Letter to flowers in the salad

I never would have imagined we’d disagree so fundamentally. Nader is, in my opinion, certainly not worth taking seriously. There’s a chance that if it were not for him, we wouldn’t be in this mess despite the malfeasance by Dick-in-Bush. He has become a parody of his former self. I haven’t trusted his motives since 2000.

Obama is far from perfect, but he is easily America’s best legitimate shot at change. Of course he spoke to AIPAC, it’s an established part of the game. It’s naive to think he could possibly get away with not doing so, as objectionable as they are.

It’s your blog ** and you are obviously free to post whatever you want. I feel compelled to remind you that you invited me to be your very first featured writer. I was flattered and proud. My style and approach has not changed since then.

Name calling. Hmm. I call them like I see them and make no apologies. It is very much a component of my style and humor. Remember, I called Kucinich “The Little Paste Eater” even though he was my dream President.

What happens in American politics is absolutely vital and of enormous importance to the entire world. Like it or not, it will be the 800 pound gorilla for the rest of our lives.

What I do is as honest and entertaining as I can manage.

I won’t bother you anymore with my reminders. You know where I am. Much respect and gratitude for your support in the past

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