Sometimes I can’t stand it.

I’m kinda loathe to piggy back on issues raised by journalists or pundits. I’m making an exception because tonight I was reminded of something that really chaps my ass.

Tonight, Bill Maher raised an issue relevant, for it’s irrelevancy; steroids in baseball.

I just don’t give a mad fuck.


Since when are performance enhancing drugs somehow the provenance of our elected officials in the House of Representatives? Jurisdiction notwithstanding, how could it possibly be a priority?

Hello? DEA?

Of all the people who have stood in front of congress and lied, refused to answer or flat out refused to even be questioned under oath, Darth Cheney and Dumbya included, how on earth can the insouciant persecution and indictment of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens be justified or somehow in our best interest as a nation at war?

Congress seeks to convict these mere entertainers, of perjury.

Yes, they lied to you.

Everybody lies to you.

All the sudden you care?

About this?

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Of all the people who’ve stood before them and lied, and they knew they were being lied to, The American Congress, the cream of our legislative crop, chooses an attempt to make an example of Major League Baseball players.

I say attempt, because how much you wanna bet that they come up with a shit sandwich?

Every time these asschimps whack off or take a bribe they either get caught or everyone knows about it. They are Keystone Cops in fast motion with that whacky Benny Hill music.

By the way, Barry Bonds is an asshole replete and Roger Clemens is one sorry lilly livered loose lipped motherfucking lip licking cashier. Douchebags both. Baseball is stupid.

Sometimes I can’t stand it.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • While I don’t agree on the “stupid” front (I can’t stand where the sport is now. I’d like to punch the commissioner in the throat. But, I dig the romance and lore in baseball), we share the same view on this picture for sure. This has echoed recent ramblings between the boys and me at work. We haven’t see the train wreck or the retard crossing the street yet.

    Wait for the PARDON.

  • Surgingfermented Electrolytes:

    I’m with ya on the middle of the night lifestyle,especially when I have a lot I need to get done. At times the day is just not long enough! With energy and ability to focus wanning at about 1:30 a.m. as I trekked across the Mohave desert back into CA. The solution was to grab, coffee at any open gas station, and then there was this cafinated Jolt chewing gum, well one of those substance surely had fermented, giving me this euphoric buzz. Can coffee thats been sitting in a warm cask become distilled into
    an alcholic beverage? Whatever; that coffee I drank was awsome, I mean that was a tasty beverage. I hope no government agency gets wind of this. I will eventually wish to inject Human growth hormones, the Clear and anything that will keep me from aging faster that I want to, those atheletes are hero’s to me.

  • *standing ovation*

    Seriously. I don’t give a flying fuck about baseball- they are just entertainers (whom I don’t actually find at all entertaining). It really irks me that Congress is wasting their time on this bullshit.

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