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    No longer living on dry land: {part 1} Skybluespacecraft flying invisible in a blue sky. My hands were still reaching for the dream, the sensation of where they wanted to return, petting his hair was still within me.
    Interrupted by the light morning breeze coming thru the cracked window, I awakened feeling like a fresh spring flower. As if I’d just had a ecstatic sexual encounter. I tried to roll over and return back to him, the images though scrambled were blaring to be recognized. I’d settle for the necessity of shifting from one dream, to another if only to be back where we were. I recall gazing into his eyes, felt like peering into a reflection pool. Usually I get to create my own world of truth in there, and the only proof its even real is that little sparkle of light in his eyes. Shy no longer I began to speak:
    The fedora tells me that you too, have travelled back on the time track of life.
    Estimado Senor; To sustain yourself thru these gruelling events of the Drooling man, you must act as if you are in a Mexican soap opera. How does one translate “One Life to live” in Espa~nol? Good News you get to keep your present appearance, but with a slimmed down waste line. Caliente, you look hot..,your the man again..I mean the audience loves you!
    They devour you like cake, its your macho sophistication. You couldn’t have attended one of those private catholic primary schools back in Carson city, No? We drool over your eloquence of speech, and your sense of decency and justice, not to mention the bad boy
    Roc ‘n Roll royalty persona. Oh God its hitting me in the face, you need to take this shit seriously.., come along now we have no time to waste. In the dream, we travel back a few centuries to old England, perhaps the 17th century. Wow, It seems we actually do have more than one life, to live. We may be down here, on earth for the long haul. Complicated planet, complicated lives, the web we do weave in and out of one another’s lives, in and out of other time zones. Anyway yeah, back then you were a much celebrated playwright, I see now where you’ve derived so much of your Golden Karma. The gift of communication given to you was used wisely, and generously in that past life. Therefor the ability remains with you in this present life.
    more to follow in: Romeo must Fly

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