Prop 8

Been here. Done this, but we need to talk about it.

Proposition 8 seeks to amend the state constitution so as to make same sex marriage unconstitutional.

Two words. Fuck that shit.

I’m gonna pontificate upon something I don’t consider to be a theory, an opinion or even a point of view. I see it as fact.

My entire dianoetic is predicated on the truth that sexual preference, gender notwithstanding, is inherent, congenital. I believe we’re born with it.

Calculus then becomes simple arithmetic. It is nothing less than an issue of civil rights. All men (people) are created equal. It’s what we are taught to embrace as basic truth. Inalienable rights.

It is indeed racism.

All sorts of fundaments apply. Do unto others, content of character, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, freedom from religious persecution, judge not lest ye be judged.

See, gay people aren’t bad people. There’s nothing wrong with them at all. They’re merely different. No more or less different than anyone else. Cut them and they bleed. Some like carrots. Some don’t. Some are dumb but statistically, more are smart.

Religious zealots and right wing idealogues would have us believe a plethora of outlandish things about gay people. They will protest on behalf of the heretofore sacred institution of marriage being exclusively intended as union between a man and woman.

1) The Gays encourage the extinction of the nuclear family.
Do the math. It’s not the homosexuals that are tearing away at that mythological “kernel” or “nut”. Market forces and the empowerment of women, you betcha.

2) The Gays are commie pinko sissies or big dykes that can kick my ass.
It’s true. I can’t help you here. They’re all so two dimensional. Nothing but caricatures really. All stereotypes apply.

Beyond the argument that marriage exists as the exclusive provenance of heterosexuals, they’ve got nothing.

Let’s examine this hallowed sacrament. Until the early part of the last century, a woman became a man’s property in the instance of marriage. Less than sixty years ago, certain races were not permitted by law to marry certain other races. The divorce rate in America consistently hovers above fifty percent. Now that’s a successful institution worthy of our profound deference and protection from any brand of dirty homo love.

It cracks me the fuck up when I hear people say shit like, “some of my best friends are……….fill in the blank.” Like they’re automatically imparted with some deep understanding of people who are routinely discriminated against for something over which they have no control.

Submitted for your approval, the sagas of Larry Craig or Mark Foley. What the hell, how about Richard Simmons or even Liberace? Rock Hudson anyone? From denial to repression. Sad.

Sad, because they’ve existed in a culture that would put up for popular vote, the power for them to be legally discriminated against. Even here in California, the most liberal state in the union, and home to the beloved Ninth Circuit, enough bigots gave enough of a shit to get it on the ballot.

Who cares and why? What are they so afraid of?

There it is. It’s fear isn’t it? Do you doubt that? It’s hard to understand because I’m not threatened. But I see it in the eyes of Americans. They glaze over when they’re afraid. All senses roll up and the sidewalk disappears. Nothing gets in or out.

Ever seen a caterpillar ball up?

What are they so afraid of?

Fuck me.

Drinks for my friends, dykes, sissies, faggots, lezbos…………….

9 Responses to “Prop 8”

  • David Lee 3:

    This is on the ballot in CA, really? I know CA is close to NV but, really?!?

    Me thinks they (those that would aspire to make this a ballot issue) doth protest too much. Usually the same crowd that claims it’s a choice (love that logic).

    I’m voting for an asteroid this season but it’s likely my vote will not be heard.

    Any drink will do bartender, but please put a pink umbrella in it.

  • admin:

    The finest of salmon hued parasols in a tumbler full of cheap ass rum, no ice.

  • flifishun:

    You forgot to mention Rev. Ted Haggard.
    Leader of the National Association of Evangelicals. Supported Colorado same sex marriage ban.
    Admitted soliciting for gay sex and crystal meth. He underwent 3 weeks of counseling to de-gayify himself.

  • going on here, too….as Amendment 2

    I’m confident it will fail.

  • Bella:

    This simply is the direct result of mixing church and state. It’s all the Christians who believe you are damned to hell if your gay and this is another sign the end of the world is coming.
    It is all the churches who take money from the government and if they continue to take it they will have to follow the laws, they can not marry gays according to their religion, which is a conflict of interest.
    My roommate’s daughter who is 13 came home from school Monday. She goes to a private Christian school and her teacher was talking to the class about the importance of passing prop 8. Jessica who has lived in my home almost her whole life and has been raised around gay people, stood up and class and told her teacher she was going to vote NO. Her teacher of course got mad at this and told her to sit down. When Jessica told me about her day I asked her why she did not agree with prop 8. She said because she has friends and family that are gay and it is not fair to them. She is only 13…
    I told her that she is right but there is much more to it then just what we feel is fair and unfair to our friends. She needed to know that it is more importantly against the constitution of the United State of America. That it is discrimination. That just like Blacks had to sit on the back of the buss or had to drink from a different drinking fountain and how women didn’t have rights and couldn’t vote. That today gays can not marry.
    It does not matter if you agree with same sex marriage or not. It is their right. This is America where everyone is created equal. We can not allow one group of people to change the constitution because of religious beliefs or we will have a country like Iran or China. We won’t be the land of the free.
    I hope that we will be able to look back on this as apart of history and say “Remember when gays didn’t have rights” It is up to us. This is our generation’s raciest movement.
    What a crazy time to be alive.

  • Kim:

    I voted today and it was packed. I say go early if your state allows it.
    Hopefully other Californians will do the right thing and vote NO on 8 like I did. I’m a little worried because of all the BS ads they’ve been running on TV. People actually believe that crap. Unbelievable.

  • It’s fear. Straight “family first” fuckers are afraid that gays and lesbians will uphold the sanctity of marriage better than straight people have…and they don’t want to be proven right…

    Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of marriage…but damnit, if you wanna chain yourself to one person, the by golly you should!!! You betcha!!!

    I voted no on 8…if gays and lesbians can’t get married, then NOBODY should be able to fuckin married.

    I’ll have a Mudslide…

  • admin:

    Yup. Coming up.

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