Well, how’d we do?

I don’t know.

I was looking for more.

No wild swings, no haymakers. Certainly no knockouts.

Our Man was more dignified and in control. The composure of restraint served him well once again. Obama prevailed, but not so clearly or decisively, as last time. A net loss for Doubtfire, the salient reason, he’s behind in the polls and sliding. The onus was clearly on McCain to impress us. Didn’t happen.

The Bootlicker did a lot of flatlining.

I expected and even predicted that Our Man would throw more power punches tonight. I didn’t know then what I know now. He didn’t need to. It’s changed since their last meeting. He is winning.

I don’t mean to impart that I found it less than interesting. It was compelling.

Just talked to my Mother and her sentiment is more or less congruent with mine. She yelled at me for interrupting the post game analysis.

Cindy Stepford McCain said today that Obama has “waged the dirtiest campaign in American history,”. Fascinating. An insane thing to say in light of what the entire McCain family was subjected to at the hands of the unholy trinity of Bush, Rove and Cheney in two thousand. Amusing, in light of Palin’s recent remarks insinuating Our Man is some kind of terrorist.

That statement, by the actual Mrs. Doubtfire, smacks of raw and unmitigated desperation.

Also telling is the fact that McCain walked away when it was over and Our Man and Michelle stayed to engage.

Fresh diaper?

We are in good shape.

I can tell because they’re stepping on their own vagina lips to embarrass themselves. Desperation always smells worse than ass. More like many asses. Like a sewer. It’s why desperation rarely attracts much more than pity.

I need to address something else here. Forgive me, it’s not the first time. The question of why, if Obama is so clearly on the right side of America’s concerns and issues, why isn’t he ahead by twenty points? Economy in the toilet, unpopular war and McCain and his party are entirely culpable. It’s been an underlying theme since the primaries.

Why was it such a barfight for this man to close the deal and knock Hillary the fuck out?

Let’s just forego the requisite polite and feigned naivete here. It’s because he’s black and racism is alive and well here in the greatest country on earth. Were he a white man, it would be over but for the shouting.

The good news is, he appears to have left that brand of blasphemy behind. Not entirely, but you see it.

Indeed, America sees not a black man, certainly not a terrorist or a muslim. America sees a man. A strong, principled, intelligent, capable American man with the courage of his convictions. Congratulations my fellow citizens. The majority of us have seen fit to judge a man based on the content of his character rather than the color of his skin. We have begun to realize a dream, the shape and size of which could propel all human beings further into this century with prosperity and equality unlike we’ve ever seen.

It doesn’t suck that the competition is the Keystone Fucking Cops.

Forgive my enthusiasm. It’s just that the unthinkable is damn near at hand. A shift of this archaic and obsolete paradigm. It looks like we may have had enough. Pretty goddamn exciting if you ask me.

Too bad they had to screw the pooch this violently to even risk losing power. Too bad about the mess Our Man is walking into. Don’t forget, getting elected President is like getting a record deal; not the end all but the very beginning. We hope.

Drinks for my friends.

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  • Datdermuhbuttock:

    That there some damn good writing. Made me well up a bit.

  • admin:


    Thanks 😉

  • David Lee 3:

    I only ask because I have not watched it on the internets yet… and I really am not trying to make fun of how he walks — I know what happened to him when he served and I DO respect him for serving our country.

    But… on your comment,

    “Also telling is the fact that McCain walked away when it was over and Our Man and Michelle stayed to engage.

    Fresh diaper?”

    .. Was McStain walking off with a pointedly noticeable “oh god I have actually filled my Depends undergarment and I have to walk extra careful as I move”… kind of gait? – or just his usual walk when he is flummoxed?

    …As for racism, I think it’s becoming painfully clear that the Repugnic*nt Party has become the defacto choice of any miscreant whites whom still enjoy saying “nigger” freely among folks of their own kind (in private of course).
    Their conventions looked like a sea of vanilla with of course the few confused black Reps there conveniently positioned in the front rows for the camera.
    .. whiter than a string section from Montana.

    Got any good malbecs back there bartender? I do have ‘some’ culture.

  • admin:

    Ha! Didn’t have a chance to examine his gait.
    Malbecs coming up.

  • I was hoping for a little more bass in Obama’s delivery…but I can understand why he may be a little understated…
    You can tell it’s inherently in his nature to be a little laid back in his delivery…he doesn’t want to come off like an angry black man…so he’s probably a bit more subdued than he may actually be.

    However, after seeing McCain blow his top…Obama can cuss out the entire senate and still be a lot calmer than McCain…

    I’ll have a Red Trolley

  • admin:

    What’s a red trolley?

  • Red Trolley is a beer….kind of tastes like an ale…very good…I drink that if I’m not in the mood for Guinness…

    Did you hear that Palin was found to have abused her powers? And the campaign defended themselves saying it was Obama operatives that are riling things up….I’m laughing my ass off….

  • admin:

    Me too. Mee too.

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