Sheezus! It’s a rant!

Hey kids. Hope you’re all in the mood for a puppet show because I am. If you look close, you’ll see that many of the puppets have freckles and some even wear glasses. Be good to yourself!

A net loss of eighty thousand jobs last month. Three airlines go under in one week. Record foreclosures and an outrageously exorbitant bailout of Bear Stearns by the Federal Reserve, i.e. your money.

Celent, a financial research firm, is forecasting a loss of two hundred thousand banking jobs over the next twelve to eighteen months. That’s one tenth kids. Expect to see similiar fallout from virtually every other private sector.

We are fighting a pointless war, the cost of which is said to be in excess of one hundred thousand dollars a minute. It is not being paid for. Yet. America is waging this war on credit. Future generations will get this tab. The cost, the burden, in lives, money, respect and trust from the world community, to be borne by Americans for decades to come.

We renewed the Blackwater contract 🙂

Decades, at least.

Lest ye think this surge in Iraq is going well, they’ve twice attacked the goddamn green zone. Three dead yesterday. Two dead and seventeen wounded in the safest place in Iraq. Yesterday. They are killing people in the Green Zone.

Baghdad is burning again.

Five shootings in the San Fernando valley this weekend. Crime in the greater Los Angeles area is way up. Local news loves this shit.

Meanwhile, the asshats in Washington stand around wringing hands over the definition of “recession”. They’re gonna send us three to six hundred bucks apiece and they encourage us to spend it. That should do it. I would’ve said three fifty to six fifty, but whatever. Six of one, one half dozen of the other.

In the spirit of ad nauseam, we spend about seven thousand per public school student, around thirty thousand per prisoner. We incarcerate more people per capita than any nation on earth. On the face of the planet. More than half of our entire budget is for killing people and blowing shit up. We do not have universal health care.

The American middle class atrophies faster than the polar icecaps.

This is the legacy of Dumbya. His legacy is our perfect storm. It will be a long one.

This is fucked up. It is ridiculous.

I’m seriously starting to wonder if agriculture might not be the next hot job ticket. I’m nervous because I live in the city and there’s no place to plant carrots.

We, as Americans, mill around bleating like sheep over a black man or woman or maybe the guy who wants to pursue a pointless war indefinitely and an absolute clusterfuck of economic policies.

We are pathetic.

Everyone holds their breath over whether Pennsylvania will end up more misogynist than racist, and if so, to what degree. I’m over it. We’ll never get exactly what we want or what we need but can someone tell me why the fuck McCain is in this race?

Are there that many of us that are that stupid? He’s insane. How much you wanna bet we either catch him asleep or drooling on camera before the General in November? He’s seventy two years old. My mother is the same age, I wouldn’t vote for her and she’s not insane.


As much as I hate to say it, we need you people. What do we have to do? You already know we won’t take your guns away. Chuck Heston took the dirt nap today and I’m wondering if they’ve pried it from his cold dead hands yet.

I couldn’t wait to make that joke.

We all want the same things. Safety and security. A decent living wage and a fair amount of personal freedom. Those things have all eroded over the past seven years, more rapidly than at any other time in American history.

Our founding fathers spin in their sarcophagi begging for a tachometer.

Aren’t there at least some of you that understand we need something new? C’mon. The sky is about to fall. No matter what we do it’s gonna get worse. How bad do you want it to be?

Don’t be stupid.

Drinks for my friends.

8 Responses to “Sheezus! It’s a rant!”

  • Trueblooded:

    Talk about stupid.
    Your whole premise is stupid.
    Democrats do want to take guns away from the citizenry of the USA. Obamma-Nation, MFJ, has said flat out he wants to ban all handguns. Your hero Bubba took away firearms and set it up to allow for such an unconsititutional action to be attempted. It’s where your Obamma-Nation no good fuck is getting his ideas from.
    Good lord I hate that guy.
    Do you really think your hero is going to be able to handle the likes of Putin?
    It’s so funny how you liberal fucks speak. Your post is peppered with truths while the whole of it is supported with out and out lies.
    You say we all want the same things?
    One of them being a “Fair amount of freedom???
    What the fuck does that mean and where is the arbitrary line drawn and who are the choosen to be the deciders? Yeah, I’m really into a bunch of liberal totalitarian facist fucks taking things into their own hands. Yeah right, mean time I keep target practicing.
    Fuck Obamma-Nation. Fucking no good motherfucker.
    I could go on and on.
    You are so full of shit.

    Ofuscation eschewed

  • admin:

    I don’t think you’re getting any better at this. Don’t you want to improve? I mean really.

  • Trueblooded:

    By improve do you mean agree with you?
    By agreeing with you that would mean I would agree to give up on common sense.
    I mean really Admin, we do agree on some things. You bring forth some valid points no doubt. But then you go about demeriting these valid points with blatant half baked truths and seemingly blinded opinions.
    We both agree that Bush has really fucked up.
    But the devil is in the details because it seems we totally disagree as to just what he fucked up on.
    School vouchers and a national reciprocal concealed carry allowance is what he said he was going to do when he ran for the oval office twice. Just like Bubba said he’d never commit US troops to the Balkans and would not sign NAFTA into law.
    I’ll tell it was the Clintons who made a believer out of me that the Democratic party left me, I did not leave it.
    Now comes one of the most dishonest, piece of shit racist bastards I’ve ever seem in the form of the Magic Negro and he is so appalling words, good meaningful words, fail in even mentioning his disgusting name. For some odd and strange reason Mr. Admin, you worship this bastard. It escapes me. I wish I could agree with you, I really honestly and truly do. It would make my life a whole lot better to do so. But to agree with you on this would mean that I’d also have to abandon all common sense and believe I can also defy the laws a gravity and time space continuum. While I am as aware as I can be as to the paucity of the human reasoning process, I cannot see how anyone could support a creature such as Obamma-Nation.
    It escapes me.
    I also cannot see how anyone would want to change the US constitution as your side of does. I mean come on?
    No one here responded to my constitutional points. That’s because i can only surmise that liberals are uncomfortable with the truth. Unless of course the truth does not involve a reading of the Constitution but rather an interpretation of it which is wrong and incorrect. Before you go to the semantics argument, let’s just stick to definitions as they are defined from widely accepted text like Websters dictionary.
    It does not matter a hoot as to what someone thinks. The constitution is the constitution and cannot be changed. It is this very document that allowed a societal change to take place such as the emancipation of African slaves from the bondage of slavery and MLK used the Constitution to move forward the agenda of the civil rights movement as well as his predecessors.
    The women’s suffrage movement also has come forth as a result of the US constitutional reading from a constructionist view rather than a activist view.
    RoeV.Wade, Constructionist view.
    Contrary to popular belief, RVW is a conservative view dealing with the privacy and individual rights of a woman which could not be more conservative.
    Rush and all the rest of the conservative posers are just that. Posers.
    So go ahead Mr. Admin. Turn a selective blind eye towards reality. This is why the polarization is happening.
    This is why we have people ready to cut each others throats.
    I believe in the laws of nature, common sense and God.
    Your side does not.
    Your hero the magic negro will rip this country apart which is what it also seems your side wishes to do as well.
    At least Mcpain will defend the country. Something side has never done. Before you go there may i remind you Roovesvelt gave Eastern Europe to the Soviets. It was Reagan and the repulicans who gave it back to the eastern europeans. It was republicans who freed the slaves. If it were up to Democrats, we’d be comrades not US citizens.
    But then again, democrats always have wanted communism over our republic form of democraticly based government. Just look at how they lionize Obamma-Nation, a devout communist to the core. That you turn your selective blind eye to this is no surprising. Just very dissapointing.
    Before you rail against me I suggest you read some of Saul Alansky’s books. Obamma-Nation and Hitlairly both love this guy and agree with him 100%

    Obfuscation eschewed

  • Trueblooded:

    It’s just a shame that your side Mr. Admin, refuse to red Mao and Alansky. Two of mant writers both Obamma-Nation and Hitliary both love and agree with.
    It’s a shame you don’t do this insead of just believing empty slogans like “Hope” and “Change”
    Talk about a bunch of bleeting sheep?
    That is what your side is doing.
    I personally see no good choice for President.
    At least McPain will defend the country.
    I don’t like him at all but he’s not a no good fucking communist creep like Hitlairy or Obamma-Nation.

  • Tony:

    Handing out rebate checks in an election year. In a sane country, this would be seen for what it is- bribery.

    Of course, they’re spending billions to bail out their banker buddies, so what’s six hundred dollars here or there to keep us all quiet?

    After all, it isn’t our money the government’s been handing out. It’s China’s money.

    For me, the issue with McCain isn’t so much his age, but his mental health. Torture leaves permanent psychological marks on a person, especially when one is tortured for long periods of time. Am I to believe that he emerged from captivity psychologically sound? Has he sought any psychiatric treatment for what happened to him over there in the Hanoi Hilton?

    But to ask that question of him is a no no. We’re not allowed to ask those questions of somebody who potentially could have his hands on the nuclear launch codes one day soon.


  • Trueblooded:

    Just like a liberal to change the subject when they can not refute or add anything of substance to a conversation.
    Way to go.
    You’re doin’ great boy!
    Or perhaps I should put it in a way you are more friendly towards:
    Yous hab dun rheal gut daya bo’

  • Doberkim:

    A bite out of the crime inflicted upon me.
    Trueblood flows as of today.
    Silent riot..its time to start today.
    It all came to be, waiting inline to buy gasoline.

    Time to turn you and yours bloody.
    Your affiliation makes me sick.
    Seriously I’m puking from your shit.
    angry blood on my face, after dropping two of yours, only bloodred in my eyesight view.
    Then I go blow up three Humvees.
    Me and mine tight like familee.
    Sticky on each other like honey.
    You are so wrong to fuck with me.
    Your already blind in your reality.
    1, 2,3, I’m faster than the Chinease,
    Just Me.

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