Post #109. Obama vs. Mrs. Doubtfire the little Bootlicker

So, Guy Smiley (Romney) tipped the fuck out the door the other day because he’s just smart enough to grasp the math.

Official endorsee Barack Obama, sails towards the setting sun on this unseasonably warm Southern California Saturday. With aplomb, he breezed through all four contests today. He then spoke in Virginia. This occasion, more time was afforded for policy and some specifics, yet still a performance budding and blooming with optimism.

What exactly does it say about where America’s head is at when this man is able to prevail by margins that range from decisive to ass kicking in states like Kansas, Washington, Louisiana and Nebraska while he falls short in California?

Perhaps we are witnessing the emergence of the neoliberal. Quite a few of them might be pissed off rednecks. A lot of them disenfranchised centrist Democrats. How many alienated moderate Republicans? This is intriguing stuff.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Huckabee is yanking McCain’s chain. Huckabee has a sense of humor. McCain does not. He has trouble scratching his own face.

I need a nickname for our man John. I’m open to suggestion if I don’t come up with one by the end of this blog.

Wait! How about Mrs. Doubtfire?

So, the thing about Huckabee is he showed up on Colbert and played air hockey with a puck shaped like Texas ’cause see, Mike think’s he’s gonna take Texas.

Whatever. Really.

Either way, Huckabee will continue to siphon the bible thumpers away from Doubtfire, our little Bootlicker. We see this as a good thing.

And sorry, McCain will be known as Doubtfire and/or the little Bootlicker. You can still comment with your suggestions.

Texas would be a blow to both Doubtfire and Dumbya. Or rather, the hierarchy. The machine that is the hand up the ass of our esteemed chief executive.

The batteries left in that machine are low on juice.

A once shiny machine.

Doubtfire the Bootlicker, sinks his fingers into a lot of pies but can’t get past his first knuckle in any of them. The pressure on him to bend will force him to fold. He will do just that, like a lawn chair, in the general election. Regardless of who he faces. Trust me.

Doubtfire is a Republican and an assload of Republicans hate the little Bootlicker.

Then, nobody’s talking about Dumbya. At all. He is effectively absent penis.

Absent ballsack.


Where do you think they went? Not the gonads, the batteries.

In many ways, it’s pretty fucking sick. We are now more than ever, a plutocracy. We still subsidize oil companies with our tax dollars despite them being the richest companies in the history of mankind.

Those batteries are becoming Democrats. Those batteries, that money, are blowing kisses at Mrs. Doubtfire while sticking hands up skirts across the aisle with Democrats.

The damage is done. America has been bent over against it’s ignorant will and cornholed. Ass raped. Violated.

The damage is done.

The economy is a house of cards on a pudding foundation. No hiding from it and no excuses; the Republicans have delivered us here. We are hemorrhaging cash in a pointless and stupid war while our economy and infrastructure atrophy from sheer neglect and not near enough protein.

The distance between rich and poor owns more velocity than the melting of our icecaps.

This is the booby prize they offer McCain. The machine is finished. It has taken it’s prize. We are fucked and the machine has consolidated more power and money than God. The Machine that kicked Doubtfire in the teeth in the year two thousand finally offers up the rotting skin of a once ripe fruit and the Little Bootlicker can’t wait to possess it.

He’s a goddamn circus poodle and he’s the best they’ve got.

They don’t care. They possess what they coveted. The little Bootlicker eyes the brass ring but doesn’t understand that the position is for Chief Executive Janitor

You must be fucking kidding me.

Drinks for my friends.

5 Responses to “Post #109. Obama vs. Mrs. Doubtfire the little Bootlicker”

  • Brigida:

    Ok you TOTALLY ripped Guy Smiley off my blog!

  • On McCain:
    Nightingale ring a bell?


    On Dumbya:
    Dr. Peter Venkman:” This man has no dick.”

    In regards to the presidency, the “You must be fucking kidding me” presidents – and candidates – have prettymuch been lined up for a good while, now. But you already know that.

    Huckabee. Look up West Memphis Three.

    Ron Paul. Kucinich is prettymuch sunk out, and the Kucinich sites has been revamped, with RES 333 completely eliminated, despite Wexler. I’ll let you look those three up.

    I don’t have a lot to say right now…

    Tell you what: how about a bit of Smirnoff, a bit of Kahlua, hit on a bit of espresso,then white creme de cacao, shot through ice and into chilled vessels? Care for a bit?

    I’ll take the espresso, neat, myself…but whatever you fancy…

  • admin:

    I SO did not. I ripped it from Jon Stewart.

  • admin:

    As left by my friend Gida on myspace:
    “YOu may want to take your mention of Kansas out of your article. The Kansas primary was Republicans only today. Obama did take Kansas (kind of), but it’s a 2 part primary, part of which was on Super Tuesday, the other part being in May. Putting it in the same sentence with Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington makes it look like you’re treating it like the primary was today, which it wasn’t”

  • kymbalightning:

    Corazon Quebrado,diversion from: Latido toque del tambor; I no longer watch television for entertainment I just plug into brainspank, as if I was about to self stimulate; words vibrating at such a frequency causing me to mentally and physically thrive into a delighted state of ecstacy. I no longer wish to think I become one with pleasure and decadence in a public venue for the entire world to view, make a meek attempt to hide my smile from the others afraid someone will attempt to strip me from the grips of love, as I peel myself at supersonic speeds down your hiway, drag racing on a Saturday night live ejaculation, more, more, more, I scream, I’m such a whore, and no longer have a care in the world as I walk down the strip in my Victoria Secrets bra, and string bikini underwear. Michael you are a moviestarlicious choclate flavored candy cigarette, I want to insert you into a Valentines box and have the lid pop off everymorning,as I greet you with love and sex appeal. I’ll put a leash up around your neck then let you sex all over my body, like you was my pet puppy doggie. As K. Cobain said ” I need an EZ friend” you’ve been that to me, If you are feeling me, listen to Alicia Keys , and keep healing me. Luv U, Reiya

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