A word to the Flat Earthers

There are times, like now, when you people amaze me.

Self righteous liberals can be a pain in the ass.

I supported arguably, the longest shot Democrats had to offer for the nomination. Dennis Kucinich, my Little Paste Eater. I wrote about him for months. I hoped. His message was pristine. I agreed with him on everything. We disagreed on nothing.

I’m a liberal juggernaut and so is Mr. Kucinich.

I felt all who supported Dennis could afford to do so. It was the first quarter and the grass was green. We had political will and capital to spend. At the very least we could have a hand in steering the dialog towards what was true. Plenty of room for optimism.

It was early. Absolute truth was contagious.

“No I want you to fuck it. Shit, yes, pour the fuckin’ beer!” -Frank Booth, Blue Velvet

Eventually, we came to understand that our man was not to be. We went our seperate ways. I leaned into Edwards. Many of us did. It became apparent this hope would not bear fruit either. The pragmatic among us made another necessary, albeit painful, adjustment.

Turns out, we were right.

I threw myself and my rhetoric behind Obama without regret. He’s a good man. If you’re a regular reader, you’re aware of my conviction. No hesitation. He is what we need.

What I simply cannot wrap my brain around is you people who stubbornly, foolishly, behave as though ships sail off the edge of our world to this day. You who believe somehow that Nader, Paul or Gravel will magically discover the ability to make pigs fly out of the asses of the electorate.

Seriously, what’re you people smoking?

We have but one shot here. It is do or die to keep a bumbling idiot like McCain from marching us towards disaster of biblical proportions. This is no time for ideological naivete. This is it.

Really. Knock it the fuck off. You’re not helping anything or anybody.

I will make no apologies for our man Obama’s imperfections at this point. Too late and entirely beside the point. It has long since ceased to be about guys like Nader et al.

The wisest course is to get him elected and not let up for a heartbeat. Change, you bastards. That is why he is here and that’s why we are here. That is why we will not go gentle into that goodnight. It is why we will no longer fail to open our mouths. It is why they will end up confused after failing to shut us up.

If we’re lucky, someday men like Nader will show up in well worn shoes and people will listen. Men like Kucinich will speak of the constitution and America will pay attention. We have a chance at being what we once were. Too much zeal is likely to cost us the first step.

Put away your toys kids and get your heads in this game.

Don’t make me have to tell you again. Don’t make me stop this car.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • admin:

    What the fuck?

  • admin:

    Who the fuck?

  • Max:

    This is not a response to Jamie Holt but to the blog*********

    Agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed afuckinggreed.

  • whipperton:

    I think you have a new fan…named Rainman.

  • Just curious, what is this disaster of biblical proportions that you think McCain will steer us towards? Is it the war that you are referring to? I don’t deny anyone thier opinions, and think its good when all sides of something are exposed. What I do not understand, and please don’t think that I’m saying that you are doing this (you might be you might not be), is how many people make a decision without all of the facts…without actually knowing what someone really stands for. I think that the war we’re in has been seriously mismanaged, but I think the argument could be presented that the concept of being there is sound. Remember, the Republicans didn’t fly the planes into the World Trade Center. As far as McCain being a bumbling idiot…..I’m not sure that you really even know what he is about…except for the war …. Obama isn’t an idiot either…but he’s making a lot of promises that he in no way can keep. Reminds me of High School Student Council elections…..If you want big government and BIGGER taxes vote for him, just don’t whine when all your earnings are going towards taking care of people who don’t want to work. I agree that we have big problems and issues…but putting the government in charge of things only makes it worse. I wish I had the answers…but I don’t I only have questions also.

  • Starlight Tripp'n:

    Craig, Who trained the terrorist to fly those planes? Why doesnt our government actually monitor who and what comes into this country. Ever hear of international credit, and background checks? I can tell you; they exist and most other countries require businesses to use them, but not here, in America. If the FBI and Immigration, would only take notice, of what is happening with the millions of illegal entries upon our borders it would prevent future mini 911’s. Our immigration officials, run an woefully antiquated system, because corpo America benefits, from all the illegal influx. Yeah Holts I’m taking to you..,you idiots aren’t even worth keeping on the payroll, go out and find yourself a drug smuggler..,If your able…duh. You useless, bullied security guards; Charlies Angels Charlies Angels, don’t want to freeze sleep on the ground tonite, so I get drunk and get into a fight. A gurl cop stumbles up on me, cause its pitch dark, tonite. Strikes me in the head with her billy club, and blinds me with her flashlight.
    Charlies Angels, Charlies Angels.
    I smile up from a deep slumber, her and her homies roll me around the ground like a piece of lumber. They bang me in the brain,then expose my neck and strike with their tasers. The crush my angle while I’m deep in my sleeping in my bag, then roam thru my pockets,and drag my lifeless body to their unmarked squad car. they claim we just want to know who you are. Charlies Aglez all cops are gurls with batons and semiautomatic guns. beating down the meek and the Tatum O’Neils of the earth, while the drug runners keep on smuggling, illegals and drugs! Fuck that shit!

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