Weary of the fuckery

I can’t help but be in awe of the intellectual dishonesty by the Pantsuit when she claims to actually be ahead in the popular vote by virtue of Florida and Michigan.

Two contests we’re all aware, simply do not count. They talked about moving up the primary and were made aware by the DNC if they did so, the delegates would not be counted. Not seated. The candidates signed off on it. They did it anyway. Game over.

I understand the Forida Legislature has a Republican majority, but jackass Democrats voted for it too.

How then, can she with a straight face and toxic smile, claim the delegates should be a factor? In Florida, our man did not campaign. Michigan, he removed himself from the ballot.

Unless both states can be effectively re-polled, and it’s naive to think they can, damage done. I repeat. Game over.

This scenario begs an honest question: Hey Hills, what the fuck are you smoking?

You were a distant fourth for me when it was open field running and everyone thought you had a lock on it. You’ve done quite a few things to tarnish what was once a glistening legacy along the way. I’ve been dissapointed quite a few times. A lake of water has passed under the bridge since I went from amused to disgusted, though nothing compares to this kind of fuckery.

You hinted at it for a brief time and now you insist upon it. Seriously, what gives? You yourself agreed to these rules. Unless it’s part of your strategy to appear braindead, dishonest, a sore loser or desperate, indeed, even if any of these perceptions are deliberate, it is abruptly clear you are not fit to be Commander in Chief of the America we all so furiously hope for.

The America we deserve. One that you cannot deliver because you lack the integrity. You lack honesty. You lack ethics. You are morally abject.

You should be ashamed. Have you no pride at all?

Judgement? Talk among yourselves.

It is the official opinion of BRAINSPANK that Hillary Rodham Clinton sucks.

You are incapable. It saddens me to say it. Your best move is to stop pissing up that rope and take the high road. Show us some class. Think about dignity. I still like your husband somewhat. Can I keep that please?

This whole thing is like a conspiracy with chaos as the only impetus.

Drinks for my friends.

7 Responses to “Weary of the fuckery”

  • foxy crazy sexy cool:

    See now this is why Bill with all the wavy hair, needed to go out and do the nasty on Monica Lewinsky’s dress..,simple. Its a mans world until we woman decide to kick them in their ass, but so many of these Ho’s in politics become more American than the Americans. Or should I say more, backassidly manly than the men!

  • I’m not even sure I like her husband that much anymore. And I used to love Bill Clinton; you know paragon of democracy and all that. But since the Obama campaign has begun and I’ve seen what is possible in a candidate, I just can’t get that excited about Bill.

    And I used to like Hillary Clinton alright… Until she ran for President and showed herself to be a Republican!


  • David Lee 3:

    You just like Slick Willy because he IS slick, thus folks don’t usually think about the horrible shit he did.

    Like birthing NAFTA & selling American military tech to China.
    Never mind that he pals around with W’s dad & George H.W. actually calls him ‘son’ (he probably wishes he WAS his son instead of Chimpy.)

    Obama’s better than Billary because she might as well be W part II. But he’s still a member of the CFR (his wife apparently is a board member of the CFR in Chicago) & that sucks.

    Two parties indeed. *rolls eyes*

    Actually it’s more like Council on Foreign Relations Wind-sock Puppet Theater.

  • admin:

    Yup, ” Council on Foreign Relations Wind-sock Puppet Theater”. Yup. Feel ya there. It’s recockulous.

    All hail Betsy Palmer and the Phenobarbidolls. A rather gorgeous record.

    I know. Trust me. Two parties, I see it. All of it, Still want the best for as many as possible.

    Warren is up soon.

  • ihaveanicenose:

    Let’s not talk smack about Billy Boy. Things weren’t so bad back then. Now look at ’em. Talk all the shit on Hillary you’d like. She is compost. So is Obama for that matter. Sorry. Hate to do it…never voted republican before…but guess who’s won both the demies out in my book…McCain. It’s what I gotsta do.

  • admin:

    I agree, things were good. But McCain? You have got be fucking kidding me.

  • ihaveanicenose:

    McCain. Only because he is the only candidate that actually has a chance that isn’t Obama or Hillary.

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