A recap of sorts

So, not a day of sartorial splendor for America’s once well turned out economy. We used to clean up well. These days the only thing clean is our clocks. Sorry.

In a single day the market plunged almost four hundred points. Unemployment numbers flirt with a redline. Dino juice was over a hundred and thirty eight fucking dollars a barrel. The news on foreclosures and households in arrears is bad. Very bad.

This shit is getting serious.

My point is this. How much longer does McCain imagine we can get away with spending half a million a minute in Iraq? While we’re on the subject, he’s openly admitted economics is not his strong suit. Still wants to keep tax cuts to the wealthy permanent. Seems to really like the war.

What does he do when his face itches? He shouldn’t leave home without a plastic pasta spoon. Keep it in his jacket pocket. That’s what I use to reach areas I’d otherwise be unable to.

He resisted Secret Service protection. That speaks volumes. A single sided example of the difference between courage and stupidity. Curmudgeonly old bastard desperate to believe he’s as invincible as he once was. Who would vote for this guy?

There’s a lotta ignorant folks want this guy runnin the show. I hope there’s enough of us with a modicum of common sense.

I know we’ve been over this a lot. Search under McCain, Doubtfire or Little Bootlicker in my categories for more facts and disparaging remarks.

I’m gonna do a glossary soon.

I hear Our Man Obama led Lieberman by the tie into a dark corner of the Senate chambers today and kneed him in the balls a few times while gently cradling his head. I welcome this news because I can’t stand Lieberman’s face. It goes without saying that everything from his allegiances, loyalties and integrity are dubious these days. I’m of the opinion that Uncle Joe can use a little playground justice at the hands of the Democratic nominee.

He’s an orthodox Jew. I tend to not give the overtly religious the benefit of the doubt, a weakness, perhaps a failing. I doubt it. He’s gleefully obsequious with Dick-in-Bush and AIPAC, as well as Doubtfire. Fool.

He needs a name.

Benedict Fliptop.

First name is obvious. Surname is due to his enormous lip span. That’s lip span. I picture his head opening all the way back. Like a broken PEZ dispenser.

Benedict Fliptop sucks.

I think he’s on Doubtfire’s shortlist for Assistant Manager. That would be very nice. It would guarantee comedy. They could play Stratego in the van between gigs.

They could hit the road after they lose.


America needs a makeover.

The oficial Brainspank prediction is a win by a significant margin for the good guys.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • admin:

    Who the fuck are you?

  • U ? Authority:

    Poli-tutes our freedom surrendered
    Prostitutes for service’s rendered.

    Ones a fraud, the other’s not,
    Ones forced, the other’s sought,
    both are poison, don’t get caught.

  • X Out machine forced oppression:

    Freedom is not free; yet there are many who believe it is an entitlement. Those that have taken our freedom completely understand, and have studies this. With our money of course. They have one of the most powerful military machines, and technology on earth. Are there actually people out there, that believe this machine can be stopped with poems, dandelions, and butterflies? Craziness has been described as doing the same action over and over, yet expecting different results. Delusional for the sake of vanity. I realize that you’ve been brainwashed to wave colorful flags, and parade around like you got yourself Liberty. Where did you buy this Macy’s or WalMart? Please evolve! I’m glad you’ve had your dreams come true, but now your in the way, and I want mine. It began with idea’s like separation of church from state, yet the powerful Lobbyist take our tax dollars, and use billions to fund Israel, a separate Jewish state? Why can’t they learn to live in diversity, and the dream of separation of church and state? and why would right winged Christians, heavily fund this interference, with the Liberty of many, whom are not Jewish, but also born in Palestine? Supposedly the bible, in the Ooollldddddd testament claims that Israel, was the promise land for the Jews. Oh it wasssss so lets evolve to today, o.k.? I never allow religious organizations to interpret my vision of justice,let alone God, I try to use my own mental capacities. Lets Evolvvvvvve..,
    Would it be possible to have separation of church and state again please? And what about diversity? You don’t oppose a brute force machine, on your own, we will need to unite. Believe me, this is not a computer gamers fight we’re fighting for the history of man, and we are not very bright. Check out CommonDreams.org and Alternet.com to enliven your visions, and infuse your brain with accurate information would ya?

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