North Carolina. Indiana. Feh.

What we have here is a failure to illuminate. No effort to elucidate. Goddamn media. Big suprise.

I don’t want the goddamn bunny, I want that mirror with the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo………how many balls I gotta buy?


She’s ever weaker in both contests tonight after a gritty brawl. A fight she picked. Nonsense she perpetuated.

He picks up more delegates and another net gain of the popular vote.

She collects another nail in her pine box. Dust yet to land.

The official Brainspank forecast:
She sports a giant fork, it wags and sways from her back as she walks hunched and bleeding. She is done. She cannot win.

Despite the kitchen sink relentlessly visited over and over on the face and teeth of our man over the last few weeks, he delivers a thumping in North Carolina and as of this writing, far more of a squeaker than was anticipated in redneck Indiana.

Impressive in North Carolina without a doubt. The margin in Indiana is more significant.

A gap of two percent.

Two percent in the analogy of a boxing ring, is a split decision. Sixteen percent in North Carolina is a tenth round knockdown and a TKO.

Indeed, he outspent her. However, that money did not come from the plutocracy. It came from us. Do not forget that.

No sudden nation wide epiphany. Merely the slow, incremental advance of a determined and intelligent man who would be our first black AND white President.

The pundits whine and wring hands over the great unwashed and our man’s inability to win them over. To touch their hearts, or at least appeal to their shriveled genitalia.

I gotta tell ya, this particular stratum has been beyond the grasp of thoughtful, intelligent political contestants since the Republicans exploited racism in the South in the sixties. Democrats have won and lost, often pivoting on this demographic since then.

Yep, most of these fuckheads will vote for Doubtfire despite whomever claims the Democratic crown.

Lake County Indiana may well be the harbinger of doom for the Pantsuit and The Little Bootlicker.

Looks to me as though our man’s stock is way up. He smiles when he’s fighting. We like that.

I can’t shake the gut telling me that Hillary is about Hillary and McCain is about McCain.

Obama is more aware of us and where America is in the scheme of things than other two combined.

Pink pantsuits are visually arresting. I just really can’t deal with a pink pantsuit on any level. I just can’t.

It’s ok, she’s done.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Stravingus:

    Where’s that sniper fire when we need it?

    In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to freeze-framing her speeches over the next coupla days, and watching the unraveling commence in slow motion.

    WATCH THE EYES! Watch them while reading a transcript of the speech, side by side.

    For the record…Pink pants should only be worn tightly, with a shapely ass protruding from within.

  • Stravingus:

    The case for pink pants


    Apologies to the hardcore feminists…I just love the Goddess.

  • admin:

    Trueblooded comment deleted.

  • Mark:

    Barak Obama, for me at least, is unelectable. My reason for saying so stems from pure and simple logic. Barak Obama sat for 20 years in a church whose credo, as stated in their own words on their very own website at is “We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian… Our roots in the Black religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent. We are an African people, and remain “true to our native land,” the mother continent, the cradle of civilization.”

    What would we think of a white man running for office who sat for 20 years in a church whose credo was “We are a congregation which is Unashamedly White and Unapologetically Christian… Our roots in the White religious experience and tradition are deep, lasting and permanent. We are an Aryan people, and remain “true to our native land,” the fatherland, the cradle of civilization.”? We would call him a racist and possibly a Nazi. And we would be right. And all I did was take their own words and change “black” to “white”, “African” to “Aryan”, and “mother continent” to “fatherland”. I anglicized their own words.

    Now as an American I support the right to make these statements by both parties. But vote for either one of them for president? No way. I know there are Obama supporters who will make the claim that Obama is not a racist and those words and beliefs are not his, but the facts are that he didn’t reject them until his poll numbers started dropping. In fact he defended them and said he could never reject them. He claims that he never heard any racist words while he was in the church but that credo has been on the website of his church throughout and is still there today. If you make allowances for black racists while you scream offense at white racism then your sense of equality is as shallow as your feigned indignation. Sadly for Obama most white people can and will understand this comparison and base their vote accordingly. If its wrong and racist for a white man to do it then its wrong and racist for a black man, or church, to do it.

    Obama will get the black vote, that is a sure thing. That assures him of getting 90% of the vote of 12% of the population. Not a winning formula. Sure, in a state primary where the electorate is half republican and half democratic, where most of the blacks vote democratic, if they make up 30% of the state, as in NC, then their vote will be 60% of the democratic primary vote. He wins the primary. But he will not win in the general election. Obama is not a winner.

  • crazy like a fox:

    Its sad the, banning together,the no brainer subcultures, the us v.s you. Individuality amounts to absolutely nothing. We the people just stink! Power, rules. Grab a cult,a religion, a race, enemies, a lifestyle, a gang, the Hells Angels.. a wealthy spouse, a shopping mall with designer clothing. Fit your nobody self in someplace, or you will get devoured. Standing alone, gets you where?

  • If people want to learn the unvarnished truth about Barack Obama, they need to visit

  • Howard:

    It’s about time the real truth about Obama starts to come out into the light of day.
    Expose this fellow and all of his Marxist supporters.
    The general public needs to know about William Ayers of the Weather under ground and his long time close friendship with Obama.
    In case anyone does not know, the Weather underground systematicly bombed and killed innocent US citizens back in the 60’s.
    These are the types of friends Obama keeps and will bring into his administration for advice.
    Yeah, Obama really represents hope and change.

  • crazy like a fox:

    Hey Howie, yeah, we gonna get fucking dicks like you and truefuckedupbloodline, off our backs, and have you fight your own enemies. If you are so passionate, to keep the YOUR way of life, run for presidential office yourself Fuck head!

  • Howard:

    If you don’t think Obama’s Marxist and racist friends are inimportant, that is your choice.
    I happen to believe that is it a very important aspect of the ever clearing picture of who Obama really is.
    I’ve read this blog and have seen this foul mouted trueblooded fellow’s comments.
    I do not agree with such tactics but he did bring forth some points which I looked into and found to be alarmingly true like the William Ayers connection.
    That is a frightening thing.
    William Ayres is a killer. Plain and simple.
    That Obama had his coming out party at his house and refuses to denouce him is quite telling about Obama.
    Obama is a political opportunist. He did not denouce Wright until his poll numbers started to drop.
    Obama is a danger to this nation. It is fourtunate that the above undebatable truths are coming out about Obama and i suspect this is just the beginning of the unveiling of the the real truths about Obama.

  • crazy like a fox:

    Howard forgive me for my apparent reprobate, or not! We the American tax payers are paying for a war, which has absolutely no connection to us, nor our sovereignty. Where our borders have been trounced upon, both from all that enters, and all that exits. This is not a government for or by the people. So for that I have; to borrow an Obama phrase “change”. I believe the reference was a Plutocracy? What about the truth coming out about Cheney, the “scary ghost”, and ” ultra Dumbo..Bush W” A war which has destroyed the economy for the purpose of a financial power grab is intolerable. I’m all for profits, myself. this is a war done for corporate power, and profit, and I’m wanting them to pay for it. Allow the profiteers, to hire mercenary soldiers, and let the American public continue to wait in line to pay for their gas the way it has always been done. And by the way talk about wierd assosciations, I’ve spend years studying religion, such as the “light and sound of god”, and soul is an “eternal spark of god”, yet I’ve also been enthralled with the Una bomber, and wish I would never wake up to another day, and would prefer to live in a coffin buried deep, below away from all humans. As far as Ayers, blacks were treated horribly, segregated, and discriminated against, yet they have helped build America, and remained loyal to the flag. They certainly were present to kill in Viet Namm for the supposed cause, so sometime, we must kill! I believe Obama chose to stay true to his heritage, vs, telling his black people, I’d prefer a white wife, and life style, he stands by his peeps. I respect him for that. I have no peeps to stand by, so I will die off, no loss in this hell zone, though!

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