Something stinks…….

the wind blows from at least three corners.

Fates and votes of delegates in Michigan and Florida are to be decided day after tommorrow. Beyond that, perhaps the fate of the Democratic candidates and therefore the country. With any luck, by the end of next week we will have selected our warrior poet and he will commence to bludgeoning the pale man sucking on lozenges and reeking of ointments.

It just begs the question. What the hell went on here? This is easily the most important election, at least thus far, of my life. I can only hope that the future holds contests far less critical than this.

We’re talking the difference between World War Three and……….not.

The difference between the Gods being able to focus a giant magnifying glass through our atmospheric holes so that we all cook like ants, and……..not.

All this, dancing cheek to cheek with the fall of the biggest economic monolith the world has ever seen, or ……..not.

So just what the fuck is up with Michigan and Florida? Why did they defy the DNC et al to move their respective primaries?

Forgive me, I don’t hear anybody else asking this question. Why is that?

They were warned they would lose at least half their delegates. Deadlines expired. Additional petitions were granted. Those expired. Both states, apparently afforded multiple opportunities to color inside the lines. Was everyone responsible a retard with crayons?

Every modern national election holds a collective breath for results from Florida and Michigan.

Why then, swinging that much lumber, would they do this? It defies logic for anyone from the Democratic party to so overtly fuck with this process in an election so crucial.

Unless they meant to. The answer to a question is most often contained in that question.

It has to do with the speed and mass of that lumber. Somewhere, some entity sought to control that power.

I’ve got some thoughts on this but I have research to do. Talk to me. Seriously. You people read but you don’t talk to me. It’s time you did.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Hope:

    The Pantsuit… ya, she’s whack!

  • Hope:

    The Pantsuit… ya, she’s whack!

  • X rated dreamer:

    Really great points. At times your over my head, with fancy words, but even with ordinary words its clear your doing awesome Eagle eye reporting. You should to learn how to pimp yourself to a larger audience of starving progressives. Look at the way we, all know that American car manufactures, choose to build and sell out dated and malfunctioning automobiles. Versus what they could and should have turned out. Twice last week, I talked with strangers that loved their cars, one was a two door Subaru 4 x 4 that was quickly pulled off the market. ” Its a totally fuel efficient work horse, says the owner”. Then their was this ordinary man from some cold state like Nebraska, with a little two door Toyota, he mention the gas mileage, and said that his car was a charm, but oddly it too was abruptly pulled off the market. Can I be your manager? I’m thinking Rolling Stones!

  • Probably because Florida was the state that decided that Bush was the President…what’s her name…that Harris chick. As for Michigan…hmmm…I know there was talk of disenfranchisement in Ohio and Florida….I don’t know about Michigan…

    Maybe the real powers that be are getting tired of being reminded that they’re just as stupid as the rest of us.

  • You make some fine points. I agree that the problem with the political process is that it takes one or two states to cast the decision. And that leads to more problems.

    Aberrant Iconoclast, it wasn’t Florida that decided that Bush was the President. It was George W. and Jeb Bush, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney’s connections.

    I wrote the Top Ten Reasons Why John McCain Should Not Be Leader Of The Free World at my blog, just click on my name to check it out.
    Peace, Love and Respect . .

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