Silly, silly man. A brief note.

Ralph Nader. Impressive legacy. A prestigious record of consumer advocacy and an unwavering allegiance to truth and justice. Talked the talk. Walked the walk.

If only he would shut up and avoid leaving the house.

It is hard, painful even, to witness a once great man soil himself and embarrass those who once held him in high regard.

Obama, he said, “wants to talk white.” Unless such a petite mouthful of shit comes from the head of a racist, what can it possibly mean? Honestly, I’m reluctant to label Mr. Nader as anything but foolish and suffering from what he imagines is a lack of entitled attention.

Having said that, piss up a rope old man.

There’s credible evidence that your hubris fueled candidacy of two thousand allowed for the worst reign of crime, lies and injustice to ever be visited on the citizens of America.

Upon failing to recognize that danger beforehand, and for failing to recognize it as a mistake after, you began to consign yourself to the league of Stupid Old White Men. Powerful old white men rarely do other than one of two things. I realize there are exceptions, but they typically get mean or they get stupid.

Methinks Mr. Nader may be flirting with both.

Drinks for my friends.

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