America The Beautiful

A fat spider hangs in it’s web. Patient and unbelievably plump. Dense and thick. Enough weight to scare any man by crawling across his torso.

Racism in the land of plenty. We know not what we do.

I have a biracial friend who describes Reverend Wright as a “crab in a bucket”

To her it means tearing down your own who succeed. Crabs in a bucket will pull each other down in a zeal to escape.

She tells me it’s regrettable for a man such as Jerimiah Wright to sink to the the role of a crab in a bucket.

We share a disgust for the media; for it’s willingness to supply fuel as well as ignition to what’s become a crab festival.

Republicans are already feasting.

Meanwhile the bigots can’t decide if Barack is a nigger or a sand nigger.

Forgive me, but that is the low bar of discourse in this country. How fucking sad. To think our best chance of turning this ugly thing our country has become, into something better, pivots on ignorant bullshit like that, breaks my heart.

We have gone nuts.

Perhaps we’ve always been.

I’m sure it’s the latter. But this is our best chance.

Obama said today that this man does not speak for him or his campaign and he does not speak for this man.

“saddened by the spectacle.” -CNN

“What particularly angered me was his suggestion somehow that my previous denunciation of his remarks were somehow political posturing,” -CNN

The very instance of this bull wreaking havoc in this shop of china owes it’s impetus to the goddamn media. This giant load of fresh moist horseshit is courtesy thereof. Steaming, from an ignorant and shameless platter.

Even Bill Moyers was willing to take shovel to shit.

This specific Frankenstein would never have walked if it wasn’t for the goddamn mainstream sonofabitching media. I cannot believe that in this century we’re even remotely concerned about what some egotistical and narcistic pastor has to say and that some of us are more than willing to put his words in the mouth of another man.

A man who did not utter those words. A man who is running for President of The United States.

Nevermind that the party of the first part still speaks the truth. Too many of you can’t wait to believe that the party of the second part uttered those words. Furthermore, you can’t contain your glee after committing to that lie, in painting my man Obama as some sort of reverse racist radical.

Idiots. Fools. Dipshits. COWARDS.

You purchase this shit at your peril. I doubt most of you can wrap your pathetic cleft brains around that notion. Much to the detriment of us all.

Forgive me. I’m just so sick of this.

It has nothing to do with why anyone should vote for this man or not. If I, as an agnostic, were to consider someone’s religious conviction when making a decision as to who to vote for, I could not, in good conscience, vote.

I wouldn’t even have any friends.

I think it’s time for me to stop giving some of you retards the benefit of the doubt.

I’ll tell you this. If we don’t opt for change, as much change as we can get, we’ll get caught with our pants around our ankles, screwing the pooch. All of us.

Drinks for my friends.

6 Responses to “America The Beautiful”

  • Trueblooded:

    The truth really hurts I know Mr. Admin.
    I and a large majority of Trueblooded Americans did not need the Rev. Wright’s clarity to know the Obamma-Nation, MFJ, the Magic Negro is a racist no good piece of shit.
    You said:
    “Meanwhile the bigots can’t decide if Barack is a nigger or a sand nigger.”
    No he is neither. He is worse than a nigger. He is a Marxist/egalitarian. His denouncement of Wright’s comments after he has said he supports him for the last 20 years only shows with crystal clear resolve, how dishonest and full of shit the magic negro really is.
    Which harkens to one of many points but a big one which is and remains in the nit-witted left-wing anti American hermetic mindset which is, if you even question Obamma-Nation, the magic negro, you are a bigot.
    This is and always will be dishonest and ridiculous.
    Bottom line Mr. Admin., your house boy is going down and none too soon. He’s being outed for the racist piece of shit that he’s always been to me and so many other “Bigots”.
    But this is just the beginning. Obamma-Nation has no new ideas and is a vapid and stuttering idiot.
    I work every day and am happy and feel privileged to do so.
    I meet a payroll every week and I feel privileged to do so.
    My company is doing less business in these last 4 quarters then it has in the past but I’m not going to lay anyone off. I will take a profit cut from our bottom line net and continue. Things hopefully will turn around for not just us but the whole country. My point in saying this is that there is no way in hell MFJ will do anything but put me out of business unless of course he gets elected and puts forth his planned Marxist egalitarian agenda of wealth re-distribution.
    This would put my 6 employees out of work as well as me.
    Obamma-Nation’s economic plans spell egalitarian disaster for this nation.
    The USA has the resources and the know how to turn this whole thing on its ear and get it to really dance.
    We do not do it because we are being strangled by environmentalists who wish to see us starve to death and become a cast society just so they have a place to go kayaking and hiking.
    We need to drill for oil anywhere oil can be drilled and mined. We need to build refineries.
    We need to refine oil at the cleanest levels and make it the one standard by which is refined.
    I’ll bet none of you really smart, better than everyone, elitist no good left wing fucks even know anything about the refining process.
    We need to stop this environmental madness of keeping us from being the great and powerful nation we were able to obtain after WWI.
    Your boy MFJ is clueless about how to turn this country around. The USA is not a social experiment. It is the only and I mean the one and only, true hope for mankind.
    If you don’t believe that, then you are truly an idiot. An anti-American no good left wing idiot and are THE problem.
    Yes this nation needs change but not the kind of change that will bring us to our knees and make us a true third world consumer playground lost in a sea of pesonal debt, avarice and psuedo-guilt about being from America.
    This nation needs to change back to a nation that supports strength. We need to take care of ourselves. We need to mine and refine our own vast oil reserves and tell OPEC to shove their oil up their dirty collective asses.
    This would be a real change. It would do wonders for the whole USA’s bottom line.
    Obamma-Nation is 100% against this and everything else that will really help this nation and is 100% for everything to destroy the USA like egalitarianism.

    Obfuscation eschewed!

  • suzie Q:

    You know, trueblooded, you are a motherfucking asshole. You deserve nothing but to rot in your own piss in the jail of your own making along with your delusional and criminally insane and stupid evil pals occupying the white house. Fuck off you scum.

  • reiyalight/ Rev. Wright:

    Blood, you backwards, ignorant, ranting, rotting shit head! It’s no wonder America needs to import the brains, from China, and India, to destroy the machine. And then let the Hispanics, run it. You and yours will be put to work in the military, fuck head! Darth, and Dumbo brought us into Iraq, to prevent the Chinese, and other up and coming 3 rd world industrial states, from doing oil business with Sadam’s Iraq. We needed to do innovative research and become free of Dumbo’s oil corporations, and innovative health care. Problem is the powers running this nation, and economy DO NOT WANT THIS, BECAUSE THEY WOULD LOOSE, SOME OF THEIR POWER, INFLUENCE AND IMPORTANTCE!
    Problem is we #1 we don’t know what were doing, #2, its wrong to interfere in the business of others. The whole of Asia is laughing and mock us stupid hapless Americans.

  • reiyalight/ Rev. Wright:

    How far has being political correct gotten us so far: The revolution is on, Rev. Wright is a necessary force to counter balance politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Lieberman, and Ho Diane Feinstein. Obama, knows this, he is forced to play politics, and he ain’t bad at the game. I trust him..,better than the others, though I don’t believe he has a chance in hell to become president. Truebloody, you are colitis disease, mutated into a virus, you crap all over the place.

  • Trueblooded:

    Well I suppose when someone like myself speaks truths that fly in the face of left-wing idealoigies, there are bound to be heard the crys from those decieve and are wishing to be decieved.
    Oh well.
    No matter what your boy Obamma-Nation, one way or another is going down. This is just the beginning for the “most favored jiggaboo” (MFJ).
    Fuck him and fuck all who support him.

    Obfuscation echewed yet again.

  • suzie Q:

    Trueblooded=True-blue, Slim-bag asshole, yet again.

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