What price friendship?

None and all.

I’m not sure how to approach this but I want to talk about it. I think I need to.

Twenty some years ago I met a man. Both of us men in size only.

We began our friendship while learning to be men.

Together we undertook the difference between men and boys. We studied integrity, honesty, loyalty and compassion and came away with the same ideas about all of them.

For a good man to be your friend, you must also be a good man. A true friend will remind you of your goodness without having to point it out. You will do the same.

We have an unspoiled history of having each other’s backs. Always. Without fail. I could tell you stories. So could he.

We fought like only brothers can. Literally, ready to tear each other apart. Maybe even travelled a bit too far down the road of tearing each other apart.

Yet, he has never not stood by me. Never not acted in my best interests. I can only hope I’ve done the same. To match his loyalty is all there is for me to do. I write this with the hope my efforts leave him thinking the same way.

When the day is done, we are completely alone. So this is the stuff of life. These kinds of things end up being what really matter. As humans, the best we can do is to end up caring for and understanding another human as well as I have have been lucky enough to.

I share this because I was reminded earlier this evening just how fortunate I am. I needed something very important. A thing he would probably never give to anyone else. When I asked him about it, he pointed out that I still have keys to his business and I should feel free to take whatever I need.

There was no thought about worst case scenario or any other case scenario. Complete trust.

A gorgeous thing. It hadn’t occured to me after all this time he’d never even mentioned the keys.

Before I forget. Rest In Peace Master George Carlin. Never lost it. Always told the truth. Quite simply why he was so goddamn good. Your truth and wit will be missed. The human race is less than it was a day ago.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • alex reed:

    Never mentioned the keys…just might be my new favorite motto, words to live by etc.
    As for Carlin, two memories: the night I saw him at the Universal Ampitheater (I’m sure I never laughed harder than that night) and making the Gotohells record with you (reading George’s book while waiting for you to mix the guitars in…) Damn, he was funny.

  • admin:

    Good times. Glad you stopped by.

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