The beauty of things

I just need to talk about a few things here.

First up, this retarded stimulus package Republicans and Democrats alike are toothlessly masticating each other’s genitals over. Six hundred dollars (!) for each of us grossing less than seventy five thousand a year.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

What they’re hoping is, we’ll go out and blow that magnanimous sum and the economy will just explode and all will be sunshine and rainbows.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

That’s the plan?

I’m insulted.

Six hundred bucks buys me about three hours in a Vegas titty bar with a couple of clients. Brilliant.

Or, I could score just enough booze and blow to rationalize hiring a hooker, likely succumb to whiskey dick and the subsequent ego deflation that accompanies losing one’s wood and/or never achieving it to begin with.

As a Southern California resident, were I to earmark said funds for more pragmatic utilization, it would mitigate approximately a third of my monthly rent. Less than that of a mortgage note or a month’s payment on a decent car.

Republicans and Democrats have reached out to each other for your benefit and are now offering a medium size self adhering gauze bandage for your middle class ass hemorrhage. The bastards of the beltway are powerful sorry about the diabetes they gave you and would like for you to have a cookie.

I understand the proposal also provides for “business incentives”.

I really hate these guys.

Apparently, while we spend over half a million a minute in Iraq, fiscal conservatives are wringing their sweaty hands over what this may do to the budget deficit.

Thank Jesus someone is watching the foxes play with the hens.

On a profoundly sad note, my favorite little paste eater announced he was leaving the circus today. How sad that the roaring mouse has thrown in the towel. The ONLY one with the courage, integrity and honesty to speak the truth consisitently about where we are and what we must do, is left with no choice but to save his congressional seat so that he may fight again to effect desperately needed change another day. May the powers that exist, forever favor you Mr. Dennis Kucinich. Many of us will miss your valuable contribution to what is obviously the most important political discourse thus far for all of us.

Next. From this blog on January nine:

“The Bill & Hillary machine is awesome, however. What we saw was that impressive apparatus in swift and purposeful motion at the bottom of the ninth in the second game of seven. Very impressive.

Here they come. I told ya.”

And from this blog on January four:

“I’ve alluded to to the Clintonian acumen for brawling. You’re about to see a full frontal and it will most likely get ugly. We’re about to witness how smart she really is. I can’t help but think that if she starts tossing turds, she’ll be courting the dirt nap.

Fascinating to watch Bill’s big brain churning behind his eyes as he stood to her left while she spoke. I found myself waiting for steam to to rocket from every orifice in his head.

She tossed not a single turd.”

It’s true, Bill Clinton, a man whom I celebrate and adore, needs to count to ten. I won’t address this specifically except to to say that policy is what is is germane here. That, and desperation is almost always ugly.

Last but not least, Hillary and McCain won the nod from The New York Times today. The NYT said this about Skeletor, who is fighting for third in Florida:

“The New York paper said it could not endorse Giuliani, describing the city’s former mayor as a “narrow, obsessively secretive, vindictive man” whose “arrogance and bad judgment are breathtaking.”


Drinks for my friends.

2 Responses to “The beauty of things”

  • pleaing the fifth on the alcohol-induced como cock!!lol
    As for the rest, me thinks an ankel of mine has been broken….carry me 2 steps and all will be well! Fuckin retards.(AKA fucktards!)[Just in case you were a’wonderin where that comes from.]
    They should have taken action long ago. Too little too late! But thanks…I will enjoy my shooping spree at Walmart!

  • spyderkym007:

    Too many turds, oops I mean words not enough Mike. Many, many Michaels in the turd world, only U could know the way to Dr. Dre;down out there in grande’ L.A. “San Jose”, hell I know all about the Bay,where I used to stay. From Frisco, where the Fey, fairies R so Gay, the south valley is muy calliente, on a bueno bonita summer day,driving thru Palo Alto heading up north the hills, roll with uvas,vino vines, agrandarse arriba facing a clear blue sky. U Rock…I roll, I should study Espanol the Rosetta stone, bedrock, bridges lay. north Bay Bridge won’t break during an earthquake, home alone, not really home. Up near the Golden gate,wanna take a hike, on the clay where the city of San Francisco lays.
    When Your alone, go downtown, visit the Holiday Inn, give me a spin on a bike, real name is Holiday Kim,a neo native American Indian, Lluvia Temprano,I’m a pain I make it Rain. so insane. Without a care, more hair, heavens gate, hair will make wings, take flight over the golden gates, it works, Clintons are turds, Bills to old, stories already told, Chelzei won’tgive interview, afraid she’ll slip a true clue, yeh I’m almost thru.., what about you.., you say woman R crazy. You like girls, then u say they cause you to self medicate. You walked away from your life, sad plight,thats O.K. B my friend, and say good night, I don’t care to fight, with you, I’m thru.

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