Hey, you gonna eat that?

Nine straight and most likely ten. By double digits tonight. The demographic breakdown is compelling. Obama now dominates. Rocking the vote as it were.

Doubtfire has begun to train his guns, forgive me, water pistols, on our man. “An elequent but empty call for change” At the same Doubtfire says he’ll keep us strong, safe and proud.

Keep us? Fucking hello? We are weak, vulnerable and ashamed, you out of touch asshole.

Tax cuts for the rich permanent and a one hundred year war. Good luck with that.

This is nothing but good news.

Official brainspank endorsee, Barack Obama, is quite likely to be America’s first black President. The color of his skin is thankfully less important than the content of his character and what America percieves him to be. Change.

They say his message is empty. It is not empty. I’m here to tell you that I believe that Mr. Obama is not here to fuck around.

She, on the other hand, is tired and disgusted that her presumptiveness atrophied lickety split.

And she lacks. No suspension of disbelief. I just don’t believe her.

By the way, I’m always right.

The fierce urgency of now. Unity. Indeed. Forgive me, but, yes we can. Bring it.

I don’t believe for a second that the decision will be made by super delegate party insiders. If for no other reason than they are the party of vaginas, the Democrats do not own enough testosterone to pull off that kinda fuckery.

Official brainspank prediction is America will have her first black President.

Drinks for my friends.

2 Responses to “Hey, you gonna eat that?”

  • Tony:

    I’ll just say this, if Obama wins Ohio (he’s got my vote) and Texas, and doesn’t get the nomination, I’ll bid adieu to the Democratic Party for good, because I’ll have come to the conclusion that they’ve lost all sense.

    It’s Obama’s to lose at this point.

  • laserlightningteethwhitening:

    You stole the words right out my mouth! Our nation suffers from a clenched teeth oral fixation; I say open up wide, this nation needs a rootcanal, complements of Michael, Los Angeles original oral fixated male.

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