Hot bigot love or in defense of language

I go back and forth with this guy once in awhile. Sometimes I have to go looking for something to make me mad. Trust me it’s rare.

This is what set me off:

“Never once have I felt it necessary to impugn the character or the intelligence of the writer of a blog I visited. But then I’m not a liberal moron. . .
I also don’t understand the compulsion felt by so many of the liberal persuasion to post such obscenities as to embarass a drunken sailor on shore leave. But, as I said, I’m not a liberal moron.” -Dewitt

He’s referring to me.

Here’s my response:

Here’s where your problem starts: “liberal moron”. Many of us think you’re a “conservative moron”. For what it’s worth, it’s more insulting than something like ‘dipshit fucktards’.

You think that you’re somehow not subject to, or deserving of criticism because you shy away from expletives and therefore enjoy some immunity from being called rude or ignorant or hateful.

The truth is, I’ve read some of the most shallow, hateful vitriol and blatant generalizations on your blogs as I’ve read anywhere.

See, I think you’re a narrow minded old man that is both afraid and confused. Having said that, I don’t imagine you to be a bad guy, just tragically misguided.

Hot bigot love.

In his next blog he says:

“No matter how noble Obama’s intentions, the world will not respond nobly, and we shall learn once again that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Bad things will happen in the next four years.

Obama’s “Peace At Any Cost” foreign policy will be a monumental disaster. Folks in the middle east are already dancing in the streets. Al Qaeda has not struck US territory for seven years. That will change. Soon.” -Dewitt

Translation: We’re on a highway to hell and an attack is imminent because we elected Obama.

By the way, this will be different from the first year of the last two administrations how? Sooner or later we’re gonna get hit again, with any luck, this time our own government won’t be complicit.

Then, douchebaggery ensued:

“My fellow Americans, on November 4, 2008 a sizable majority of you went into voting booths across America and elected Barack Hussein Obama; a black man who had made a career of race hustling, who sat in a racist church for twenty years, who actively worked with domestic terrorists committed to the destruction of the USA, and whose election campaign was to a large degree based on White Guilt and accusations of racial intolerance.” -Dewitt

Translation: You elected a slick talking racist nigger, who seeks to destroy America and he got past you by playing to your enormous guilt for being white, priveledged and superior.

I gotta tell ya Dewitt. That’s fucking disgusting. One hundred eighty goddamn degrees out of phase. You suck.

But wait, there’s more:

“The final bastion, that last vestige of institutionalized racism in the USA, is the black community itself. (The very existence of a “black community” proves it’s racist nature.) Isn’t it time to outlaw the Congressional Black Caucus, the United Negro College Fund, and the NAACP? How long shall we tolerate these obviously racist constructs with their blatant prejudice against white people?” -Dewitt

Is it just me, or does He just not get it? Is it just me, or is Dewitt an asshole?

He responds:

“You just can’t speak without profanity and insults can you? You really do need therapy!” -Dewitt

No shit, that’s what he said.

There’s all kinds of them out there.

Talk to me.

Drinks for my friends.

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