Do The Right Thing

Fuck me.

So there was this piece on CNN tonight about how Michelle Obama has a chance to alter the stereotype of black women as overwieght, loud and ignorant. Guess what footage they used? Eddie Murphy as his fat obnoxious wife, Rasputia, in “Norbit”.



How lame is that?

I share with you that I’ve dated black women and I’m in a relationship with a black woman and how that stereotype isn’t one I even understand, but what I want to know is, how many of you clueless cracker mouth breathers buy this shit?

Did I mention our new First Lady is the epitome of poise and dignity? Crazy smart and in possession of wisdom and composure beyond her years? Our fortune is not merely about the man.

And, she’s hot.

Fuck you CNN.



Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing”.

A review. An assessment.

An analysis. Bitch. Oooh.

Excellent film.


Mookey, played by Spike Lee, is far from stupid. He chooses the path of least resistance consistently. Willfully ignorant. A pussy. Not a bad guy, but plagued by his own weakness. Lead antagonist in a movie full of them. Angry?

Yep. No legitimate malice. His circumstances are his own.

Sal, Danny Aiello’s character, ultimately plays bitch to his pride instead of his obvious capacity for compassion.

Sal’s internal conflicts shaped as metaphorical characters and played by his two sons. Each is a side of the war inside him. An ugly day in the life. He’s not necessarily a bigot but circumstances keep piling on. Eventually he is presented with a choice and blows it. Instead of doing the right thing, he chooses the wrong thing and chaos blasts through like a tsunami.

Mookey makes a choice at least as pregnant with bad circumstances and events descend into a maelstrom.

What Lee took pains to show us is the difference between doing the right thing and ignoring it. At the onset of the defining conflict, Sal could have merely invited the dipshit antogonist to bring some pictures of black heros for the wall. At the behest of one black customer, but a gesture everyone from the block would have welcomed, regardless of color or ethnicity.


It’s a moment that hangs briefly and then rolls from one unfortunate escalation to another. Hard to watch as Lee does his level best to show us how it can happen and how ridiculous it often is. In the end, the Korean grocer plays by example. He tells the angry mob sincerely that he is black, just like them, and they understand. His life and business are not demolished in front of his eyes.

The scene defines the the movie and the message as much as any other. Sal on his corner for decades and the Koreans across the street for less than two years. Reactions dictate fate. Life goes on. Sal loses.

Powerful stuff.

My hero is Ozzie Davis. “The Mayor”. The Mayor embraces humility just after saving a boy’s life by risking his own. He sees what’s coming and does the best he can. The protagonist is Sal. As innocent as a man can be in a morality play such as this. Same as Mookey, until the end of the film where they both fail spectacularly. The antogonist is the neighborhood, the police and racism from every side.

The antogonist is a malaise.

The catalyst is the heat.

It’s a fascinating film that looks like a play. It is a play. I became a Spike Lee fan today.

My girlfriend who just happens to have her ethnicity enhanced by blackness, you know, African, says this, “Spike played the character Mookey and that’s one letter different than Monkey -Spike Lee is annoyed by the willfully ignorant black man.”

Then she tells me something far more interesting. She tells me Our Man’s chances of achieving what he has would have been substantially reduced were he a descendant of slaves and the product of black mother and white father. She tells me this would have been a result of the way he saw himself and of little consequence in the way we saw him.

How interesting is that? That’s racism. The hidden, ugly, pervasive head thereof. Damn. A special brand of vulgar.

Makes it obvious we’re not even close.

Still, beauty to be had. America has chosen a liberal black man to lead us. We didn’t choose him because he’s black. We chose him because he looks to be our best chance.

Begs the question, what’s next?

So many Americans aren’t ready for this. It’s my guess the midwest has shat itself, if only from confusion. I’m hoping the rednecks have crapped themselves moistureless and moved on to iced coffee and some goddamn sense. You don’t have to order a bagle or a muffin. You can have toast.

Forgive me, but I worry. We need to sail over the torpor and wash it it out of our mouths. Spit out any violence. Everybody. Not just us. All of us. Look at me. All of us.

Conventional wisdom seems to have out shouted cognitive dissonance. Nice.

From your heart try to be respectful at least once or twice. Sometimes it gets heavy. Trust me I have.

Do your best. Walk right out into a brand new day.

Stop being such pussies.

Drinks for my friends.

30 Responses to “Do The Right Thing”

  • brian:

    we need to get into the WHITE house and round those NIGGERS up and string them up on the nearest oak tree.

  • admin:

    Brian’s e-mail address is:

  • admin:

    I can’t help but wonder what the secret service, the nsa and other security agencies will think of your comment. I’ll be contacting them to find out. I have your e-mail address, might as well have left me your social security number.

  • Ralph:

    Just look at how you all want to seek out the “wrong thinking” people like Brian them “Looked into” by the authorities.
    You are all such a bunch of totalitarian marxist whores. You jack booted thuggish bunch of marxist whore bastards! Bastards all of you just like your no good bastard leader.
    Not that I agree with Brian’s sentiments mind you. Not at all.
    But Brian does have every right to his opinion no matter how misguided it is.
    So whered should Brian go Hmmmm?
    To a “Reeducation” camp perhaps?
    How bout’ that comrade?
    You all are a really sick bunch.
    Brian, get as much firearms and ammo you can, they are coming to get you too.

  • Ralph:

    Thought you wrote that an email address will not be published?
    Your a liar sir which is not a stretch for a liberal totalitarian marxist little prick like yourself Mike.
    You are nothing but a lying little screaming liberal prick.
    You prove you are unamerican. You prove that you are nothing but a totalitarian.
    You suck pal.

  • Kim:

    Ralph, Mike has said more than once he doesn’t allow racial slurs on this Blog. CLEARLY Brian has broken that rule. Not only is that kind of talk insulting it’s just plain ignorant. Anyone who would write such a thing needs to be called out. If you want to be his friend send him an e-mail, you probably have a lot in common.
    Wait………….I think I hear that damn record skipping again Ralph. You really need to fix that.

  • Kelly:

    Ralph you have every right to your opinion up to the point where you threaten bodily harm. You do not have that right Ralph. Look it up.

    Please get a life and a new song and dance because you’re getting really tiresome. I’m not sure if you can get through a response without the use of the word “Totalitarian”. You are a friggin bore.

    And Brian, you’re an ass wipe.

  • Ralph:

    And you Kim are nothing more than a socialist whore. Just like your hero Soetero.

  • Ralph:

    So it’s OK for Mike to threaten people like he’s done to me and several others???
    Is he somehow immune from your self righteous bullshit progressive musings of self inflated ruling class standings?
    You and all progressives represent what are the worst of all mankind.
    You are an abhorrent ignorant self-serving whore just like Mike and all other progressive totalitarian Marxist scumbags.
    Far worse than any nit wit like Brian. FAR WORSE.

  • Kelly:

    Them’s fightin’ words.

    Is there any line you’re not willing to cross Ralph? Do you have to make it personal? I am pointing out what has been pointed out innumerable times, that you say the same shit over and over that makes no sense. Why don’t you find a new rant at least for God’s sake because you have worn the hell out of this one.

  • Kim:

    Ralph: Fuck You.

  • Ralph:

    Words and actions are what whores like you are all about so it’s quite appropreate for you to use such language.
    No surprise there Kim.
    Only validation of what and who you and your kind are.
    Thank you

  • Kelly:

    Yeah when you have nothing else, you can always resort to name calling.

    There are a couple of words in the English language that are used toward women that are extremely abhorrent and “whore” is one of them. One of the reasons they are so despicable is because there is no equivalent in the language for men. As a man, you may not fully understand how low that word is. If you’re married, ask your wife how she likes being called that, or better yet, ask your mother. I take offence to your use of that word toward Kim and myself and will not engage in any discussion with you again until you apologize. I didn’t think that even you were that low Ralph.

  • Kim:

    Yes Ralph. And calling me a whore is oh so pretty and so far above me telling you to fuck off. Here’s one for you: Hypocrite. Look it up Ralph. Your picture is there. You know nothing about me Ralph. Not a damn thing.

  • admin:

    Really Ralph, you’ve crossed several lines here. It’s one thing to malign me , but if you continue to insult my readers in this way, your comments will be deleted.

    Not that I need to explain myself to you but for everyone’s benefit, I will not tolerate racism on this blog. I never said I wouldn’t reveal an e-mail address and anyone who comes on my blog to spread that kind of hatred will be exposed and held accountable.

    For what it’s worth, Ralph left a comment a while back suggesting I call my blog “brain speck”. I thought it was kinda funny so I replied “yer funny, I’ll kill you last”, That’s Ralph’s empty headed basis for saying I threatened to kill him.

    I think the line is from a Schwartzenager movie.

    It’s a little ironic that Ralph feigned such offense when I called him retarded but he has no reservation about throwing around words like “whore”. What a retard.

    Ralph, your entertainment value is dwindling. Your fifteen minutes might be up.

  • Kelly:

    Thanks Mike.

  • admin:

    No sweat, I’m serious. I won’t put up with it.

  • Ralph:

    I don’t take ANY kind of death threat lightly, especially when it’s coming from a violent and cowardly little punk like you.
    The term “whore” is appropriately used a metaphoric example to exemplify just how you and the rest of the totalitarian punk assed progressive cowards who have sold this nation into servitude to the likes of Mao, Chavez, Castro, Soetero (his true name) and every other communist piece of human excrement that this world has ever farted out it’s vile red commie producing hole.
    Whores are those who compromise their most valuable assets to obtain their own selfish desires cloaked in what they feel are “Needs”.
    Sound familiar comrade?
    I could give a pile of crap as to what any of you liberal cowards feel about the likes of me.
    I am a patriot. I am a TRUE American.
    I believe in the constitution and it’s uncompromised contents to be the supreme law of the land.

    I am not your enemy and I wish you no ill will or harm in any way and never would, it’s not in my nature to be a violent person let alone a cowardly little piece of trailer trash punk bitch like you are Mike. But in saying that let me tell you,
    I would be very careful Mike who you threaten.
    You are a very exposed person and not everyone is a peaceful non-violent person.

  • admin:

    You’ve been apprised of the rules; what I will and will not tolerate. Cross the line again and you’re gone.

    I’m a committed pacifist and a humanist by the way.


  • Ralph:

    You are also a liar Mike in that right on your requirements it says and I copy and paste:
    E-mail (will not be published) (required)

    So I suppose will not be published means unless you feel it should be in your dishonest reality?
    That’s known a blatant dishonesty Mike.
    Something progressives like you are famous for. I suppose someone pointing it out to you is just so “Un-cool and rude??
    You are just one lie piled high on many lies Mike.
    It’s no wonder you are a compromising little coward.

  • admin:

    Ralph those are wordpress rules, my host, and not mine.

    Doesn’t surprise me that you missed that.


  • Kim:

    Ralph, please don’t insult me further by giving a book definition of the word whore. And Puuuuuleeeeeese don’t try to say you were using it “metaphorically” Ralph. That’s just RETARDED! Own up. I stand by my previous comment to you. 🙂

  • admin:

    Retard is as retard does.

  • Kim:

    By the way Ralph…… 🙂 ………that’s me laughing. You should try it once in awhile.

  • Ralph:

    So it’s all about this WordPress that makes it so you are “Forced” to censor?
    That’s so typical coming from a cowardly little totalitarian Nazi like you Mike.
    You know there was this guy named Herman Goring who used the same kind of defense at Nuremberg against this silly little guy named Robert Jackson who was one of those assholes you so much so despise in that Jackson was a true American. If were not for prosecutor Sir David Maxwell Fyfe Goring would have bullshitted everyone and gotten away with the same kind of lying dishonesty that you are ALL about.
    Just like your heroes Soetero, Mao, Stalin, Chavez and so on.
    And secondly, your use of the word “Retard” only shows you have no character or class.
    Retarded people have no choice in who or how they are.
    Whores like you and the rest of the progressives, do.
    That’s the main difference between us Mike.
    You are NOT a humanist. You are not a peaceful man.
    You would pull the switch on as many Christians as you could get away with killing you cold hearted cowardly BASDARD!
    As would all Nazi progressives whores like you and your ilk.

  • admin:

    WordPress is merely saying that your e-mail address will not appear with your post.

    I understand you were probably born this way.


  • Ralph:

    So let me get this straight, wordpress only says your email address will not be published if you post?
    So that means that if you post on Brainspeck and you use a racially infused post you, Mike the administrator of your blog, is then required to disclose person who posted and they get their email disclosed and published because wordpress requires you to do so?

  • admin:

    Work with me here Ralph. The WordPress format requires that you disclose your e-mail when commenting for purposes of spam etc.

    When I see your comment I also see your e-mail address, but it does not automatically appear on brainspank.

    It is then at my discretion to expose a person’s e-mail address. I did so in this case because the comment was blatantly racist. It makes no difference to me what you think, but anyone engaging in exclusively hate/racist fueled invective will be exposed by me.

    For example, if you had written that comment, I would have published your e-mail address to expose you and hold you accountable for being a racist. It is also at my discretion to report you to the proper authorities notwithstanding my responsibility as a decent citizen.

    I don’t doubt you’ll grace us all with your standard and predictable vitriol but bear in mind, on this subject as well as many others, I don’t give a mad fuck what you think.

    My blog, my rules.

  • Ralph:

    So you are not in favor of free speech like you claim so self rightously always claim to be.
    By responsibility, you mean your responsibility to notify the central Gestapo authorities?
    You are a perfect example of why real Americans need to have as much firepower as possible.
    You are a common little bitch Mike. Just like your bastard hero Soetero who is not even as good as a runny nosed 10.00 note running Chicago street bitch ass punk.
    You are NOT an American.
    You are a total Maoist communist Mike interested in towing the party line like the little bitch Marxist robot you are.
    You have no mind of your own and you have no class.

  • admin:

    blah blah blah

    Only you could interpret my intolerance of racism as being anti free speech. This despite my allowing you to ramble on so redundantly on my blog.


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