News of the world

We’re fucked.

In the past few months the market has lost forty seven percent of it’s value. Unemployment is a vertical dragrace. A precipitous ascent. These two items represent America’s testicles. The market and jobs is our nutsack. Balls meet vise.

There’s probably not a single business in this country that could weather a near fifty percent reduction in revenue and stay afloat. America, and the globe, are in huge trouble. We are in a free fall. I’m glad I have a place to go. There’s room for my stereo. Barely. Limited growing season, but that might change.

Bill Maher said that he always knew Dumbya had one giant fuck up left in him. Here it is on a platter. The mother of them all. Saved the worst for last. Where are the neocons on this anyway? Where the hell is Dumbya and Darth? Fucking clowns aren’t gonna do shit. They’ll wait it out and then take a walk.

A long time coming. Decades. Any fool with common sense understood our lifestyle wasn’t sustainable. The raw material we consume. The resources we exhaust and the pollution we spew.

I’m a little pissed my generation has to bear the burden. It matters not where the bodies are buried. If your at all curious, check your own backyard. Pervasive.

No one single action will solve this debacle. There is no magic bullet. We are in for a very long night.

Get ready, things are about to change.

Having said that, we need to tip the fuck out of Iraq and seriously slash defense spending. Pay the troops, take care of the vets, maintain infrastructure and walk away from everything else. Sounds drastic and it is, but once the DOW dropped below eight thousand and stayed there, the theoretical bottom disappeared.

This will take a decade at least.

Our Man is bequeathed a shitstorm of extraordinary magnitude. A cat five economic hurricane. I worry that he’ll spend his first term putting his fingers in holes as opposed to being able to move us forward. No matter what, the blood will make it to the stairs. Americans are impatient and stupid and I worry they’ll see it as an ineffective Presidency.

Bleak, bleak, bleak.

I’ve got ER on the plasma with the sound off and see that it’s pretty much the same. I learn US Attorney General Mukasey took a dive at the podium in front of the federalists. I see that gas prices are looking for bottom. This is not good news. Bear witness as the harbingers of doom testify.

It’s not just that we’ll be poorer. My ass is broke. I’ll find my own way out. I can deal with that. It’s the inevitable atrophy of society that gives me pause. Crime and corruption will enjoy a renaissance. We will be less safe from ourselves, never mind the mythical terrorists.

Get ready for an army of homeless. Abandoned vehicles. Fire. Food shortages. Fuel shortages.

See, I’m not looking to lower expectations, it’s just that the complexity and severity of what we all face is a long fast moving train with brakes that will take awhile. We might just aspire to counting ourselves lucky if we’re treading in the same water we are today four years from now. It may just look like a victory come 2012.

It’s bad.

Official brainspank prediction is that markets rebound enough tomorrow to prevent mass suicide this weekend. At least a few hundred points, probably four or five. Get ‘er up over eight.

See what I’m saying?

Drinks for my friends.

12 Responses to “News of the world”

  • Fuck you Mike:

    I hope the whole fucking shooting match goes down.
    Fuck this so called country.
    The USA is dead. And yes we do agree the GWB has a whole lot to do with it.
    The final nail is the Obamma-nation it’s become.
    Fuck you and who support your “Man”.
    He’s a socialist, a racist and and anti american borderline Marxist.
    His wife is a marxist.
    Just read her masters thesis.
    Yeah, let’s really get some change, let’s elect a Chicago machine Democrat to the whitehouse!??
    That will fix everything.
    Fucking no good Bolshivicks.

  • Kim:

    Dear F U Mike:

    You’re guy lost. Get over it. Move on. Get a life and quit being such a hater.

  • kyra:

    Don’t like it, take the next plane out.


  • Fuck you Mike:

    Fuck you both you fucking maxist cunts. Both and all of you who support that no good bastard Obammanation.
    Take a plane my ass.
    Fuck him and fuck all who support such shit smear dribble fuck maxist scum like obamma.
    He is the worse thing to happen to this country since the robber barrons.
    we are fucked and fucked hard for sure.

  • admin:

    This is my last warning. One more post like this and you’re gone. Show some respect you singleminded idiot.

  • Fuck you Mike:

    You shut me out a good part of the election.
    You threatened me several times before doing that.
    I am not a follower of the “Chosen one”
    I do not want him to succeed.
    Obamma is evil. Pure and simple.
    Race has not a fucking thing to do with it save that a black man, a very bad man who is going to rule and rule with a totalitarian aspect which will make GWB look like a page from Mother Goose.
    Obamma will be throwing innocent people in prison and murdering thousands before he’s done.
    He will take away more freedoms then any other preseident in the hisatory of this nation.
    That Lincon is his hero is no surprise. It was Lincon who, (if any of you liberal Obamma-bots ever read a fucking history book other then Howard Zinn’s dribble) it was Lincon who truly suspended Habis Corpus and imprisoned more political prisioners then any other preseident.
    Obamma’s rein of terror is just beginning.
    Better get your ammo and firearms in order children. If you are a person of true patriot heart, your are the enemy.
    The liberal She-men like all liberal males-types are what are held up as good role modles.
    It disqusts me.
    The administrator of this site is a classic example of a she-man little bitch ass.
    You remember Mike? You’d like to beat me up?
    I’ve always said you just may well be able to. Wouldn’t be the first time i got my ass kicked and it will not be the last time.
    I never make idle threats like you, you fucking pussy.

  • Kelly:

    Wow! Seriously? First of all, as much as I have a problem with GWB, I have never actually wished for him to fail, to do harm to this country. What possible satisfaction could be gained from that? So you don’t have to admit you were wrong? I wish i was wrong about Bush but unfortunately he exceeded even my expectations.

    As for the disgusting comments to people who happen to have a different opinion than you,it would seem juvenile if it weren’t so hateful. I guess it gets easier to call people names with the anonymity that a blog gives you. Why don’t you try presenting your point of view with ideas instead of spewing pure hatred. Then you might actually have a chance of being taken seriously.

  • kyra:

    I think I’m laughing too hard to be offended. Genius, pure genius!

  • Kim:

    Wow! What a piece of work.

  • flifishun:

    Pretty damn funny! Cannot possibly be for real, he must do this to amuse himself.

  • admin:

    I will allow it as long as you all are entertained.

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