted on mispronouncing ‘nuclear’ six or seven times and stubbornly whipped the deceased equine carcass of social security, or “entitlements” in the euphemistic vernacular of the neocons. Fuck that. Social Security is not an entitlement. We pay in when we are young, it pays out when we are old.

More pointless and baseless saber rattling at Iran. Way Too many Democrats hauling asses out of seats for this particular round of applause. Sheezus.

I feel like an eight year old. I was bored and really, I just don’t give a mad fuck what Dumbya has to say anymore. He may still be dangerous, but his irrelavance metastasizes by the hour.

I found more intrinsic entertainment in the shifts of smirk Cheney wore behind Dumbya’s right shoulder. I was amused by the Republican lockstep of standing ovations.

C’mon you pinheads, you’ve got be fucking kidding me.

Perhaps it’s irresponsible and lazy, but to counter the address point by point would be futile and didactic. If you don’t realize how full of shit he is by now, you never will. Like I said, I just don’t care.

On a far more interesting note, Obama collected the endorsement of Senator Ted Kennedy as well as a glowing op-ed in the New York Times yesterday titled “A President Like My Father” written by Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK, in case you didn’t know. Now this, is heavy.

The momentum that Obama is gathering is formidable. Although still very early, it is of a brand that could thwart the Clinton Machine. Wow. A certain degree of credit goes to Barack himself. He’s demonstrated a not so simple grace in allowing the Clintons to make themselves look bad. Zen judo. Awesome.

Time to take a walk John. Don’t go too far.

Goddamn Super Tuesday will roar at us I hope.

Drinks for my friends.

10 Responses to “State of The Union or No babies in Garbage Disposals the sequel”

  • I kept wondering what Nancy was thinking, “This is a load of crap. You’re an ass. Don’t pull this no earmark shit terrorizing on us, you Bastard… I don’t want to have to sit here and pretend like I’m listening. I should’ve practiced my ‘sitting behind the president in front of Congress’ face some more.” I’m just thinking.

    I’m still bothered by the Faith Based bold mentions within our system of separate church and state land. Education or not. But nothing’s really paid attention to in our government, so never mind.

    I had to mute the event. His idiot voice + the applause + the ovation was nauseating. No really. I hated it. I hear his voice and I want to throw knives.

  • admin:

    Pelosi may be of the dark side. She’s definitely not wholesome.

    You should begin by throwing knives, figuratively, of course. Then, flaming broadswords. Figuratively, of course.

    We are not here to bullshit the dead.

    Life’s a goddamn highway.

  • MH:

    If you don’t realize how full of shit he is by now, you never will.

    What if our US representatives knew he was full of it – but didn’t care because there of a more sinister plot underway – Sort of like a plot from a political thriller. mwuhaha

  • kimioko v.s. kimenem:

    I luv it when you talk like your going to walk across the picket line and create this fine toothed lazersharp super analytical network of the world wide information regurgitated from self induced produced illness,which causes you to self medicate, making inside out moves; self stroking your ego in place once beautiful golden tresses, very long pelo. Fading to grey because not enough people dare to say or care to get near factual information prefering to play dumb,and live life like a rerun sit com, or silicon valley rally on the tennis court in a no win, win, situation under pretentious circumstances. Please don’t loose face as I boldly invade brainspank and your myspace, was it Huck finn, or Jim who stated I don’t take no truck in dead people. Sales R slow it’s a no go.Confused and guilty,feeling as if I have narcolepsy, to replace my mucho pelo hair possesion obsession, while I’m choking on this extinct hard boiled, dinosaur egg internet connection, sandwich. Wondering if its o.k. for girls to puke words up and have grandiose illusions claiming to be from Japan, Asian, or pretend Mexican. I’m acting like Frida Kahlo with hair, wrapped up around my earlobes circling top my head like a halo. Hair grows long after we go, oh no; not dead its a coma, narcosis, nuclear reaction to combing hair on camera, its all lost; causing presidential image to fade away from the public air waves..,that makes Barrack Obamas day. Clearly I’m seeking recognition and attention, and full of it from eating fried hot, pescado sandwiches. See, si, my tiny mouth burns full of tacos and many, many nachos. I’ll stop make it right, eat raw fish, and cold rice, take just little bites of seaweed,raw sushi. Don’t need to wear a harlequin, skin already pale yellow-white, and more hair than most caucasions. Hair that twirls kinky because I’m one eighth, Egyptian, Armenian or Iranian. Talking fast rolling my words around, because I’m hyperverbal and need to practice habla Espanol.Gotta go, I’m on my way to my Mardi Gras, Mexican vacation. Sorry for acting like a foriegn invader withoud kudos from Consumers Digest, or thumbs up from Darth Vader or Ralph Nader. I’m bumbed and done!

  • admin:

    Wow! Who are you?

  • I heard this speech….7 years in a row. But this time, I popped a squat on the porcelain throne and read a newspaper….I could almost lip synch it, it sounded so familiar….

    I’ll have a Cosmopolitan…then start bringing the Tequila…..

  • admin:

    Yeah baby 🙂

  • Misty:

    The no brainer draws the greatest consencus! I’m in the Donkeys Ass of the Bible belt in Triplet; the inmates and cons are running the Kingdom, hiding behind their Bibles and Heysues. Talk about Brilliant, and Original, introspective, people. DAuh right. Maybe if Obama’s government, gives more free health care, gauranteed grunt jobs, like military
    and WalMart, free baby setting ” I mean education” . We can return to an economy that can make doe flo under the table, so the hearty Americans can ban together and find another whore to gang rape. War, somewhere surgically distant from the lens of any inquisitive eyes. Well I suspect duah yeah there will be an economic recovery for a few weeks just so the Perps can lick the frosting off the cake and get another sugar rush. Thank your Liberals for the end of the Bush famlies wars, Nafta, the end of the Bracedero program, the boom of the wine industry, mega corporate welfare, and Fanny and Freddie Mac corruption. Breath Misty, maybe even they’ll deliver up us a Ron Paul president. That Rox

  • Misty:

    I forgot to mention destabalized value of land both here and south of the border,and proliferation of Mafia style drug wars.
    Obama either nix the Palin type smile and represents us or he will be a four yearer if. The advertisement is boring. OH,HI MAX. And I’m comming to get you PHAT. I can’t believe how rude the adminst, was to Florida, did any of you catch that; while back?

  • Misty:

    I forgot to mention destablized land value, Both here and south of the border.
    And proliferation of Mafia style drug wars.
    Obama either nix’s the Palin plastic empty smile and represents us or he will be a four yearer. “if”. His advertisement persona is getting boring. I know that people will, allow all the hotdogs, they can get to be shoved down their vacuous gullets. But their is an elite few of us that are hungry for quality performance by our leaders. Hey MAX,I’m sure you’d agree; how goes? I can’t believe how rude Mr.administrator, was to Florida dude, did anyone side me, catch that?

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