Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vignette the trifecta.
Current mood: aggravated

There’s blood, and it’s coming from my right eye. Hurts a little, yet I can tell it’s about to have a lot more to say. I’m confused, I think. Then I snort and cough a two syllable laugh.

RacerX slams on the fucking brakes and a massive gravity surge sucks me face first to the rear wall of the trunk so hard I lose my wind. Then some sort of anti-lock bullshit takes over and we violently shudder to a stop. Excellent ride. The rubber smells skunky.

Door slams. Car rocks a little. I hear, get out get out!

Heels clack short and panicked to where I am.

Get the fuck out! Trunk starts to open and I got nothing but fight or flight. Wide enough and I kick through the opening with some adrenalin and desperation. I realize that my heel just connected square with a solar plexus below what seemed to be a rockin’ pair of tits.

I scramble out.

She’s laying on her back in the dirt.

This time there IS a shiny gun in her left hand.

Fucktard! She barks.

She is slow getting up. Slow and clumsy. I’m a little confused by her lack of grace, I’ve never seen her without it in abundance.

You need to get the fucking fuck gone! She points the hand with the pistol in it across the street. I’ll be back. You’re gonna have to trust me. We are so fucked.

She takes off slow and doesn’t spin the tires because she no longer thinks it’s a movie. She’s lighting a cigarette when she hits asphalt and then she puts her foot in it.

The right quarter sphere of my skull aching, throbbing and shrieking. Dizzy, right eye useless because it’s full of blood or gone. I make my way across the street and wonder what I look like.

I take stock under a tree that has long since obscured the street marker. Fuck me! Cell phone, wallet, keys. I’m golden. Wait. No smokes. And I’m really fucking thirsty. It’s hot. Fuck me.


  • spyderkym007:

    Lights n’da Aquarium; In the dream I turn to see who is comming up behind me and I see all this hair, fingers sad, watery eyed confused gurl. Blustering with anger she says “Princess my ass, you have no idea what I’ve endured”. I guess, I should have expected this confrontation. Although usually I’m in perpetual earthquake mode, I did not react impulsivly. I said “nothing that I think or say would be to diminish the experience or truth of another.” Then added, “people rarely display this level of pain in public.” She nods then sais, “It felt like there was a gun trained on me. Other people may not have been aware,of it but often the two of us were packed, strapped and loaded. I suppose you think it would have been different if you were in my place”? I shook my head “NO”, she’s all the gurly girl, yet some of your way she’s adopted for her own sense of self empowerment.
    I say “unfortunately I’ve been there, distruction is looming all around, you decide this may be your last chance to breath, then after giving fair warning you take aim and shoot. Then you see him lying there, near dead
    in the dirt. You grab yourself all over your body knowing I also, have been hurt in the explotion. You try to run, but it just causes you to loose more blood, such as it is when two hearts beat almost, as one.” My whole continent shakes but for her it’s mostly just the legs. I start getting passionate thinking there is hope, 4 ya all maybe 4 all the rest of us 2;ya know? Then I ask her, “have you tried ballet; forget running, act as if you are a mountain climbling reindeer and prance, because you can.” It sounded kind of stupid then I said, this was a growth experience for the both of you. Since for the time being your both still alive you could embrace the independance, and give yourself time to evolve into being a person with a better weapon. Having learned guns aren’t all that much fun.”
    Still kind of teary eyed she states, “I was at the end of my rope, it was either going to hang me or I would use it for flight, I never expected to just dangle here. By the way do you like my hair?” I said “well yeah, I’m an artist with a mucho pello hair obsession.” she sort of cracks a grin and sais, “back before this all began, I could barely comprehend really hurting somebody.” I said “yeah I know, its like your true identity has not been given away, but drained from you. You begin to feel like acting the fool, to bullet proof yourself against any more pain or stress. But it’s interesting that you attempt to be on all sides in this ordeal.” She says I’m trying to learn balance, and to look at life from different vantage points; U know at times, its difficult to handle, what you see out there.” Again I agreed, “hate to tell ya, but it never gets easier, sometimes you need to broaden the view, and expand your horizons”. She says, “sounds good, think I’ll go look for ocean waves, and dewy rose gardens to view,”then cracks a smile and sais “see ya”, and mumbles, everything is going to be fine!” Thats it 4 now, over n’out. Re Rai

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