Take Me Home, Country Roads

I love that the other day Obama got in trouble for saying Doubtfire had lost his bearings. The McCain camp reacted with incredulous melodramatic zeal.

Are you saying he’s old?!?!

Um, did you say all of Hamas wishes Obama to be President so he can have beers with them, touch their pee pee’s and give them nukes? After all, that’s what he was responding to.

So much for an above board campaign.

Fuck you Little Bootlicker. And for the record, YES. You would be the oldest man ever elected President and we’ve already seen you lose your grip on the ball of cognisance live on TV a few times.

It is profoundly naive for me to hope the general election hinges on issues as opposed to this kind of twatspeak.

I’m in awe of Joe Six Pack’s reluctance and/or inability to recognize the battle has ceased to be about race and has since become a war on class. The war on drugs. The war on terror. The war on Joe Six Pack.

Joe, dude, they hate you, but they know you’ll vote for them.

We imprison more people per capita than any other nation. How many would you guess are wealthy?

It’s an evolution of prejudice. A refinement. A correction. What they meant to do all along. Distasteful, sure, more palatable though. Far better than owning up to racism, because the poor and uneducated are all the same and that’s ok. We need them. They deliver our produce and our pizzas.

Many of you, us, may become them. Actually, many of us will. Just watch. The rest of us are them.

I’m just gonna say this. It will be the stupid and afraid that vote for McCain. This country has been run by old white men for the better part of her history. Look around. How’re we doing with that?


The Republican machine will go after our man’s lack of experience like a pack of abused and emaciated pit bulls.


It’s a big fat plus in my ledger. Every year you’ve done business inside the Beltway is just that much more corruption squishing around in your monkey suit.

We got West Virginia on Tuesday. Something like ninety six percent white in an Appalachian gravy. A state where Newt Gingrich is polling at six percent and he’s not on the ticket. The third most suffering economy in the country. It’s hysterical to me that the Pantsuit is gonna hold this one over her head like a boxing belt.

There’s a ton of fucking crackers in this state and she can’t wait for the polls to close.

The irony is that this very group I’ve just endeavored to insult have more in common with our man Obama than either of the other two by about a light-year.

Wow. News flash. A lot of us don’t know what’s good for us. Fuck me. Seriously?

I almost bought a chocolate Hostess pie today at the 7-11.

And by the way, after looking at the actual numbers, even if half of Shrillary’s supporters walk away, Barack can still hand Doubtfire his ass. There’s just about twice as many Democrats voting as there are evil nazi blackhat Republicans. The math is compelling.

I’m a jack ass but I hope not a fool. West Virginia will bathe in ignorance and fear of pigmentaion and ear size. They will select the Pantsuit because it’s what they know. Yet she will not be President.

No matter what the people of West Virginia do, Barack Hussein Obama will be their next Commander in Chief.

That makes me smile.

Drinks for my friends.

5 Responses to “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

  • PlayRgurl:

    Is there anyone out there who’s life has improved, in the past 8 years? What about your life, just remained status quo, in a good way? I give all my Republican acquaintances cold stares, when I see them around now! No more friendly yet distant greetings. Those fuc’s always seemed to like me, though I could barely tolerate them. Same with idiots, like the Jehovah W’s, weird people afraid of life, in general. We should eliminate the letter W from our Alphabet, change names like Whipperton, to Kingperton. What should we rename wine? I’m Not much in to contemporary media drama or Hollywood television entertainment; but whoa, I’m in luv again. My new hero, outside of Michael at brainspank is.., Fringe mogul Alec Baldwin, is he still single? The right wing fuc faction that I hate with a passion, refer to Alec as unhinged…,I luv that level of perceived personal anarchy. Now I’m wondering should I make a play for him? I wouldn’t mind fusing our DNA. Generally, I live in the mist of, no..not couplesville U.S.A., but rather, single, and almost gayville, America! This is where I fit in. Should I search for a sperm donor? If I had an ounce of self preservation I would, but I can’t see myself bringing something that I would luv, into this shitty world. I don’t have that level of optimism required to fake that all is well, or we can make it happen in a good way. I’m an independent free spirit. What is weird, is when I get these weird married punky men, that have been with their wife, since High school making flirtatious plays for me. Do they not realize, that I’ve passed their prototypes up my whole life? I don’t appreciate, insecure individuals trying to drag me into their black holes! They don’t even have the capacity to discern ,that I’m not feeling too inhibited to go for what I want. The vibrations which they send out into society are simply toxic, I wouldn’t want my children exposed to that level of brain dead conformity.., If you’ve brought children into this world I’d suggest, homeschooling. Really give the kid a fighting chance at life.

  • crazy like a fox:

    I have fresh breast..,oops I mean breath. No wait I actually do mean I have fresh breast!

  • Howard:

    Just because someone is not in favor of the junior congressman that makes them a racist?
    Well, not everyone is as gulliable as you and the small minority of Obama supporters.
    The vast majority of those opposed to Obama are most certainly not racist.
    Shame on you for implying such a dishonest thing.
    I have good solid reasons for being against an Obama administration.
    I could care less if he is whatever color.
    (Allthough I must confess if he was green that would be kind of cool).
    Don’t count your chickens.
    America is not a majority of vacuos intellectuals nor a majority of young half baked idealists nor are they blinded by their own skin color.
    Anyway you parce it, these who are Obama’s supporters make up about 30% of the total population and over half of that 30% might not even vote. Even if they do, McCain’s support is over double of Obama and when the American people get the full picture of his very bad policies and downright marxist intentions, he’ll lose by a larger margin than McGovern did. Remember McGovern?
    The intellectual elitists all thought he was a shoe in too.
    Obama’s in for a real ass wiping.
    West Virginia is just the beginning.
    Oh and Nader is running which will account for around 5% of the left wing vote as will Barr’s bid 5% of the right.
    Barr is no where near a factor to the right vote as Nader to the left.
    The only thing Obama is going to command come November is another ciggarette and another glass of white wine.

  • crazy like a fox:

    Howard clearly you are actually Trueblood, in disguise! You were not missed. And no I do not wish to have sex with a red neck, white skinned Republicfucian. You sir are, simply common! I will leave this sucked up country for greener pastures, I am working on my exit. I don’t live well amongst, common idiots. I spend as little money as possible in a country, where the military industrial complex, is the major export outside of our wine exports.

  • Hey there Soup-can,
    I’ve been having fun reading parts of your mind. I know you’ve been itching for some feed-back from me for a while. I promised I’d get back after nine days, yet nine days have come and gone give or take a few with ’em. Who cares? I’ll be in touch, here on your dang ol’ page.

    Here’s what made me laugh just now:

    “It’s a big fat plus in my ledger. Every year you’ve done business inside the Beltway is just that much more corruption squishing around in your monkey suit.”

    To that I say keep up the good work.
    Also, I’m on chapter 5 or 6. Some damn thing in chapter 3 made my day…


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