Everybody just take a damn breath. Maybe a bath.

The quote:

“[…] and now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama. Um, uh, Obama. Well them both, if we could.”

Convenient that it happened on Fox. Sure.

Do yourself a favor and watch the entire clip for context.

Liz Trotta was speaking colloquially.

I believe what she meant when she used the word “we”, she was speaking as the Pantsuit and intended that she, the Pantsuit, wouldn’t lose much sleep over both Osama and Obama disappearing. Yes, a witheringly dark sentiment, despite my still not believing that Hillary is in fact, hoping for an assassination.

I doubt that she, Liz, was hoping our man would be killed either.

Perhaps I’m naive, but I still prefer my opinion. The Pantsuit stepped on her dick, said something astonishingly stupid and transparently out of touch. The profound disconnect is still very much in place. Further proof that she really does suck.

What I want to talk about is the HBO film that premiered this evening devoted to the two thousand Presidential election. Well done. Well acted. Good production. Can’t go wrong with Kevin Spacey. The guy who played Baker rocked.


Salt in a wound still open and bleeding. To revisit that vileness and corruption. That dark basement before a dungeon, before a chamber of medieval surgery with screams of subjects without anesthetesia reverberating , was visceral and palpable.

Goddamn disturbing. Man I hate these bastards.

Forgive my drama. As I watched it live in two thousand, I knew we were fucked and that justice had taken a holiday.

To watch it again, seven years and after it turned out to be far worse than I imagined, is not unlike searing hemorrhoids and abrupt, bloody diarrhaea on a a gorgeous Sunday morning when you don’t dare have coffee or a damn muffin.

The mere thought, that this should have been a different conclusion. I shudder. After all we’ve seen and been subjected to, by a man who should never have been king and his mob of the stupid and sinister never allowed to loot and rape at will.

I’m gonna get all cheesy on you and remind you of something extraordinarily important.


See what I’m saying?

Did ya hear hear Conyers subpoenaed Rove?

Drinks for my friends.

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  • David Lee 3:

    Fucking insane, right?

    That people are just letting this go by is proof of mass psychosis & perhaps even qualities that resemble sociopath’s psychosis on a mass scale.

    More UFO’s soon please.

    & I’ll of course have bourbon, Elijah Craig 18 yr batch if the house has it.

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