Troopergate in Perspective by Deanna

By Deanna: A new guest writer.

The stakes just got higher. If McCain/Palin manage to take control of the White House, it is very bad news. I certainly have major concerns about government policies that only serve the wealthy at the expense of our financial security, the ecology, the Constitution, to name a few. The republican party has been hijacked by extremists who’ve laid waste. But, this election cycle there is something far more insidious brewing. It’s called: Troopergate.

It’s not just that Palin may be guilty of abusing her power as govenor of Alaska, but it’s American’s complacency when it comes to this kind of behavior that’s particularly upsetting. That we could even begin to conceive of lifting someone to the highest office in our nation who may have abused her governmental powers. That we are not demanding the truth be known immediately. That we are not outraged by McCain and Palin’s attempts to squash the investigation with blatantly ridiculous complaints of partisanship.

Americans. Abuse of power is a big deal. It betrays absolutely everything our country is supposed to be about. It is the stuff of totalitarian regimes. Historically, the way the most corrupt leaders have governed.

Every single American, must take this matter into perspective. Put ourselves in Monegan’s shoes for a moment. It is very important.

Imagine your name is Walt Monegan. You aspire in your career to be a high ranking police officer. You work hard, earn the respect of your peers, perform with integrity and after years of persistence, you obtain the position of Chief of Police, Anchorage Alaska. These are American ideals. Across all party lines, across our entire nation we hold fast to the doctrine that if we work hard and perform with integrity, we can succeed and prosper in this great land.

Ms. Palin is your governor.

You are then compelled by Palin to open a closed investigation of a trooper’s misconduct. The trooper’s name is Mike Wooten and he happens to be her former brother-in-law, someone that she is clearly “none-too-fond-of”. According to policy and procedure, to reopen Wooten’s case without additional evidence would be improper and you decline.

Suddenly Palin fires you. The Alaskan Legislature is shocked because they know you’re a highly respected officer, so they ask you about it. No, you could not carry out a personal vendetta of the governor and fire Wooten. That would be wrong, it would taint your entire career and everything you stand for. You stood by your principles.

You lost the job you worked so hard to get. Your colleagues look upon you with suspicion even though you are innocent of any wrongdoing. Your reputation is now questioned because you honored your position of power and refused to do something unethical.

Now imagine Palin in the White House. Running our nation. Our homeland security. Our foreign affairs. If the Troopergate investigation turns out to be true and she makes decisions like this, it is cause for very grave concern. VERY GRAVE.

What makes it even scarier is that McCain and Palin have made several moves to obstruct the investigation. If the polls are accurate, and so many Americans are willing to vote for this pair in light of this behavior, I am deeply concerned about the future of freedoms in the country. I would expect that she’d want to clear her name right away were she innocent. Wouldn’t you? It becomes very suspect.

How could we even conceive of electing such people to the highest office in our nation? To be the guardians of our Constitution, our freedoms, our rights. Any of us could be Monegan in any given situation. Targeted for destruction, defamed, stripped of one’s livelihood, Lord knows what else, for standing up to governmental corruption.

America. We must know the truth about Troopergate. McCain and Palin’s attempts to quash the investigation disqualify them both from the highest office in our nation. Period. Because to not know is an incredibly terrifying proposition.

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  • Mimi:

    Wow!!! Writing like that is a terrifying proposition. American people are not sheep and they can make their own choices for President, without reading your extremly biased hit work. Get a life!! I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter who will never vote for an arrogant and disrespectful candidate as Obama is. I’ll stay home on election day. B S like this article have turned many democrats away from the Democratic party.

  • Mimi:

    There are no other responses to this crap, so who cares about yor moderation censure.

  • admin:

    Well, Mimi, good luck with that cutting off your nose despite your face thing.

  • Solsarosso:

    Mimi – This blog never claimed to be neutral. Nobody here has to appease their sponsors. It’s called “expressing oneself” and it’s something we’re free to do here in the US.

    At least for now.

    If you’re going to sit there on election day and be bitter and ineffectual, I really don’t give a rats ass what you think anyway. You’re a democrat?? Wake up and get real, because if McCalin (not a typo) wins, you just might end up sorry you didn’t do what you could to stop it.

  • admin:

    Solsarosso – so true. Thanks.


  • Kim:


    The American people are not sheep but let me point out the obvious to you……Bush got elected twice. We should be afraid….very afraid……What Deanna was pointing out here is simply that we should not let this go. If she didn’t do anything wrong, then great…..lay it out there for everyone see. End of story; Our bad I guess. They do more intrusive background checks on people with much less authority. If she did do it on the other hand; it’s a very BIG DEAL and needs to be dealt with. For you not to think it’ a big deal has me a little puzzled, unless you’re a republican then it would all make sense.
    By the way, Hillary is voting for Obama. And quite frankly, if you stay home on election day, you should be ashamed of yourself, really, think about it.

  • admin:

    Exactly. Thanks for reading.

  • I’ve had enough of the secretive bullshit in the White House. If Palin can’t answer a few simple questions, and is discouraging others from answering simple questions….then how can I trust her with my country?
    As a matter of fact, if she’s this goddamn secretive now…what the hell will she do behind our backs?
    You can choose to stay home on election day…but don’t go bitching about shit if things get worse!

  • admin:

    Drinks all around.

  • Mimi, you cannot be serious.
    With all due respect to Deanna, Troopergate is old news (but indeed factual), and just another thorn in the GOP ticket’s side that they would prefer people like yourself to ignore under the rug. You’re a Clinton supporter AND a Palin apologist? Congrats, sucker…. you’re exactly what they planned and hoped for. Contrary to popular belief: blind faith isn’t patriotic. It has something to do with bliss.

  • admin:

    Hunter, with all due respect, Troopergate is more than a thorn in the side of the GOP. It is a potential time bomb, deserving attention. Not just because it is quite relevant, with new facts unfolding each day for those watching it closely (not much is reported on the news), but also, because of the broader implications it brings. I endevour the reader to look into our complacency that has been going on for years. We watched the Bush administration steal an election before our eyes. Corruption this blatant is frightening, and we see it now, with this investigation into Palin, and the likelihood of continued corruption if we don’t act now to stop it. -Deanna

  • Ms. April:

    Deanna observation is correct we as Americana’s will easley decide our next president based on race than anything else. If Palin is elected because, the 1/3 of white Americans would rather elect a potential crook into the highest office of the land than a black man. More of this presenditial election is based on race than honesty thank about it McCain is subscribing to the same philosophy as Bush that they do not have to answer to the courts or the people of this land. What does that say when we have a dictator oh sorry president or vice president that knows that they do not have to abide by the constitution or the people of the land??? Thank about it America especially so called Hillary Clinton supporters. We are all in this together as Americans of all races, religions and sexual orientation.

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