Shrillary skates across the floor on a cushion of shit

Looks like I’m all but forced to weigh in on this ugliness yet again. I’m doing so because well, Hillary did so today with all the panic, recklessness and shameless irresponsibility of a desperate woman who again demonstrates a glaring sense of entitlement for our nation’s Presidency.

I’m sure you’re all aware That Senator Obama delivered a compassionate, sincere and very personal disquisition on race in America last week in response to his Reverend’s sermons from the lectern. A speech that was as refreshing in it’s honesty and eloquence as was the absence of a cowardly mea culpa or spineless abandonment of a life long friend.

He took the onus off himself and placed it squarely on us. He did so by talking to us like adults.

I’m compelled to point out; a fair amount of what Reverend Wright said was true.

As she read from a prepared statement in response to a question today, she essentially said she indeed would have walked away from that church and it’s Reverend and followed up with the callow observation that we are free to choose our friends but not our relatives.

I don’t buy this shit for a minute. This, a transparent attempt to draw attention away from a blatant and chronic lie about ducking and hiding from sniper fire in Bosnia, by exploiting racial divisivness in the same breath. The only chance Shrillary has is to keep as many white people from voting for Obama as possible. The most efficient means of course, play the race card.

Hillary, you ingnorant slut.

You continue to disappoint. My own mother mentioned she glimpsed a cut-throat passive aggressiveness in you that she’d only observed in the very worst of her female bosses.

Nevermind that your efforts may ultimately be the Democratic party’s demise in a season that was once filled with possibility, potential and hope. Nevermind how proud and delighted I was to have our very first woman and our very first black man as genuine and viable candidates for the leader of the free world and for the longest time, race and gender were not at issue. Nevermind what you and your husband have done to soil what was shaping up to be a glistening Clinton legacy. Nevermind all of that and more.

Have you no shame? No integrity? Is there a line that you won’t cross in order to clutch that brass ring?

If for no other reason than your own posterity, I implore you to let it fucking go. You are embarrassing us. You are staining this process. You ARE an embarrassment to America.

Take a lesson from your own daughter, who when asked about Monica Lewinsky today, you know the intern that sucked your husbands dick, told the questioner it was none of their business. I would suggest that to be far more appropriate an answer as opposed to your obviously prepared remarks today.

And by the way, for you to allow James Carville’s cheap shot comparison of Governor Richardson to Judas without immediate repudiation is just more of the same. Shame on you. Rovian tactics indeed.

It is largely up to you whether or not this contest becomes a protracted battle in Denver this summer. If you allow that, it most certainly will be at the expense of us all. The time for you to walk away is fast approaching. Do the math.

Drinks for my friends.

5 Responses to “Shrillary skates across the floor on a cushion of shit”

  • Trueblooded:

    Yeah right.
    Let me keep filling up the ammo boxes so I can defend myself from the onslaught.
    Man you are a fucking moronic piece of self hating shit if I ever read one.

  • wooD:

    Clawing tooth and nail to take and hold power. Nothing ever really changes, but no reason to get so angry about it…

  • X Rai:

    Trueblood: you are an abomination of the evolution, of human consciousness! You didn’t even find this blog, the author went trolling the Internet and found you. Sucker! If your man Ron Paul, dismantles the public education system, they’ll be many, more people with dysfunctional I.Q.s like yours. At least you will no longer be lonely,after beating up on your family. Even less Americans would be able to qualify for higher educations. We might as well dismantle all the public universities, and out source them to China, India, Germany, and Canada. Oh the Catholics, and right winged Christians; would be motivated to open more private primary schools. Yuk!

  • X Rai:

    Trueblood; Oh I feel like, I hit you with an abundance of fact laced opinions, forgive me. Look, to get back on your good side, I will do a thorough investigation of Ron Paul, he has zero chance of becoming president; perhaps that is our loss. My main concern is who will be the chief mutineer when our government is over thrown. As far as I can discern it won’t be a military coup. More than likely the American public will be oblivious for the most part, but our life styles will be greatly alterred.
    The Hoover Institute at Stanford is mostly run by indivduals with whom English is their second language, I mean greatly, their second language. Some of them only have a minuscule command of our language, and some can only write it. Its freaky…, They drive around in fancy Mercedes sedans, If you can refer to their movement in an auto as driving, they practically bash ya down on the road. Talk about innocent manslaughter, just give them a car! We’ll all go down; if many more of them get behind the wheel! we need public transportation, or more bikes, badly here in CA! Condi Rice is a “cunt”, don’t ya think?
    She went to Stanford University, Yuk.., I hate Stanford, they do cruel inhumane testing, and experments on animals down in some dungeon over there. As bad as anything they do over in China. You must have a pet; you come off as a dog type of man? Though you really went after the little piece of cheese, the author strung up over ya to bring you to brainspank. Forgive me for calling you a sucker, come on now. Am I calling you a little rat, hell no.., but guess what I call Condi Rice, we got this rapper here in Ca called Snoop Dog. So I call Condi Rice..,Poop Dog yeah Poop Dog, cause she is full of shit! Were all cool, don’t let me mess with ya, I’m just a gurl!

  • Trueblooded:

    Fact laced opinions,,,hmmm,,,,well, opinions are not something that are very concrete in that they come from an emotional place first and then most generally a psuedo-intellectual place second. Opinions are emotive. They none the less, may occasionally lead to a representative empirical thought and empirical thought can lead to intellectual deductive reasoning but it seems that if you acknowledge the opinion as a primal species within any thought process thus disallowing any knowledge based in facts of scientific result that an individual mostly finds from experiences that can be considered from observation (empirical), it is then such empirical knowledge can possibly lead to reasoned response when combined with scientific evidence of repetitive example as a consistent and predictably definable result which leads to definitive reasoning and it is definitive reasoning based in such an example of consistant result that allows one to unquestionably see that Obamma-Nation, MFJ, the magic negro is a no good racist piece of shit commie bastard.
    I did not support Ron Paul.
    He supports a head in the sand approach to foreign policy which is ridiculous. We are the world’s daddy and mommy and it’s a bitch being a parent as you may or may not already know.
    Whether we like it or not, we finally won WWII when the Berlin wall came down. We are the world’s lone super power or at least we were until Boy George Bush and Sugar Dick-C got their grubby mitts on everything.
    Fact of the matter is there are no good choices for the oval office. None. The Magic negro is an anti US communist, Hitlairy is an anti US psychopathic communist and McChopper well he’s just a little bit too crazy sprinkled with being a liberal piece of shit on many important issues like illegal immigration, free speech, (campaign finance reform), not to mention his role in the S%N debacle. Yep girls and boys, McShame is just that, a real fucking shame.
    So who do we vote for?
    I only know I’m not voting for a piece of shit like Obamma-Nation or Hitlairy and neither are a lot of people. A whole lot of people.
    You are right about one thing X Rai, we are heading for a major national shit-storm. It will make the great depression look like a walk through a sparse briar patch. My advise? Get a few good firearms, about 2000 rounds for each one, put up enough food and water to last you at least 6 months or more for you and your family and just know that you will not be going to work at the office. You will be defending your life from the Democratic constancy who will be out in force after the next president bans all firearm ownership and declares marshal law. It’s coming children. You’d better get ready. Uncle Barry ain’t going to do jack shit to help any of you. Unless you are black and have a good solid criminal background he can depend on.

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