Oh boy

The blogs are nuts tonight with potential scandals involving What’s Her Name. If there’s any truth to either of them, this thing will be over before the shouting.

I’ll not comment further except to say evidence is compelling but circumstantial.

What we have here is not enough.


I don’t know and I’m more than willing to acknowledge that anything can happen because it often does. But this is fascinating. Not merely for what it appears to be on the surface, but what it means and says about McCain and his his whole infrastructure.

Anecdotally interesting are the soundbites from her in the last few months. I don’t believe she thought she was under any serious observation. Likely, she wasn’t being seriously considered. When you’re being vetted for VP of this country, you know. They’re in your face and all up in your business.

You feel them in your ass.

Regardless of how these few scenarios mature and whatever What’s Her Name’s involvement ends up being, I’m starting to understand that Doubtfire doesn’t know much more about her than we do. At least until just recently.

I’m not saying he threw a dart, but I’m starting to wonder if he didn’t make up his mind until the closing days or even hours of the convention.

He has no idea who this woman is.

It could be a perfect ripple in the course of human events.

Might just be the catalyst that allows us to get on with matters far more important. Wouldn’t that be something?

Forgive my enthusiasm.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Why should I comment when you never visit MY blogs?

  • the thing I find most amusing is the every-day-Repub’s conviction NOW. Like, all of a sudden, there’s this guaranteed ticket to the White House with this fucked up veep pick. Doesn’t say much for the old man…he needed THAT tart to make everyone pumped??? wtf??
    I try to explain that we already had a man of spirit and brilliance in Obama… didn’t matter that Joe B got on board (although it made it reeeeally sweet). I had these people finally admitting that their party had screwed them, and it was indeed time for change. NOW they are pumped as hell because some fertile moose hunter has the opportunity to have her finger on the magic red button. These are people that believe we are slaves to a magical fairy in the sky, but the idea that our Earth’s temperature may be rising is a farce.


  • Metis:

    Just read in the online New York Times that Palin’s 17 year old is 5 months preggers.

    When you have this many points to pick apart on someone who just stepped into the spotlight it’s kinda hard to resist.

  • and then they ask the media to leave it alone… as if a politician could be so lucky (what luxury!)

    the Religious Right will find it now convenient to pull the “Christians and Forgiveness” card.


    McCain hiccups, and they’re gonna have to have a White House full of goddamn nurseries.

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